Balcony Ideas

It is important to decide how you want to use the balcony: as another room or prefer to store things there

Before you start repairing the balcony, you need to decide what should be the final result. There are 2 main directions:

  • Household block or pantry for storing things. This is the most common option for small balconies of panel houses, especially the "Khrushchev" type. In this case, less attention is paid to design, and priority is given to the optimal use of a small area. Repair with such a balcony should be inexpensive. However, in this case, you should think over the design so that the room does not become an abandoned storage room for old things.
  • Additional living room. A large loggia is most suitable for this option, but a small space can also be transformed. Such repairs on the balcony will require much more time, effort and finances, but you can also get a "new key" to an additional living space. So you can equip a bedroom, study, recreation room, nursery, etc. A redevelopment option is also possible, when a balcony or loggia is combined with other rooms (kitchen, living room).

When deciding on the arrangement, the size of the room and the type of the building itself should be taken into account. It should be remembered that for a significant redevelopment, you will need to obtain permission from the appropriate authorities. In addition, you should take into account what the balcony was like before the start of the renovation.

Decide on the finishing material for the balcony

When planning the renovation of your balcony, you need to solve the important issue of choosing materials for finishing. On the Russian market, they are presented in a wide range, and therefore one should take into account their characteristics and their own financial capabilities. A balcony or loggia will require finishing materials that meet the following requirements: increased moisture resistance, resistance to sudden temperature changes, simplicity installation, environmental friendliness, heat and sound insulation ability, attractive appearance.

Stone - Balcony Ideas

Natural and artificial stone is used for wall decoration. The first option has a rich appearance, high strength and durability, but noticeably makes the entire structure heavier. It is suitable for an elite apartment, and does not at all harmonize with a small area. A balcony with such a renovation will be quite expensive.

Artificial stone is offered in the form of slabs and panels. It only imitates natural material, and therefore is much lighter and cheaper. It has the following advantages: simplicity of facing, harmlessness to humans, thermal insulation, resistance to decay and fungi, a variety of colors and textures.

Important! Stone cladding cannot be carried out on a wooden surface due to the significant difference in thermal expansion. Wooden elements are pre-plastered or finished with cement-bonded particle boards.

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