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The classic was right: "You can be an efficient person and think about the beauty of nails." And work in the country in no way should exclude care for the beauty and health of hands. We need them not only to plant vegetables and weed flowers.

How and how to protect the hands of the summer resident?

If you do nothing, you can quickly say goodbye to soft, smooth skin, and neat nails, and comfort. Agree, it is not pleasant when you have to bashfully hide unkempt hands. Calluses, abrasions and cracked skin add to the discomfort.

And after all, many of us know very well what needs to be done so that such problems do not arise. But are we following these guidelines? I will say for myself: alas, not always. Therefore, I do not have the goal of "discovering America" ​​- I propose to remember together that for the majority, and for so long it is not enough to know the means and methods - they need to be applied! known. What for? Then, so that this season for sure to take care of the protection of their hands during summer work.

Preventive measures

The best solution is to protect your hands before starting work, so that later you do not have to deal with ingrained dirt and rough skin, and even treat abrasions (which, by the way, may not be harmless). What and how should you protect yourself from?

Taking care not only of the harvest, but also of the hands that raised it


It would seem, what's wrong with that - well, just think, dirt! We are not some kind of white-handed, if we work, we will wash our hands. But no, it's not that simple. Not all dirt is easily washed away, which means that you will have to use harsh cleaning and detergents, further drying the skin, causing irritation. Why do we need this? Easier to protect yourself.

Gloves are a reliable tool. Choice in stores huge - from thin "disposable" to gloves with "claws" for those who make grooves and holes in the ground more comfortable with their hands than with all sorts of tools.

Wear gloves better

How and how to protect the hands of the summer resident: proven methods

- If you are back into horses, you don’t want to.

- No, grandfather! We will now be kittens. But we will have manes and hooves!

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Once upon a time some guests came to us

My wife's relatives came to visit us for a week. How to get to know each other, communicate and at the same time see winter Petersburg. The key guest was the son of my wife's brother - the four-year-old hero Makar. Which I previously only saw during family Skype calls.

- Let's play? - he suggested it to me straightforwardly on the very first evening.

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