Does not turn the starter VAZ 2109; common causes and solutions

Millionaire Animals Leave as a legacy to beloved cats, dogs, monkeys and elephants

"The more I get to know people, the more I love dogs," said one of the greats. Sometimes four-legged pets are loved so much that they make up wills on animals and certify them at a notary. And we can talk about millions!

Lulu and $ million

An eight-year-old border collie dog from Tennessee in the United States suddenly became a millionaire. Its owner, 84-year-old businessman Bill Doris, passed away a few weeks ago. As it turned out, he bequeathed $ 5 million to his beloved dog named Lulu. The man indicated in the document that his 88-year-old girlfriend Martha Burton would look after the dog.

Here he is, the dog Lulu, who after the death of the owner became a millionaire

• A woman can spend $ 5 million on the dog's monthly needs. To do this, she will submit receipts every month to a notary who will cover the costs of Lulu.

Rewrote to the cat

An 88-year-old resident of Verona (Italy) Cecilia Anna, after her death in 2018, left a fortune of € 1.5 million to a black-and-white mongrel cat named Pilu. The woman worked all her life in the Italian Council of Ministers and never started a family. Cecilia Anna picked up the cat Pyla several years ago on the street, and he became the closest being to her.

The cat Pilu was the closest friend of his owner

• The estate of the Peel is managed by the representatives of the Investor Fund. With the money left, the cat should be provided with veterinary services, provide comfortable housing and satisfy all his needs.

Elephant Landowners

Diy tree animals

Today we will consider situations why the starter does not turn on a VAZ 2109 car, and also separately consider more rare, but occurring situations.

Popular causes of failure

The most common reasons account for about 95% of all cases when the starter does not turn. Therefore, first of all, we pay attention to them.

It is not uncommon for a simple disassembly and cleaning of the internal components of the starter to eliminate problems with its functionality. Therefore, after removing the device and not finding damaged elements inside it, try to thoroughly clean everything, assemble and reinstall it. It is likely that the starter will start to turn.

Rare situations

They happen much less often than those that we described above. But in no case should you exclude them.

After examining the situations below, compare them with the behavior of your starter and the car that stops turning or clicks but does not turn.

  • With an injection engine in a frosty temperature of about -20 degrees Celsius, all devices are functioning. This indicates that the battery is fully charged. At the same time, the starter for some reason refuses to turn. Action:
    • If there is no clicking sound when trying to start the engine, check the condition of the fuse, wiring, and the solenoid relay;
    • If there is a click, the solenoid relay is the most likely source of problems. It must be replaced.

  • During the whole day the engine started normally, and in the evening it suddenly stopped working normally. When the key is turned in the ignition lock, only a click is observed, but the starter does not turn. When trying to start the engine several times in a row, several clicks are heard. Your actions:
    • Charge the battery;
    • Crimp, strip and tighten the contacts on the starter and battery;
    • If the first two steps do not work, check the battery itself. For this, its contacts are closed with a wire. With a working battery, a spark will appear that melts the wire;
    • Connect the plus from the battery directly to the solenoid relay. If the starter is silent, replace the starter.

Having figured out the reasons for the failure of the starter, you can bring the device back to life on your own. Do not rush to throw away the old starter and buy a new one. The practice of the owners of the VAZ 2109 shows that partial repair, and sometimes simple cleaning of the device, makes it possible for a long time to resume the functionality of one of the main elements of the ignition system.

The starter on the "Nine" does not turn: we are looking for the cause and a way to eliminate it

Many owners of Russian-made cars are faced with the problem of inability to start the car, and the reasons may be different. And quite often it happens that the VAZ 2109 does not start due to the fact that it does not turn the car's starter. You can learn more about this malfunction, as well as solutions to the problem, from this material.

Common causes of failure

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