Astro forecast for February 28, 2021, what dreams mean, and what you should pay attention to on this day

Moscow, 28.2.021, 04:26:49, edition FTimes. u, by Elena Vailo.

According to Natalia Merekina, February 28, 2021 will be a good day for romantic meetings and establishing personal relationships. This is the seventeenth lunar day. The moon is located in Virgo.

Background of the day

Auspicious day. A great day for romantic meetings.

Joy is the key word of the day. Arrange a small party for yourself: for example, go to a cafe or restaurant!

Creativity, intuition and sexuality increase.

This is the period of renewal of your energy after the peak of activity on the full moon, so on this day it is important to focus on those tasks and work that will not require colossal expenditures of both mental and physical strength and energy.

Finish previously started business, do not start anything new. Avoid spontaneous actions, do not promise anything to anyone, and do not be reassured by other people's promises.

We have another wonderful day off. Spend this Sunday afternoon with the people you like best. Make surprises for each other, do not skimp on compliments, if necessary, be ready to support loved ones.

Do not be annoyed over trifles and overestimate the requirements for yourself.

It is good to read spiritual books in the evening. Accumulation of spiritual knowledge for intuitive knowledge of the laws of the world.

What should and shouldn't be done?

Today it is better to give up all household chores, including light cleaning, rearrangement of furniture, any kind of repair. Also, do not go over or throw away old things. The moon has an effect on the inner state of a person, which will negatively affect the energy of the house.

Astro forecast for February 28, 2021, what dreams mean, and what you should pay attention to on this day

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Some synthesizers for beginners have a display and tutorials

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