Biden saw a sign of the near end of the crisis

Entrepreneurs know: you can get good income from a small business. The main thing is to find a niche correctly. DK experts tell you how to do this. U.

Almost a third of Russians are ready to try themselves in entrepreneurship, 7% plan to become entrepreneurs in the next three years. Moreover, during the difficult pandemic year 2020 for business, the share of Russians who have a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship increased to 80% from 77% in 2019. These are the results of a joint study by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the NAFI Analytical Center.

There are other figures: during the pandemic, about 4.5 million individual entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses have disappeared in Russia. At the same time, the demand for some products and services increased many times over, and the business barely had time to satisfy it. In 2020, disposable gloves (+ 672%), bread makers (+ 652%), cough tablets (+ 535%), soups (+ 397%) and cereals (+ 386%) were in the top - those who offered similar goods, made good money.

- You can make money even in a crisis. It is important to catch the trend and choose a niche wisely, '' says Vasily Alekseev, general director of the Like Center school for entrepreneurs.

Especially for DK. U Vasily spoke about one of the simplest technologies for finding a free niche in order to determine the direction of business.

Step one: generating business ideas

There are five ways to think about the direction of your future business.

  • Write down all the ideas in your head. Fidget spinners? Shower caps or sex shop? Remember everything that once seemed interesting from a business point of view.
  • Analyze your strengths. What have you already been paid for?
  • Take a closer look at the business ideas that relatives, friends and acquaintances make money on.
  • Explore new franchises.
  • Study ideas that have won awards and nominations in business contests. What successful startups have Forbes magazine featured in the past year?

Based on the results of the brainstorming session, you should have at least 50 business ideas. Do not be afraid of such a list: it will be further reduced.

Step Two: Filter Business Ideas

How to find a business idea for an aspiring entrepreneur

PlaceNameFeatures in the TOP-10 rating of the best pans for induction cooker1RDA-796 Rondell Evolution-RBest large frying pan2Fissman Rock stone 4433The most durable inexpensive product3Positano Granitium BallariniThe most stable coating4GIPFEL MAINTMOUNTsBest Cooking PansTo the best coating4GIPFEL MAINTmo3 non-stick coating8Gochu EcoramicBottom treated with stone chips9Kobaltblau RiessDaily utensils10Rondell walzerUniversal, affordable

How to choose a good induction pan for different tasks

Now we will consider, based on what technical characteristics, you can choose the optimal kitchen utensils. So, we will go through the most basic selection criteria, but keep in mind that personal preferences should also be taken into account. Additionally, after the criteria, we will consider the best pans for induction hobs.

Bottom diameter and thickness

As for the diameter, when choosing dishes, think about what exactly you will cook. If it's scrambled eggs or some kind of pancakes, you can choose something smaller. When it comes to cooking stews or frying meat, then pay attention to the wok. The thickness of the bottom of the device is at least 2 cm, otherwise there is a possibility that it simply will not warm up.

Types of pans

There are many types of induction pans with and without non-stick coating. There are models designed for the preparation of a specific dish. There are round universal ones of various sizes, there are grills, pancakes, deep WOK, oval for fish. Which option is right for you depends on what exactly you intend to cook.

It is best to have several types of dishes. This will simplify the cooking process and also reduce the time it takes to cook the dish.

Coating Types

Cast iron and stainless steel models are available for purchase. Each type of coating differs in the peculiarities of the use of the dishes. For example, cast iron pans for an induction cooker are known among housewives for their long service life. In addition, one should not forget about the presence of a natural non-stick layer, which makes them environmentally friendly for humans. If we are talking about stainless steel kitchen utensils, then this material does not oxidize, thereby the dishes are immune to rust.

What an induction WOK should be

What is an induction wok? In this case, manufacturers adhere to a special shape for this type of tableware. The bottom diameter is necessarily always larger. There is also an induction plate here. The thickness of the walls plays a special role, since it is they who are directly involved in the preparation, i.e. heat is created due to them, which speeds up the cooking process.

TOP-best pans for induction cookers

Entrepreneurs know that you can get a good income even from a small business. The main thing is to find a niche correctly. DK experts tell you how to do this. U. - Business Quarter. Ekaterinburg

Chainsaw Types

Those who are faced with sawing wood know that it can be cut either along the grain or across. Based on this, different types of chains are produced for chainsaws: for transverse or longitudinal cutting of wood. In both cases, the difference in material resistance will be significantly different. For rip sawing, the teeth are sharpened at an angle of 5 to 15 °. Cross cutting requires sharpening the tool at an angle of 25-35 °. The figure below shows how the angle of sharpening of the teeth is determined.

The type of sawing element can be recognized from the markings on it, moreover, the sharpening angle is determined visually.

Rip sawing chains are rarely used because it is much easier to unfold the workpiece on a circular saw. Due to low demand, manufacturers of this tool are not particularly involved in improving it, and it is rather difficult to find a rip saw chain on the market. Most chainsaw buyers choose a cross-cut tool, and it is the most popular among both professionals and DIYers. But, before choosing a chain for a chainsaw, you should study the main parameters that affect the performance and quality of the tool.


Chains for chainsaws from various manufacturers are currently available in hardware stores. The most popular among them are:

Chainsaw chains from brands such as Stihl and Oregon are in greatest demand. They are of good quality and reliability. In third place are Husqvarna devices. This manufacturer of equipment does not independently manufacture chains for chainsaws. He makes corresponding orders from the American brand Oregon. Less popular are Dolmar products. Despite this, their quality and reliability of use practically do not differ from those of other chains.

Inexpensive Chinese chainsaw consumables can be purchased from Chinese brands such as:

  • Rezer;
  • Champion;
  • Forza et al.

Chainsaw chains from the above companies are characterized by fast stretching. In addition, they become dull in a relatively short period of time. Despite this, such products still enjoy the corresponding popularity and demand among buyers.

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Existing step sizes

The rating of the best multimeters from Aliexpress will help you navigate the purchase of the best option from those offered on the Chinese online trading platform. All models have been tested by experts and highly appreciated by users.

Why choose a multimeter?

Criteria for choosing a Chinese multimeter

. There are pointer and digital multimeters. Naturally, it is better to choose digital models, they have a higher measurement accuracy and number of functions.

Backlight and hold readings.

These functions make it much more convenient to measure and control readings.

It can range from 0.025 to 3%. The lower the error, the more accurate the readings will be.

When buying, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the device, the materials from which it is made and the location of the control buttons. It is in your best interest to choose a device that is comfortable to work with.

If the meter is protected against moisture, dust and shock, then it will last longer.

Best Budget Multimeters from Aliexpress - of the Year

Why are Americans so afraid to fly in the skies over Syria.

Russia is ready to show off a new attack drone.

The best of the best: TOP-5 of Russian weapons named.

Why are American icebreakers in circulation.

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