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Unfortunately, the layout of the house does not always meet our requirements, especially those cases when other people were involved in the construction and it was not possible to have a hand in the layout. Very often people are not satisfied with the arrangement of rooms, area, etc. But, there is an opportunity to fix everything. Partitions can be erected at any time, even if the house has long been commissioned. Partitions in the house play an important role; they can be used to make 2 small rooms out of one large one. That is, you can equip your home with minimal costs.

Partitions for apartment zoning

The design, as well as the type of material, directly depends on how strong, durable and reliable the partition will be. The functional feature of the structure depends on what material you will use for the construction of the interior partition. For example, partitions made of gypsum blocks, bricks and slag concrete can have their own foundation or reinforced concrete floors, but lightweight structures such as drywall can rest on beams or logs. Therefore, you must first decide what type of partitions will be erected and what role they will play.

Plaster partitions

Plaster block partitions are very easy to install. Most often, they are erected from ready-made gypsum blocks that are bought in the store. If you need blocks of a certain size, you can make them yourself, according to individual calculations and drawings. It is necessary to carefully select the dimensions blocks, it must be taken into account that the weight of the block does not exceed 30 kg. And the thickness should be no more than 8 centimeters.

Also, during construction, you must not forget the features of gypsum. Since it hardens very quickly, 3-4 blocks can be quickly made from it in a short time. To save money and make the structure lighter, experienced craftsmen add slag to the solution while mixing.

Lightweight partition walls

A distinctive feature of gypsum cubes is that they can be laid using any solution. For example, sand-clay, sand-cement, etc. In order for the gypsum blocks to adhere as tightly as possible, you need to carefully monitor that during operation the blocks are released with horizontal and vertical grooves. The grooves need to be filled with a mixture, this will not only hide the flaws, but also provide the most snug fit.

In order for the partition to be even and reliable, you need to monitor the tightness of the blocks, as well as to ensure that the structure is stable. If everything is done correctly, then the work will not take much time. Upon completion of the work, it remains only to wipe the seams and sheathe the surface of the partition.

Concrete partitions

Concrete partitions, which are made of concrete with a mixture of sawdust or cinder concrete, harden several times longer than gypsum ones. It is for this reason that the construction of such partitions will require much more time and effort. Yes, and you will have to spend a little more, because the material costs a little more. But, on the other hand, such partitions are much stronger, they have high sound and heat insulation. If you follow all the rules and technologies, you can get smooth, reliable and beautiful partitions. The standard width of concrete partitions does not exceed 12 cm.

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