Breeding methods for roses in spring, summer and autumn

Nothing pleases the eye in the warm season like garden roses. The queen of flowers is propagated in two ways, it is seed and vegetative. The seed method is laborious and with its help it is not always possible to get the rose that you expect. Vegetative propagation of the rose is used everywhere. With it, you can preserve the valuable characteristics of the plant. Next, let's take a closer look at ways to propagate roses.

Rose seed propagation

Seed propagation is used to develop a new variety of roses. Also, the propagation of a rose by seeds is used to obtain a rootstock. This method is used to propagate park roses, which are capable of producing good seeds.

Seeds for planting roses can be either purchased in the store, or your own, collected from your rose bushes.

How to collect your seeds

Seed material is harvested during the period when the fruit of the flower queen begins to turn red. It is believed that seeds from such pods germinate best.

To collect the seeds you need to cut the fruit and get them out of there. Rinse in water and soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 24 hours. Those that come up should be removed.


To improve the properties of seeds, they need to be stratified. For this, cotton pads are moistened in hydrogen peroxide, seeds are placed there, wrapped in a plastic bag. A package with seeds is placed in the refrigerator for 1.5-2 months. Rose seeds are stored at temperatures from +3 to -5 ° C. The seeds are periodically checked for mold growth.

Stratification activates seeds, hardens them. Increases resistance to disease.

Professions in forestry material (biology, grade 9) on the topic

Last spring, I was disappointed by the assortment of flowers that are sold in colorful packages. Those were already familiar to me roses, lilies, dahlias, gladioli, anemones, peonies, astilbe, irises.

Yesterday, first of all, I went to the stand with seeds and only then, reluctantly (well, what new they can offer me there), I hobbled into the department with colorful packages, inside of which are hidden bulbs, tubers and roots.

Now I regret that I didn’t take a picture of my surprises, it would be the author's photos, and not from the Internet.


Stock-rose grows by itself from seeds, there are many varieties with double and simple seeds, of different colors. The stock rose can be found in many courtyards, planted as the most problem-free flower. On my site it was an aggressive weed, which has not yet been completely defeated.

After thinking like this, imagine my surprise when I saw this package.

On the back side there is a bag with sawdust and a stem-rose root in them. This is the sort we sell - terry pink. There was no other.


I wrote an article about this flower last year.

The publication was a great success. It turned out that many gardeners love such tall and problem-free flowers. In the comments they asked where to buy, found in their city, bought and boasted: where and how much they took.

And then a miracle happened! Yesterday I held in my hands a package with a spine.

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