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Eastern sages are sure that each plant has its own energy, which affects its owners. For example, there are 10 indoor crops, when grown, love and harmony will always reign in the house.


In translation, the name of the flower means "not soaking plant". The reason is that the leaves of this culture are capable of repelling water. In addition, a person who is together with the maidenhair in the same room will feel incredible freshness.

Growing a fern reduces the level of nervousness, and love and complacency settle in the house.


This culture is the national symbol of Malaysia. And for the Chinese, it personifies art.

When growing hibiscus, peace comes in the house, and mutual respect and passion return to lovers. If the passion between the spouses began to fade away, then the joint cultivation of a flower will allow returning old emotions to each other.


According to a legend in ancient Greece, the nymph Amaryllis was in love with a gardener unrequitedly. To get his attention, she pierced her heart with an arrow every day, and large scarlet flowers grew from the blood. But the gardener still didn't notice her.

In the Victorian era, the flower symbolized pride, dignity and splendor, so the cavaliers gave it to their beloved as a sign of admiration.


This energy plant is a must-buy for a married couple who are on the verge of divorce. Calathea is able to return the old harmony in relationships and avoid the crisis.

10 plants that, according to signs, bring love to the house


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A princess on wheels. The emperor's granddaughter has become a famous Soviet artist!

Wrapping the arena, the woman whistles in the arena! Leggings are red as pincers. Dyed lips are sinful. It rushes horizontally with a torpedo, plugging the Chrysanthemum around the waist!

Angel atomic, Amazon! The cheeks are depressed like a funnel. Motorcycle overhead with an Electric Saw.

Tired of living upright. Ah, savage, daughter of Icarus. Commoners and Vestals Vertical, like "vanka-vstanki".

In this, soaring over the umbrellas, Between ovations, posters, offenses, The essence of a woman is horizontal I see and fly!

10 plants that, according to signs, bring love to the house Eastern sages are sure that each plant has its own energy that affects their owners. For example, there are 10 rooms

My wife's relatives came to visit us for a week. How to get to know each other, communicate and at the same time see winter Petersburg. The key guest was the son of my wife's brother - the four-year-old hero Makar. Which I previously only saw during family Skype calls.

- Let's play? - he suggested it to me straightforwardly on the very first evening.

- Come on, - I agreed. - What about?

There was a cot in a large room designed as a sleeping place for my brother-in-law. There was a decent slope at the head. Children's flexible thinking immediately identified it as a great track for racing cars.

I was handed a red typewriter. Makar preferred to drive on white. We put the cars on top of the headboard.

- Let's start! Attention! March! - commanded Makar.

The red car rolled down slowly and unhurriedly. At the finish line, she ended up with a shameful lag.

- I won! I won! - my young relative rejoiced.

He shouted the same thing after the second race. And after the third.

For the fourth time, I decided to diversify the results a little and use the same technique as Makar - to give the machine a slight acceleration at the start with a slight movement of the hand.

As a result, the red car won an unconditional victory.

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