De-carbonization of engine rings

So I decided that I need to decarbonize the engine. I began to notice oil consumption and exhaust smoke. I changed the valve stem seals, but the problem was solved only by half. Overhaul was expensive to do, so on the Internet I used queries like "engine decarbonization".

First I used Laurel. The smell was strong during rinsing, but I did not see a visible effect. Before the next oil change, while continuing my search, I noticed the use of Dimexidum for decarbonizing rings. This is a drug. And naturally I went to the pharmacy. The pharmacist asked - why do men often buy Dimexide in large quantities? This strengthened me even more that I was on the right track.

When buying, I advise you to look for jars with a capacity of 100 ml. It will be cheaper than 50ml. I personally took 9 bottles of 100ml.

De-coking engine G without disassembly

All mechanics are advised to disassemble the engine and not use various additives. I believe disassembling and cleaning, repairing is ideal. However, it is quite costly. Therefore, decoking engine rings without disassembling is an interesting option, as is replacing the starter

I want to warn you right away. I went through it myself, so

Please note that many warn about the effects of Dimexide on paint and plastic products.

Consequences of exposure to Dimexide on the engine

I myself put the valve stem seals in a solution of Dimexide and oil to test the effect. And I saw nothing wrong. But with the paint I had to work hard. The fact is that the inside of the sump and the engine cover are treated with paint or varnish (I don't know). However, take a look at what happens to this coating when exposed to Dimexide.

So I removed the pallet (for this I had to unscrew the muffler from the manifold). Then, using the same Dimexide, I worked on this coating. Some of it came off as dry skin. And with the rest I had to work hard with sandpaper.

I did the same with the inner surface of the engine cover.

If this is not done, there is a high probability that flakes and paint residues can prevent oil from spreading through the engine.

And one more important note. Do not over-tighten the pallet. After the whole procedure, it will have to be removed again

De-carbonization of engine rings



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Buns with halva and dried apricots

"Mouth rejoices at a large piece!" - I thought and decided to bake these beautiful buns) Having completed the recipe, another one caught my eye, their name was Achma! Surprise! I have never baked them before, I liked the acquaintance) I have my own dough, bezoparnoe. The author's dough is layered with plums with butter, I decided to fill them with halva and dried apricots. Try it, maybe you will like this option.)))

Recipe "Buns with halva and dried apricots":

We grind 12 grams of yeast (I never use flour for this amount again) with 1 s. l. Sahara. We leave for 2 minutes.

Decarbonization of the Mitsubishi Galant 4G63 engine. Dimexide is decarbonized. The result of de-carbonization of the engine with Dimexide. De-carbonization of rings. laurel, dimexidum.

Seeder: Increase Productivity, Increase Reliability

The new 1745 Planter features superior seeding technology and a redesigned design. Large corn and sunflower growers need reliable planters that can maximize productivity and cover large areas with exceptional precision. The completely redesigned 1745 meets all of these requirements.

Basic data

The 1725NT uses an integral, upward-folding frame that allows for a transport width of around 3 m and a height of just over 4 m.Farmers in areas with narrow roads or small fields will appreciate the added value of a narrow transport frame without auxiliary wheels for lifting in situations where maneuverability is limited.

This design also allows vacuum to be integrated into the frame without increasing the congestion of the beam. This improves the appearance and visibility from the operator's station.

Optional 40.6 cm notch disc markers are also available for the 1725NT. Notch disc design provides more aggressive markings, especially in minimal or no till conditions.

The MaxEmerge 5e system is designed to improve seed density, row spacing and prevent seed loss to maximize yield. The letter “e” in the name “MaxEmerge 5e” stands for electric drive. The system is powered by one electric motor per meter with a small controller. This eliminates the need for the shafts and cardan drives of a typical mechanical drive. This provides greater reliability, less maintenance and easier access to the row unit components. For growers looking for even seed spacing, MaxEmerge 5e is an excellent choice.

One of the greatest benefits of the MaxEmerge 5e is the increased seed density accuracy by compensating for curves on the outer rows of the precision planter. The MaxEmerge 5e metering unit eliminates shafts and driveshafts from the precision planter, providing better access to the row unit components as well as reducing the precision planter's need for maintenance.

When a MaxEmerge 5e row unit uses a seed tube, it offers many of the same important benefits as an ExactEmerge row unit. The MaxEmerge 5e metering unit also improves response to changes in seeding density in the field where conditions require more or less dense seeding. The ability to plant more precisely according to the variable rate prescription maximizes the grower 's profit potential. High-performance vacuum automation automatically maintains the target vacuum setting throughout the day with less monitoring and adjustment time. It uses the SeedStar 4HP System to control seed row throughput in near real time. The MaxEmerge 5e system has many options. Conveniently adjustable row cleaners, hydraulic single row down pressure system, pneumatic closing wheels, fertilization equipment (frame dependent) are available options, and an active pneumatic down pressure system is standard.

MaxEmerge 5e delivery system options include 56L tanks.

NOTE: The MaxEmerge 5e Meter Unit requires tractor power generation on 6R Series and newer tractors with PTO.

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