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He became known as the sleeping prophet - his revelations came in a deep trance. Casey predicted two world wars, healed thousands of people, but was never able to learn the secret of his gift.

The Sleeping Prophet

Casey used his gift on himself for the first time. Once, during a child's play, he received a strong blow to the back of the head with a ball. The boy's mind went cloudy, and his behavior changed dramatically. Edgar began to giggle, then to make faces at his comrades, then to suddenly laugh hysterically. One of his biographers, Aleksey Priyma, says that he jumped into ditches, ran across the streets with his arms outstretched to the side, in general, behaved categorically strange. So he returned home. The parents were shocked, with difficulty they put Edgar to bed and were about to call the doctor when the boy said: “Urgently put a poultice on the back of my head for the whole night. I got hit on the head with a ball. If you don't put on a poultice, by the morning I will be completely insane. And if you put it on, I'll get well. " Having uttered these words, Edgar fell asleep. Just in case, the parents decided to follow his advice - it won't get bad from the lotion. The next morning, Edgar was completely healthy, but he did not remember anything about what had happened the day before.


To this day, no one knows what supernatural abilities are, whether they exist at all and how they are acquired. According to memories and genetic research, Edgar inherited them. His mother heard voices whispering to her what to do in a given situation, and his grandfather was an unusual person at all: “Whatever he touched, everything grew. It felt like magic. Moreover, all the wells in the neighborhood were dug where grandfather showed him, and they always found water. He could move tables, chairs and other objects without touching them. " Like Edgar, his grandfather did not use his gift for profit, perhaps that is why his name is now forgotten. Edgar had special genes. According to its researcher Sjugr, in the genocode of Casey, two rare pigtails of double helices of DNA molecules were intertwined into a single braid, each of which was charged with paranormal information in its own way. One of them went to Edgar Cayce from his mother, who heard whispers from the worlds beyond, and the other from his grandfather, this powerful "parapsych".

The Winged Lady

“What you want the most is what you will get,” an unfamiliar lady once said to Edgar, who appeared out of nowhere at the edge of the forest where he played as a child. “Most of all I want to heal people,” the young Edgar replied and made out the stranger in more detail. At first he could not believe his eyes, she had real wings behind her. The amazing creature did not react in any way to Edgar's decision and disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. But, as they say, silence is a sign of consent. This story was later told by Casey himself, and it was recorded thanks to Thomas Sugryu, who is well acquainted with his family. He himself calls the winged lady "guide, mentor, teacher", which allows a person to reveal his inner gift. Other clairvoyants of the 20th century also mentioned a similar creature: "Vanga, Martynov, Korabelnikova." The visit of the Lady with the Wings had a fateful meaning in the fate of Edgar. He foresaw that Casey's life would be very, very extraordinary.


Being an excellent doctor, a great predictor and a person known to the whole world, Edgar himself gave all his advice, diagnoses and methods of treatment in a trance state, he himself did not remember anything from what was said. According to the memoirs of his loved ones, in his normal state he was not distinguished by a sharp mind, insight and education. Casey finished only 8 classes of high school, after which he remained to live in his hometown, rejecting all thoughts of further education. Indeed, even at school, his simplicity and slow-wittedness often aroused the ridicule of his peers. Until a certain time, until he found the most obvious solution to the problem. Once, due to poor progress, the father began to scrupulously chastise his son, forcing him to learn the whole lesson. As a result, Edgar fell asleep at home with a textbook. And when he woke up, he already knew it by heart. From now on, the “textbook under the pillow” method became for Edgar the main method of preparation. Subsequently, it turned into a famous student tradition - to sleep on textbooks before the exam. Only now, an effective way for Edgar can turn into insomnia for others. Casey never received anything from the educational process, except for the ability to write and read. Throughout his life, Casey remained what he was from birth - a slow-witted.

Money Hunters

More than once, Casey's gift was tried to be used for profit. After all, Edgar in an unconscious state could not only make diagnoses, but also recognize the future. He was offered to predict victory in competitions and at races, to determine the results of gambling for very big money, but this practice did not bring him anything but a headache. Once, after the founding of the Miraculous Healing company, together with his companions Dr. Ketchum and Albert Know, a stenographer was temporarily released from the company's office, and Dr. Ketchum undertook to record the "readings", that is, revelations. However, after the end of these sessions, Casey invariably felt tired - his head was splitting, his muscles ached. After reviewing his diagnoses, he noted that they were not similar to all his previous advice, such recommendations could be given to the patient not by "higher powers", but by a simple pharmacist. Edgar insisted on talking to Ketchum. It turned out that the latter was not at all interested in the treatment of the correspondence patient, to whom they had stopped responding, but wanted to know what kind of cards his opponents would be holding at the card table. “We need money, big money,” Ketchum repeated. “I asked your omniscient subconscious what cards our partners in the game would have in their hands. And it answered as cute! I wrote down the answers. They were always right. " After this incident, Miracle Healings broke up.

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From the classic film by Sergei Eisenstein (co-director D. Vasiliev) "Alexander Nevsky", when it was shown on the state television channel "Culture", an episode was cut in which the famous choir of Sergei Prokofiev sounds with invocative words: "Get up, Russian people! "

Moreover, this blasphemy also happened in the year when the whole country celebrates the 800th anniversary of the great Russian commander, the holy right-believing prince Alexander Nevsky!

The chorus, accompanied by the ringing of bells, sounds powerful, mobilizing the people to fight the enemy. In the film, this takes place during a scene of the gathering of peasants for the war with the Livonian Order.

Later, when the scandal began to rise around the unacceptable censorship in Eisenstein's masterpiece, it turned out that the cropped version from the youtube hosting was promptly replaced with the full one. But the "sediment", as they say, remained. As well as the question - why? What are the current television censorship workers afraid of?

Here, by the way, is the text of this "cropped" piece, which was removed from the air by the staff of the TV channel:

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The Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow is one of the most famous Orthodox saints. The people love and revere her to this day, offering her prayers. She became famous for her gift, which she acquired at birth. Her whole life has become an example of the spiritual feat of love, patience and compassion.

People went to my mother for help with their illnesses and anxieties, there were always pilgrims at her house. Matronushka helped everyone, healed and blessed everyone. And we want to share with you her story, instructions and predictions for this year.

The Life of St. Matrona of Moscow

Matrona was born on November 22, 1881 in the Russian village of Sebino. Matrona's parents were not young, and even before the girl was born, they decided to leave her in the orphanage. But Matrona's mother had a prophetic dream with a white and beautiful, but blind dove, and she refused to give her daughter.

Matrona was not just blind, she had no eyes at all. The eye sockets were closed with tightly closed eyelids, like that white bird that her mother saw in her dream. Instead, the girl received spiritual sight. Also on the chest of the Matrona there was a small bulge in the shape of a cross, which was taken as a sign from above. Already at the age of 7, the girl discovered the gift of healing and prediction.

With the gift of spiritual discernment, insight and healing, Matrona was noted by God from an early age. Relatives began to notice that Matrona sees not only human sins, crimes, but also thoughts. She predicted hazards, natural and social disasters. From an early age, the girl began to treat people. Thanks to her prayer, people were healed of diseases. Visitors began to come to her, first from Sebino, and then from the surrounding villages.

Bed patients were brought to her, whom she raised to their feet. Four kilometers from Sebino, there was a man who could not walk. Matrona said: “Let him come to me in the morning, crawl. By three o'clock it will crawl. " The man believed in the power of Matrona and crawled these four kilometers, and left her on his feet, healed.

Matrona's gift had nothing to do with conspiracies, divination, folk healing or witchcraft. All her strength, all her healing came from God. Therefore, sorcerers and various occultists hated her, about which people who knew her closely told. Matrona prayed for people. She was God's saint, endowed with a spiritual gift, and she asked only the Lord for help.

In addition to the gift of healing, Matrona also had unprecedented insight. At an early age, Matrona predicted a revolution. She said that they would rob, destroy churches and drive everyone in a row. And her predictions came true. By herself, she left many predictions that still come true, including predictions for 2018.

The Matrona's Predictions

Matrona of Moscow has linked her whole life with faith in God. She said that all the problems of people are from atheism and lack of faith. According to her, if a nation loses its spirituality, it is doomed to perish. Matronushka predicted that serious tests await us this year, but their essence remains a mystery.

Literally the prediction of Matrona sounds like this: “There will be many victims. You will die without war. You will all lie on the ground. At the end of the day everyone will fall to the ground, and at sunrise they will rise up, and the world will be different. " These words are interpreted in different ways. No one knows what she saw in her visions. But many assume that Matrona was describing the spiritual fall of the nation. When it reaches its peak, spiritual death will show its face, and there will be nowhere to fall. People will have only one thing to do - to believe in God again.