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Ordering conditions WHEN PLACING AN ORDER, WE THINK NOT TO MAKE DAILY ADDITIONS, THEN WE PUBLISH. registration of additives does not apply to new products and sales - I cut the fabric after 100% prepayment on the SB card, I do not book anything, I cut it after 100% payment, we do not write ANYTHING when paying in the purpose of payment. fabrics are cut from 0. m, kashkors / ribans from 0. m-I send to TC Business lines, SDEK, Energy, sending is made only on behalf of my individual entrepreneur, we don’t pay for TC, we do not pay for TC, we send it by Russian Post in my boxes at 70 rub. because in postal plastic envelopes (I buy at the post office), the value of the item I indicate is 100 rubles. by default, if you see a need for a different assessment, indicate in the body of the order, which is made up like this: -the name of the fabric (the description of the fabric does not need to be copied!) -the quantity -the order is calculated independently, before sending I check it myself -Moscow, State University order SEND / DO NOT SEND / TRANSFER (to whom) (indicate the desired rating for the parcel), send the address for sending in a personal (the letter should not contain anything except the zip code, postal address, full name of the recipient in the dative case) -If you are waiting for a transfer from another ORG, do not write for the dispatch in advance! Only after the transfer took place! Otherwise, you will be misled. I will send without transfer - Who, without reading the rules, has been lying for 11 months + 1 day I cancel the order, the transferred amount as storage, I will not send any notifications-reminders! -I reserve the right to refuse an order without explaining the reasons -I accept transfers free of charge, BUT (!) Is not heavier than a kg (there is no one to carry, I can’t handle it myself) from the ORG Kalinka8 or joint parcels organized by me-I do not accept orders in PM and by phone , if you specified something on order in your personal messages, then all changes (additions, increases, decreases, etc.) must certainly be written in the subject line in your order. -The leaf under your message does not mean that you need to pay immediately, it means that your order has been accepted for work - meetings only in Kuzminki, I write the details of the meeting in the topic before the meeting (meetings 1 time in 2 weeks) - For postage 400-500 rubles . (the cost of postal services depends on the weight and distance), the final settlement after sending by replenishing the account (phone, SB card), but if you thought that the postage is half the specified amount, then I do not send the parcel (tired of paying large sums) in a personal I write the number of parcels and debt / change. I send the scanned receipt of the parcel sending in a personal - I accept the claims within 3 days after receiving the parcel - I do not divide the order and do not send in parts! -If after sending the change was formed, then in a personal send the phone number. or No. Sat, sent with the postal address, the mail program does not save these data -If there is a transfer, then we will remind you before sending, if you suddenly forgot to put it, I don’t send it separately at my own expense. I don’t take money for transfers. We write for sending only after the transfer has taken place, we control the moment of transfer ourselves! We ask the transmitting party to securely pack the transmissions, I do not pack anything myself, as I handed it over, and I put it, I take off responsibility for the safety of the carelessly packed -We write all applications in the subject line. Changes to the order before cutting are accepted, we adjust the order with the quote of the previous one - After transferring the money, the order payment form is mandatory HERE WE CAN TALK TO TALK, SHARE UPDATES

STOP CUTTING FOR MEETING AND TRANSFER TO OTHER ORGS, WEDNESDAY, PREVIOUS MEETING, 20. 0, MSK time. The ordered must be paid by this date. I don't visit water!


EXCLUSIVE-Viscose brush noodles "Beige melange", Turkey, singing, width 150, pl. 260, composition 80% viscose + 15% pe + 5% lycra, price 650 rubles.

-Brush viscose noodles "Gray melange", Turkey, singing, width 150, pl. 260, composition 80% viscose + 15% pe + 5% lycra, price 650 rubles. -Viscose noodles brush "Blue melange", Turkey, singing, width 150, pl. 260, composition 80% viscose + 15% pe + 5% lycra, price 650 rubles.

-Viscose noodles "Dark blue", singing, Turkey, shir 150, composition 95% viscose vortex + 5% lycra, square 295, price 650 rubles for photo hosting →

PIKE and collars

-Pique "Gray melange", Turkey, the structure of the fabric is fine-grained, the quality of singing, pl. 200, width 180, composition 95% cotton + 5% lycra, price 480 rubles on photo hosting →

At the peak there are collars Gray melange (native) ADULTS, length 43 cm, price 45 rubles for photo hosting →

Coppersmiths market in Turkish Gaziantep

“Buy right now” - I was, of course, in a hurry: any work of decorative art of the era of the brilliant Modern is now insanely expensive. But the very idea that you can just buy a masterpiece - a piece of the most beautiful, most luxurious, sophisticated and beautiful era is so attractive ...

Besides, as you know, “they don’t take money for viewing”, and therefore it makes sense to look into the galleries and “ask the price”, or rather, to be curious. Since curiosity has always been considered a form of education for my gender, I decided not to "waste my time on trifles" and to engage in such contemplative exercises in the vastness of one of the most famous and significant galleries.

Macklowe Gallery is not just an amateur collection of Art Nouveau decorative art, it is 1800 sq. ... exhibition space, where a wide variety of masterpieces from the world of luxurious furniture, fragile glass and pretentious decorations are presented, endowed with the unique charm of Art Nouveau.

Oddly enough, at the origins of this gallery were, in fact, ordinary people who have no rich relatives, no connections, no extra money: Lloyd and Barbara Maclow. Once they saw a Tiffany lamp at an antiques exhibition, fell in love with its exquisite and colorful fairy tale of glass and light and could not resist buying: $ 500, on credit ... I understand them: how can you indifferently walk past Tiffany?

And then the "hunt" began: first for American Rookwood ceramics, then for Tiffany's masterpieces, and after Maclowe they "matured" to French Art Nouveau ... As a result, in 1971 they were able to open their own gallery.

Gradually, the turnover of a small family passion grew and eventually, by 2019, became one of the most significant private collections of decorative art of the 20th century. Art Nouveau has retained its leading position in the gallery's range of masterpieces, but is no longer the only era presented.

So, what interesting things you can buy here if you are lucky enough to win the lottery. I looked at 15 masterpieces, each of which is not just a work of art, but also quite a full-fledged symbol of the beautiful era of Modernity.

Let's start with something simpler, cheaper.

Glass vase with a cameo "Plum", Emile Galle, $

Any mention of the Modern era is unthinkable without this outstanding French artist. The founder of the famous school of Nancy, who was the first to appreciate the many-sided and changeable beauty of fragile glass, E. alle sought to create new forms of beauty, decorative, sophisticated and at the same time, utilitarian, practical.

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