DIY tool for artificial aging of wood

Vintage style is widely used in interior design. The presence of noble wood in the decor favorably emphasizes the fashionable design. At the same time, it is quite possible to achieve the effect of aging at home. For this, the material must be subjected to a brushing procedure. We will describe in more detail how to age a tree with your own hands.

Brushing Procedure

The brilliant combination of vintage wood with materials such as leather, metal or wild stone contributes to the widespread fashion for brushing. This technology involves removing the top layer of wood with a metal brush. This technique significantly accelerates the natural aging of the material, which usually occurs under the influence of ultraviolet rays, temperature drops and moisture. In order not to wait for many years for help from nature, a person can independently create a vintage atmosphere in a few days.

To do this, you need to get rid of loose fibers on the surface of the wooden product, and paint over the material with a special compound. Additionally, you can cover it with a protective varnish. This will allow you to firmly fix the beautiful texture. Such typical signs of an old tree, such as darkening, curvature and pits, will alter the interior decor beyond recognition.

The use of vintage products in the interior

A distinctive feature of vintage wood is its versatility. With the help of this wonderful material, you can create various decor items for the interior and exterior of the building. In particular, the following products can be distinguished:

  • "pot-bellied" chest of drawers;
  • spectacular canvases in doorways;
  • platbands, baseboards and window sills;
  • flooring;
  • designer benches and gazebos;
  • decorative fences, etc.

A suburban area with such decor attributes looks solid and cozy. The combination of aged wood with similar materials (for example, forged metal, the rough texture of genuine leather) favorably emphasizes the wearer's sense of taste.

How to age a tree yourself

First, you need to select a suitable tree. Not every breed of these plants is suitable for the brushing procedure. For example, such popular species in furniture production as birch, alder, pear or cherry are strongly not recommended to be brushed. But oak, pine, walnut, merbau, wenge - ideally meet all the requirements.

To complete the necessary work yourself, you need to stock up on the following tools:

  • electric drill ;
  • goggles and respirator;
  • special brush;
  • emery cloth for grinding.

One of the best interior decoration methods is brushed wood. Sometimes it is also called aged, and sometimes it really is of considerable age. However, most of the wood elements that look like this have actually undergone a special treatment called brushing. Fortunately, you can do it yourself, and the result will be no worse than the factory one.

Wood scrubbing: what is it?

The advantage of brushing is the high compatibility of such wood with almost any interior. In fact, the technology itself boils down to removing the soft part of the wood surface.

Those who have delved into the structure of wood know that it consists of both hard fibers and softer particles filling the space between them. At the heart of brushing is the removal of the latter, which makes the surface of the tree more embossed and textured due to the greater convexity of the remaining hard-fiber part.

As a result, the tree pattern, concentric circles and curves are seen much better. A patina effect is created, which is characterized by an inhomogeneous coloration, combining light and dark tones, with the main lines defining the pattern being light, and the space between them being dark.

Brushing: advantages and disadvantages

It's worth saying right away that a brushed tree has no shortcomings at all. The only drawback, with some degree of convention, can be called only the need to spend some effort on the processing itself. However, in return, the worker will be able to get real pleasure from the following advantages:

1. The room takes on a stylish, exclusive look.

2. Wood treated in this way is very resistant to microbes, mold, fungus and other destructive factors.

3. The detail trimmed with brushed wood looks very expensive and impressive.

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Wood is a versatile material, it is suitable both for construction and renovation, and for creating decorative crafts, decorations and interior items. Modern technologies allow you to choose various processing options that allow you to create a variety of artistic compositions. Recently, there has been an increasing trend towards the retro style, both in the decoration of walls and ceilings, as well as in ready-made wooden objects.

Chemical treatment

This option works great on deciduous trees. Among chemicals, ammonia, acetic acid, stain, as well as ready-made special solutions can be used.

The process consists of several stages:


Good method for conifers. It is carried out using the action of fire.

Includes several steps:

  • Fire Treatment, which replaces normal cleaning in this case.
  • Next, the burnt surface is cleaned with a metal brush and then sanded with fine sandpaper.
  • To enhance the natural beauty and the desired shade, you can apply a little stain if necessary.
  • The wax is then applied.

Roasting, brushing and oiling pine board in this video:





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DIY artificial aging of wood.

Good day, dear readers and subscribers, Andrey Noak greets you! We continue to publish in the video section the most interesting video selections of both our and foreign experts on wood processing. Today I will tell you what kind of wood aging technology can be, its types and methods.

Recently there has been a fashion for semi-antique things. This fashion can be seen almost everywhere where there is luxury and wealth, these are retro cars at exorbitant prices, these are luxurious locks, this is the antique furniture interior. But not everyone knows that to age wood, this is also called the operation of brushing wood, you can do it at home, while giving it an exotic look just for the owner. Today I have compiled a selection of the simplest ways to artificially aging a tree. We have compiled three methods of aging that can be seen in the video.

Aged wood in the interior ...

DIY equipment and materials for artificial aging of wood

The following tools are required for artificial aging of wood:

  • Ax.
  • Gas burner or blowtorch.
  • Grinder with brass and plastic brush.
  • Stain, varnish or other coating.

Wood aging with pretreatment

The first method consists of the following operations:

  • Processing wood with hand tools, making it uneven.
  • Stripping wood. This operation is performed to remove soft fibers.
  • Covering it with stain.

Deep firing of wood

The second way to brush wood is to burn it with a gas torch or blowtorch. The firing depth should be a few millimeters.

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