Arthritis of the fingers; main causes and treatments

Arthritis of the fingers is a severe progressive pathology. In the absence of adequate therapy, the disease provokes disability. Folk recipes for the treatment of digital arthritis should be used as part of a complex of wellness measures.

Treatment plan

A rheumatologist with a mild form of the disease prescribes the following therapy regimen:

  • Nutritional therapy;
  • Special exercise to prevent the progression of muscle atrophy;
  • Stroking during massage;
  • Physiological therapy;
  • Taking vitamins;
  • Spa treatment;
  • Recipes of folk medicine men for inflammation.

All these activities are aimed at:

  • Cartilage restoration;
  • Improvement of metabolism in damaged tissues;
  • Pain relief;
  • Blocking the inflammatory response.

The method of dealing with this ailment is selected according to the stage of development of the disease, its causes, individual characteristics of the organism.


Provoke such changes:

  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • Infectious pathologies (diabetes mellitus, ARVI, venereal ailments, tuberculosis, dysentery), since the causative agents are Staphylococcus aureus, as well as streptococci; <
  • Operation, bruises or injuries;
  • Poor nutrition, bad habits;
  • Hypothermia of the fingers of the upper extremities;
  • Immunity malfunction. <

If a patient is diagnosed with a disease and its cause is identified, then it is undesirable to use folk remedies for arthritis on the fingers without consultation, so as not to aggravate the existing problem.

Arthritis of the fingers; main causes and treatments

Conjunctivitis, the complications of which are quite varied, is an unpleasant disease that affects a large percentage of the population. The disease can present in the form of mild eye irritation, but it can also create long-term chronic problems.

Of course, red and dry eyes caused by long work on the computer, with conjunctivitis have nothing to do. However, the boundaries between eye irritation and inflammation are not always clear.

Important! It is necessary to determine the first symptoms of the disease. This seemingly commonplace eye disease can turn a person off for several days from normal work activities and cause serious complications.

Characteristics of conjunctivitis

The conjunctiva is a thin membrane that serves to protect the sclera along its outer part. If irritation and inflammation occur, vision deterioration and other side effects occur.

Conjunctivitis can be divided into several groups depending on what causes the disease. Accordingly, inflammation is classified as follows.

  • Bacterial inflammation, which is caused by a bacterial infection, often a purulent discharge.
  • The second type is represented by viral conjunctivitis - the causes are adenoviruses, we are talking about a very infectious a disease that is easily transmitted from one person to another.
  • Despite the fact that viral inflammation is the most widespread, another type is similarly common - allergic inflammation, caused by an allergic reaction to various substances, and manifested mainly , severe itching of the conjunctiva of the eye.


The clinical manifestation depends on the specific type of inflammation. Overall, however, the most common side effects and symptoms suggestive of conjunctivitis include:

  • itching pain;
  • discharge and stinging;
  • eyelid swelling;
  • tearing;
  • light sensitivity ;
  • conjunctival redness.

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