The most beautiful natural places in the world

Today, travelers are more aware of everything the world has to offer than ever. It's nice to be faced with so many possibilities - but also daunting. We are compiling a list of the most beautiful natural places in the world to travel in the coming months. Then we will look at what places are currently in the spotlight of the global community. In any year, a lot of interesting things happen in the cities and countries that we recommend as the best travel destinations. And, of course, we think about the destinations that are consistently favorites to determine which ones reinvent themselves, ensuring there is always something new to explore.

Whether you're looking for heartbreaking adventure, an up-close look at history, or the perfect meal, these are 15 very beautiful natural sites in the world to discover. Take a look at them for additional inspiration, but if you already know where you are going in the coming year, share your plans with us on social media.

Here are the most beautiful tourist spots in the world

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is an extravagantly beautiful stretch of the rocky coast of Campania, Italy, on the outskirts of the Sorrentine Peninsula. For about 50 kilometers, the coastline looks like a romantic artist had portrayed - sheer cliffs stretching out into an azure sea, tiny golden beaches tucked away by secluded coves, pastel sun-drenched villages hugging the steep slopes of Mount Ravello, and fragrant orange groves compete for attention. with ancient vineyards.

You can choose the typical Mediterranean coastal road between the Port of Salerno, the famous Positano and Amalfi and the beautiful Sorrento cliff-top to enjoy the landscape in all its glory, or you can choose one of the The many hiking trails that take you past the old village offer breathtaking views introducing fantastic quirky local restaurants, taverns. If you are looking for famous places to visit around the world, the Amalfi Coast is an amazing destination.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The only living thing on Earth that can be seen from space, the Great Barrier Reef is huge. Located in northeastern Australia off the coast of Queensland, this complex ecosystem of 2,300 km includes over 3,000 separate reef systems, coral reefs and hundreds of islands, small and large, with sparkling white sandy beaches.

The reef is incredibly beautiful on the surface, but the true beauty of the reef is underwater, where there is a living world of over 600 species of soft and hard corals that create a colorful, mesmerizing home for an endless number of tropical fish species. starfish, molluscs, turtles, sharks, dolphins. Enjoy snorkelling, glass bottom boat sailing, sailing, semi-submersible diving, just swimming in this diving paradise.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado, USA

A few minutes drive from Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods is a public city park that doesn't need any attractions - nature has taken care of it. Hundreds of immense red sandstone spiers, bridges and other precarious rock formations are traversed by 15 miles of well-organized trails. As you would expect, the park with so many interesting rocks offers a very popular climbing scene.

The park formations were formed from layered sandstone, limestone, and conglomerates by the forces that built the nearby Pikes Peak Massif into an upright position. It is easy to find the remains of marine fossils, even dinosaur fossils. The largest rock formation is Gate Rock, 320 feet high. Many animals have made the park their home - it is easy to see bighorn sheep, deer, foxes, as well as over 130 bird species.

Lake Bled, Slovenia