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There are no visible scars - there are no restrictions in the actions of the surgeon, which allows you to achieve the patient's desired forms! Patients with more sagging breast tissue (up to grade 2 ptosis) simultaneously undergo an internal breast lift (mastopexy) with enlargement without additional external incisions, which allows to achieve the most natural result. Due to the seamless technique, there is no need for standard regular dressings. It is enough just to treat the incision site with an antiseptic solution only twice on the 3rd and 7th days.

The innovative method has already been evaluated by nulliparous patients. The fact is that the mammary gland is not damaged, and we are no longer talking about the risk of problems during pregnancy. It should be noted that after sutureless mammoplasty, the postoperative period passes quickly, easily and painlessly. The patient has a slight edema in the chest, no obvious pain and a feeling of "bursting" in the chest. The owner of a new beautiful breast can start living a usual active life in 5-7 days.

The appearance of your breasts will gradually improve over the next 6-8 weeks. After the operation, the patient is given certain recommendations in order to speed up the rehabilitation process. Almost all patients of Vardan Khachatryan after SEAMLESS MAMMOPLASTY forget about the operation after 3 weeks, when the breasts have already acquired a beautiful shape and no traces from the incisions are visible.

- Complete blood count with leukoformula. - General urine analysis.

After 1 month, 80% of postoperative edema of the mammary glands disappears. For a period from 1 to 3 months the residual edema gradually disappears. 3 months after breast augmentation without lifting and correction of pronounced asymmetry, the patient can evaluate the final result. If a breast lift was performed on one side or the installation of different implants, then the final result should be assessed after 6 months. There are no visible scars after the operation.

The choice of a round or anatomical shape of the implant depends on the initial state of the breast tissue and the patient's wishes. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. A few days before the operation, a thorough comprehensive examination of the patient is carried out. Together with the anesthesiologist, an analysis of existing health problems and the possibilities of their correction is carried out before, during and after surgery.

AT THIS IS A PATRONAGE OF THE PATIENT UNTIL SIX YEARS, AS THE PROCESS OF MATURING THE SCAR TISSUE IS STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL. TECHNOLOGY ALLOWS TO CONTROL THE QUALITY OF THE SCAR IN AN INDIVIDUAL ORDER, WHICH IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL PATIENTS. Dr. Khachatryan uses the best implants in the world practice by MENTOR and ALLERGAN. The complex of applied innovative technologies gives the breasts naturalness, teardrop shape and stability. Seamless mammoplasty allows you to successfully correct the asymmetry of the mammary glands, which is diagnosed in more than 50% of cases. Seamless mammoplasty makes it possible to make a BREAST TO ORDER!

- Blood type and Rh factor. - Coagulogram (APTT, PTT, INR, fibrinogen). - Biochemical blood test (total and direct bilirubin, amylase, AST, ALT, urea, creatinine, glucose). - Markers of hepatitis B and C (valid for 3 months). - HIV (valid for 6 months).

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