An excellent hearth for a country patio with your own hands

Hello dear craftswomen and needlewomen!

Spring is already coming, and with it the new March issue of Sabrina magazine, which, like the previous one, pleases with a variety of spring shades, gentle tones and light feminine openwork.

The pages of the magazine are really capable of making any needlewoman happy. There are many models and everything is beautiful in its own way. Yes, what can I say, it's easier to show at least a few products of the release, which are definitely worth tying!

Openwork ocher pullover

An elongated, feminine pullover model with a floral openwork pattern is made in a wonderful ocher color. The lacy pattern is harmoniously combined with garter stitching on the yoke. Classic straight silhouette and set-in three-quarter sleeve. Recommended yarn 100% cotton 125m / 50g.

The pullover is knitted according to the classic scenario - first, two rectangular details of the back and front are made with knitting of the shoulder bevels and the formation of the neckline. We knit the sleeves and put them together with the carcass. It remains to decorate the neckline with a crochet hook.

Blue stripe patterned pullover

A loose-fitting blue pullover with a dropped shoulder line and slightly wide sleeves. This model reminded me of knitting in the 90s. Are they really similar?

The pattern alternates openwork, garter stitch and semi-patent elastic in a certain sequence. Before proceeding with the main work, tie the sample according to the diagram below.

Leafy Pullover

The next piece I picked up from Sabrina's March issue is a charming pullover with an all-over openwork pattern. In the magazine, this pattern is described as leafy, but to me it reminded me more of rhombuses enclosed in soft waves.

The product is knitted from cotton yarn in a beautiful dusty pink color, measuring 125m / 50g.

Spring New Arrivals from Sabrina 3/2021

Do it yourself

The patio has gained immense popularity for a long time from all owners of summer cottages. If there is a place in the country, why not make beauty with your own hands, where you can relax, sit and fry a barbecue, like with a patio in this version? Such a resting corner will not leave anyone indifferent, whatever the patio is - made of wood, stone, brick or concrete. The patio can be used in different ways, in all variants - it is the most enjoyable pastime: use both for picnics with family and friends, and just for sunbathing on a sunny day.

In our country, patios are arranged next to the house, but this is not a prerequisite, since the construction of the patio does not provide for the presence of a roof. When starting to build a patio in the country, you need to have a clear idea of ​​its shape, size and location. In order not to be mistaken in the construction, it is worth having on hand a scaled diagram of the desired suburban courtyard. Also, in the little things it is worth considering the future decor, since a monochromatic patio is unlikely to give you a joyful atmosphere of relaxation. The size of the patio is determined by its functionality. If you are a lover of large and noisy companies, then the patio should fit a large number of people. Conversely, if you often spend time alone or in a small family circle, making a large patio is impractical.

Did you know that the patio is a characteristic feature of Canarian architecture? The Canarian patio is an open courtyard that was located inside the house. The tradition of the classic patio has Moorish and Andalusian roots: a cozy outdoor space was sheltered from prying eyes by thick outer walls. The presence of a complicating element in the building, which was the patio, was a sign of the privileged position of the owners. Previously, the main part of the family's life took place here, the patio was a place for meeting and receiving guests, it was traditionally decorated with manicured trees and tropical flowers, decorated and ennobled.

Materials and tools that you will need in the course of work:

  • construction wheelbarrow;
  • bayonet shovel;
  • level;
  • rammer tool;
  • herbicide spray;
  • sand;
  • paving stones;
  • rubberized hammer;
  • whisk.

Brick, concrete, paving slabs or wood can act as the main material for the construction of a building. Do not skimp on building materials, since cheaper counterparts have poor quality characteristics and may not withstand the effects of the environment, soon losing their original appearance. And now, I propose to see photos of the construction of a patio from blocks. Everything is very clear, I don't think the photos need my comments)

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Patio in the country - exclusive design photo Simple instructions on how to do it yourself

At present, the dacha has ceased to be an exclusively source of additional income in the form of vegetables and fruits. Most modern summer residents use suburban areas for cultural recreation and unity with nature. More and more, outdoor enthusiasts decorate their sites with alpine slides and neat lawns, artsy pergolas and cozy gazebos. The patio area has become very trendy lately.

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