DIY dried fruit and nut bars recipe with photo step by step

What are the benefits of a natural energy bar?

You can have a muesli bar for breakfast or lunch, take it with you on the road. It is moderately sweet, tasty and highly nutritious: one is enough to satisfy hunger, energize and feel refreshed.

Oatmeal Nutrition Bars

Crispy bars from available ingredients. The apple and raisins in the composition make the finished products juicy, and the spices add a light spicy aroma.


Calorie content of the finished product: 180 kcal per 100 g.

Step by step cooking process

What can be added

You can add 1 tbsp to the dough of bars. l. lemon or orange peel.

How to serve a dish

Home-made PP bars are served as a dessert for tea or coffee.


We had a Halloween party at home that day. Anton, my boyfriend, and I bought suits in a special store. They were called "The most creepy ghosts." The costumes were really terrifying - masks with red eyes, gloves with bones and flesh, and severed toes were painted on the boots.

In the evening, when everyone left, I lay down on the bed in this suit - I was very tired, and we drank a lot. Anton nestled beside me, hugged me with his strong arm. I lay with my back to him, it was too lazy to turn around. He squeezed me harder and harder. At first I thought that he wanted something like that (you know what I mean). But after a few seconds it became difficult to breathe - so he squeezed my chest.

I tried to free myself, but the big man's hands were holding very tightly. Then I whispered, feeling like I was losing consciousness:

- Anton, stop ... It hurts me ...

Suddenly I heard my boyfriend's voice. Only it came not from behind my back, but from the entrance to the room and was very funny:

- Natusik, here we are alone. Let's have some fun?

At the same moment, the death grip loosened, and after a second I was able to take a deep breath. I turned sharply and froze in shock. There was no one on the bed behind me. Anton stood in the doorway with a packet of juice in his hands and smiled. He didn't even understand what had happened here. I also did not understand. Who was that - a creepy ghost or something worse?

I haven't told anyone about this incident, not even my boyfriend. I just convinced him to rent another apartment, away from this paranormal place.

Black Puddle and Spooky Ghost

Anthony loved when everything was in place. It was also important for him that the house was always clean and comfortable. The young guy lived alone, rented a two-room apartment. I did the cleaning myself and did it almost every day.

One morning, getting out of bed and taking a couple of steps towards the kitchen, Anthony slipped and sprawled out on the floor that was washed last night. He shook his head to recover, and then saw "this", namely - a large puddle of black water. It was she who caused his ridiculous fall.

Anthony was about to get up and go to the bathroom for a rag, but something creepy made him freeze in place. A woman's face flashed in the reflection of the puddle. “It can't be like that,” the guy said to himself and shook his head again. The vision disappeared.

During the day at work, anxiety did not leave him - where did the big black puddle of dirty water come from in his apartment, polished to a shine?

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