Creating a wedding invitation using scrapbooking technique

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In addition to the standard moments that require constant decision-making from the bride and groom (the whole organization - who to invite, where to celebrate, what to submit, what dress and other details of the look to choose, etc.), there are many little things ... And sometimes it is these little things that can create style for an entire wedding.

For example, invitations for guests, wedding scrapbook, wedding wish book, ring pads, decorations for holiday champagne bottles, small wedding keepsakes for your friends, and much more. But if you want your celebration and all its details to be really exclusive and unique, try to make the elements for your holiday yourself with your own hands, using an excellent scrapbooking technique.


Making invitations for friends and relatives using the scrapbooking technique with your own hands allows future newlyweds to show their imagination, bring their own ideas to life and set up guests for a relaxed atmosphere at the wedding.

An invitation to a wedding in the style of scrapbooking is made for the celebration of any theme and color design, you just need to select the appropriate materials.

Depending on the design of the cards, the following materials may be required:

  • cardstock (thick paper);
  • plain or designer cardboard;
  • thick rug or plank so as not to scratch the table;
  • stationery knife;
  • simple and curly scissors;
  • ruler;
  • simple and curly hole punch;
  • photos or images that match the style;
  • stamps;
  • glue stick;
  • double-sided tape;
  • newspapers;
  • < li> decorative elements - lace, ribbons, rhinestones, beads, beads, buttons, postage stamps, etc.

For some topics, minimalistic solutions are suitable, others will require a lot of decor. The basic rule that the bride and groom must follow is that invitations must reflect their individuality and taste.

How to make unusual invitations?

All postcards look beautiful, stylish and original. When creating the option you like, you should take into account not only your capabilities, but also the style of the celebration. If you are planning a themed party, then it is worthwhile to separately think over the perfect postcard, which will become the beginning of your story.

Scrapbooking Invitations

A popular technique for making postcards, photo albums, frames, and more. krapbooking is a special technique that is made of durable paper.

Overclocker's tool Making an open case-stand

This material was written by a site visitor and is rewarded for it.

An open stand is a seemingly simple and commonplace thing. To overclock your main working computer, a spacious case is bought, high-quality cooling is organized - in this case there is no need for a stand. It's another matter when the overclocking platform is isolated. Or there is a need to test the components for performance. Here you cannot do without an open stand. What is an open stand? The simplest option is when the components are placed directly on the table without any case. With this arrangement, the motherboard traditionally uses its own box as the basis for the motherboard. The advantages of such a solution are easy access to all elements of the system and the ability to quickly replace individual components or the entire system as a whole. There are many more cons. Firstly, the motherboard is not attached to the box in any way and fidgets around it freely. The box, in turn, is not attached to the table in any way and can slide on a smooth laminated surface. Secondly, the expansion cards are not secured. It is very inconvenient, especially when it is necessary to measure voltages manually with a multimeter probe. Small boards for the PCI-E x1 - x4 connector can even pop out of the slots when additional power is connected. Thirdly, assembling on the table takes up a lot of space. The most annoying are the wires from the power supply and the cables of IDE devices. Fourthly, to turn on / reboot boards that are not equipped with appropriate buttons, you have to use a screwdriver, or put external buttons. A screwdriver is not the most convenient and safe option. Buttons dangle on the wires and add even more clutter.

The idea of ​​the stand body is simple: to improve convenience by adding rigid mountings, to reduce the space occupied by a two-tier arrangement of components. Roughly speaking, take a regular Desktop Midi Tower case, lay it on its side, add a motherboard rack to the left wall, bring out the wires - you get the simplest stand.

After a long period of benches on the box from the video card, I realized - it's enough to endure it! Due to the lack of free space, the situation with the placement of components reached the point of absurdity. Put the power supply unit on one side, put the drive on it again sideways. The keyboard is huddled on the case of the second system unit, the mouse is where it is needed. If for the old system you need to flash the BIOS from a floppy disk, then you still need to find a place for the FDD, connect it to the power supply unit and draw a loop to the MP. We need a normal stand, not a box, but an open, convenient case. What can manufacturers offer to the overclocker who is tired of the vinaigrette of wires on his desk?

There are also more exotic options, for example:

  • Bench / Test Table Easy V3. by Italian Dimastech
  • QDIY Professional Modder by Chinese QDIY

Unfortunately, the main problem of the presented models is that they are not on sale in Russia (and in their native St. Petersburg in particular). In addition, the models from Antec, Aerocool and Lian Li are too bulky, and I did not want to mess with the mail. It is scary that instead of a whole new corps, you will get something rumpled and shapeless. And the price for the same "Skeleton" reaches 6 thousand rubles, and models from Dimastech are even more expensive. “I don’t like it - do it better” - this thought was spinning in my head after looking at the assortment of local stores. You can do that, but you have to do it out of something. At a minimum, you need a frame and a pallet.

After a while, quite by accident I came across an old corpus from Inwin (hereinafter simply invin). Not even the body, but the remains of the body. Someone threw it away. There was no bezel, floppy basket and left side wall. The model is presumably the S564 CR, but this is not so important - many models have the same internals. I liked this case because the tray for the motherboard and the drive cage were stamped on one large sheet of metal. Here it is - the upper part for the future stand. Get rid of soft aluminum rivets using a 2.6 drill. The core flies out, and the cap is screwed onto the drill - a quick and convenient way. It is not worth knocking them down with a chisel or cutting them down - you will bend and scratch thin sheet metal. To free the necessary parts from excess metal, you can use a grinder. While the work is rough, and the edges are still then finished. The rivets are drilled out, all unnecessary from the back panel has been sawed off, only the necessary part remains.

Having rummaged in the “Motherland's bins” for the sake of such a case, we managed to extract from there an old decommissioned Compaq DeskPro system unit (hereinafter referred to as a compact):

At one time there was a fashion for such horizontal cases. Saving desk space without sacrificing productivity - that's all. You can put a monitor on top.

Inside we found a mATX motherboard on the i815 chipset, a P3 800 processor (although the sticker on the case says “Celeron Inside”), two SDRAM strips of 128MB each, CD and FDD drives, a dying 80GB HDD and a network card ... All this was powered by a modest SFX power supply unit, which outputs a current of only 4A through a 12V line. Having disassembled the case, taking out all the insides, it became clear - there should be a stand, and here it is, a frame for it. It is necessary to put a pallet from invin on top, a picture immediately emerges.

What do we have? The case of the compact has support for two 5. 5 "devices, one FDD and one 3." disk - quite enough for a stand. Power supplies are only supported in SFX format. ATX is not supported and will have to be added. You will also have to add a reset button, in the original it is not, remake the power button and indicators on the front panel. All this with minimal cash costs, otherwise it is not interesting. At this stage, you can already formulate the requirements for the future stand:

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