DIY thought tree

You can make the garden varied and interesting with the help of your own imagination and the availability of some materials.

Everyone dreams of having something original, eye-catching and mesmerizing attention.

Garden sculptures for summer cottages come to the rescue, which you can make yourself.

The variety of materials from which such products are made is simply amazing. This is concrete, and gypsum, and wood, and clay.

Any sculptural figurines of various shapes and sizes can be obtained from them.

But before proceeding to the very manufacture of bright elements for decorating the garden, you need to decide on the very idea, the rule for choosing colors and shapes. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to help in this matter.

  • In order for the territory to look harmonious, one should take into account the fact that the sculpture must fit beautifully without creating conflicting feelings.
  • Balance is one of the main factors; here you cannot use a huge number of products that will only scatter attention and prevent you from enjoying the true beauty.
  • If there is a question about the location of the future sculpture, then you can try to cut out a cardboard figure and put it in the intended place. It helps a lot with the choice.
  • Combination with plants and surrounding exteriors. Only a beautiful fit into the environment, complemented by some decorative elements, will help to achieve the correct result.

These tips should be considered before the actual manufacture of the product. And there are plenty of ideas to make a garden sculpture with your own hands.

Stone is ideal for garden sculptures

It is from stone that you can make a huge number of garden sculptures. One has only to find its suitable size, be smart, dream up - and the decorative element for decorating the site is ready.

You need to see something individual in the natural material - paint it in a suitable color - and the image is ready. It can be ladybugs, owls, hares, seals, mushrooms - whatever you can think of.

DIY sculpture idea for a garden:

  • Castle of stones - giving the garden solemnity and significance. To make it, you need to find pipes (how many towers are supposed, so much material is needed), stones, broken tiles, cement and 1.5 liters of beer bottles.

DIY garden sculptures



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The gift of attention and conscious breathing. Mantra SO-HAM.

You probably know what it is like to try to "reach out" to a person who thinks about something of his own: they will not be able to or will not want to pay attention to you, and this is very frustrating. However, this frustration is, to a greater or lesser extent, present in our experience all the time, since we can rarely give our full attention to one thing. For most of us, the mind is simultaneously occupied with so many things that attention is easily distracted. The habit of distraction becomes a regular part of our life, a permanent feature of our consciousness. We are constantly distracted by one thing or another. Sometimes we are so distracted from our original goals that we even lose sight of what is most important and valuable to us. Sometimes the entire course of our life resembles one of those dreams in which everyone seemed to have conspired to interfere with us, in which there is a feeling of annoyance: we know that we were going to do something, but we cannot remember what exactly.

A lot can be achieved by developing the ability to concentrate. By concentrating attention, we begin to “find ourselves” - to reveal new depths and truths in our own nature. The meditation practice you are about to learn is a means to achieve this concentration. It makes it possible to simultaneously free the stream of consciousness and focus the mind on one subject, and one does not contradict the other.

It is important to understand that the mind cannot be forced to focus, at least for a long time and successfully enough. If, in trying to focus, we force the mind too much, our emotions will respond, which will lead to either excessive mobility of the mind or drowsiness. True focus depends on the consistency of the intellectual and emotional sides of our personality. At the same time, for most people, these two sides often operate completely independently of each other. We often think about something, not realizing how we feel, or mindlessly letting ourselves be carried away by a stream of emotions. This lack of mental balance prevents us from feeling fully, and therefore we cannot fully concentrate.

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