What's going on on my bookshelves? I tell you why there is a mess

Smoked products are in great demand among buyers, but, unfortunately, their quality often leaves much to be desired. But when meat or fish is cooked with your own hands, both taste and quality meet expectations. You can organize your own smokehouse in your country house, there are many options for such a construction.

Capital building

To build such a smokehouse, you need refractory bricks, sheets of metal and at least the slightest knowledge of the smoking process. First of all, you need to decide whether you will build a hot or cold smoked smokehouse, the principle of construction depends on this.

There are many drawings of such smokers on the Internet, and everyone can choose to their liking.

Particular attention should be paid to the competent laying of the chimney, as well as the use of clay, not cement, for laying bricks.

Wooden house

The cold smoked mobile wood smokehouse is quite easy to carry out. Such a device consists of the same basic parts: a firebox - a metal box; smoking chamber - a wooden house; chimney - metal pipe. Firewood is placed in the firebox and, with the door closed, they begin the process of languishing - smoking products. Inside the wooden smokehouse, there are shelves with lard, fish or meat.

From gas cylinders

If old and unnecessary propane containers are lying around in the country, then they will make an excellent smokehouse. First of all, the cylinders must be freed from gas residues, the presence of which can be checked with a soapy solution.

When there are no soap bubbles, you can start cutting the cylinder. In each of the containers you need to cut out the "doors", which are then put on the hinges. One cylinder will be a firebox, the second will be a smoking one, and the third will be a chimney. Parts of the smokehouse are welded together, leaving chimney holes. The structure is calcined over a fire before use.

From a metal barrel

This construction is one of the simplest, while in no way inferior to stationary buildings. Hot smoked meat and fish are just as tasty in it, smoking takes place quickly. A hole with a diameter of 15–20 cm is made in the bottom of the barrel. In the upper section of the barrel, a grate or rods are installed for hanging products.

How to organize a smokehouse in the country: 5 interesting options with a photo

There are some cool ways to keep things organized in my arsenal. A huge plus - I always know what and where lies, so I practically don't waste time looking for this or that thing. And the coolest thing is that all these methods are very budgetary. I share my secrets and tell you what to buy where.

Containers and organizers of various sizes for storing things in a closet or dressing room

Containers are undoubtedly the most convenient way to store things. It's enough just to lay everything out once, but then you don't have to look for a lost second sock or the necessary belt from a skirt and trousers for 3 hours.

I buy containers in Fixprice. The price varies from 99 to 199 rubles, depending on the size. By the way, to make this method even more budgetary, you can use the most ordinary boxes for storing things.

Vacuum bags

The first time I heard about them was from my girlfriend. She has a small child who has a lot of winter clothes, and there is nowhere to store them - there is only one small closet for the family. I store blankets and pillows in these bags, as well as some winter items that take up a lot of space in my closet.

A huge plus, which I noted for myself: things do not lose their original state. They are protected from dirt, moisture and unpleasant odors.

I order packages at Wildberries. The air is removed from them with a conventional vacuum cleaner. 3 bags with a valve cost about 300 rubles, but they fit all winter clothes. I believe that this amount can be spent once, as the packages are designed to be reusable.

Basket or coin tray

Sometimes the pockets of clothes become so heavy that it becomes simply impossible to constantly carry small change with you. Create a small basket or tray to store your coins in.

Smoked products are in great demand among buyers, but, unfortunately, their quality often leaves much to be desired. But when meat or fish is cooked with your own hands, both taste and quality meet expectations. You can organize your own smokehouse in your country house, there are many options for such a construction.

I decided to show my shelves, tell how everything works there, what is on them, and generally talk a little about this topic.

At first glance, it may really seem that the shelves are a mess and the books are very chaotic: they are of different sizes, heights, colors, series. However, there is still a certain logic in this. I'm telling you.

???? First shelf

There are new, not yet read books here. Usually there are 30 of them, sometimes more, sometimes less. I buy mostly wisely and only what I really want to read in the near future.

???? Second, third and fourth shelves

This shelf holds your favorite books. A lot of them. And each has its own place. It is so pleasant sometimes to approach these books, pick up something that has already been read, twirl it in your hands, leaf through it, and maybe even re-read it.

???? Fifth and sixth shelves

Fifth is literature in Japanese (I only read in the original), which I adore - novels and manga. My favorite manga, which I have been buying and reading since 2013, is Shingeki no kyoujin (in Russian translation, Attack on Titans, published by the Azbuka publishing house). If you have never read a manga, then I can recommend it. This is a serious, mature and difficult story. I don't know how to describe the genre, probably a mixture of thriller, science fiction and fantasy. In general, a very unusual and psychological thing.

The sixth shelf is paperback books. There are quite a few iconic and important writers for me here - Chuck Palahniuk, Camus, Fowles. Previously, I often bought paperback books, but now I don't see any reason to take books, which after half an hour of reading begin to crumble in my hands.

And now I'll tell you about the main and only drawback of my shelves - they are in a semi-closed cabinet. This was done for two reasons:




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Wistman’s Wood Women's Cardigan

The design of the women's cardigan is inspired by the crisscrossing branches and twigs of trees.

Wistman’s Wood Women's Cardigan

Chest circumference - 81-86 (91-97, 102-107, 112-117, 122-127, 132-137, 142-147) cm,

Chest circumference of the finished product - 93 (104., 115, 125, 135., 146, 156.) cm,

Length - 57 (58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63) cm,

How can I be sure that the light bulb burned out and not the refrigerator itself?

If, after opening the refrigerator door, you see that the lighting inside did not work, then you immediately begin to think that the unit itself has burned out. But this is a rare case for such refrigerators. They are reliable and durable, and rarely any of them does not serve its full warranty period, and in addition to it - several more such periods. But still, so that your efforts are not in vain, before changing the light bulb in the Atlant refrigerator, it is worth looking at the lighting fixtures of the working panel.

If they are on, then the problem is really in the light bulb itself. You can also wait and, without closing the door, wait for the warning signal that it is open. If he was not slow to wait, the problem is definitely a burned out light bulb.

Then roll up our sleeves and get down to repair work.

Varieties of bulbs

Due to the rapid development and modernization of household appliances, the lighting inside the refrigerator has been constantly updated and optimized. The following types of lamps are most often used in luminaires:

An important factor is the power, which usually varies depending on the location and type of device in the range from 11 to 40 watts. Most models use 15 or 25 watt fixtures. In large-sized two-chamber equipment, they are installed several or one, but at 40 watts.


A budget replacement option, which is gradually abandoned by all leading manufacturers of freezing equipment. Among the advantages of incandescent lamps are:

  • low cost;
  • pleasant, bright light.

  • low service life. For most incandescent lamps, it does not exceed 1 thousand hours in active mode;
  • high power, and therefore energy consumption.