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On the trunk of an apple tree, wounds may appear for various reasons. Therefore, in the spring, we carefully examine the trunk and bases of the skeletal branches for damage. If there are wounds on the trunk, then urgently need to take measures to protect the apple trees. Indeed, in open places, fungi and pests immediately appear that harm the fruit tree. I'll tell you more about how to care for a damaged apple tree trunk.

Why apple tree bark is damaged:

The bark on the trunk of the apple tree is damaged by sunburn and frost

At the end of winter and the beginning of spring, there are sharp changes in temperature at night and during the day. As a result, the bark of the apple tree dies off. The same happens in the case of a bright spring sun, when an unprotected tree trunk gets burned by the sun's rays.

Therefore, to protect the trunk in the fall and in some regions of the country in the spring, you need to whitewash them with lime. Since the whitewashed tree trunk will reflect the sun's rays and the bark will not be damaged as a result.

I want to note that if summer residents did not manage to protect apple tree trunks from burns in autumn or early spring. Then you need to whitewash the apple tree even at the beginning of summer, because if the weather is dry and hot in summer, then the trunks of the apple tree can get burned.

For whitewashing, I mix 2 kg of lime in a 10 liter bucket of water. You can whitewash the apple tree trunk with this solution. And you can also add a solution of ferrous sulfate. Iron vitriol protects the tree from fungal diseases.

Hares and mice damage apple tree trunks

If the trunk of the apple tree is damaged by mice or hares, then in this case you need look at the degree of damage. If the tree is mature and only the bark is damaged, then you need to cover up this place. There are several effective remedies for putty:

  • We dilute clay and mullein in equal parts;
  • We make a solution from 1 part of lime or chalk, 1 part of wood ash and 2 parts of mullein. Add some fine river pitch. We cover the wound near the tree with the finished mixture;
  • Mix solid oil, rosin and wax in equal parts;
  • Garden var.

If hares or rodents have seriously damaged the trunk of a young apple tree and the tree can no longer be saved, then you need to vaccinate. Plant the stalk below and above the injury site. This procedure must be completed before the start of sap flow.

How I care for damaged apple tree trunks



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