Air ionizer: reasons for buying and features of the device

Basic concepts of ionization

It's all about ionized air. Under the influence of strong natural phenomena, such as lightning, or cosmic radiation, electrons move from one atom to another, thus creating positive (lost an electron) and negative atoms with an extra electron - aeroions. In cities on the street, due to lightning rods and general gas pollution, the number of such particles is 15 times lower than outside the city or in resorts. This concentration is even lower in apartments. Exposure to indoor air and an increase in the amount of useful air ions is why an air ionizer is needed. Under normal conditions, this process does not occur, a strong effect is needed, and this is what the ionizer has. In the city, especially if there are problems with well-being, this device is a necessary purchase for an apartment or house. Before buying an unknown device, you should understand what an air ionizer is and why you need it. This device, due to the force field, ionizes, that is, gives a positive or negative charge to atoms due to the transfer of an electron from one atom to another.

How to choose an air ionizer

When choosing an air ionizer, it is recommended to consider:

  • view. For rooms with a large accumulation of electronic equipment, a unipolar device is sufficient. Bipolar ionizers are more effective in bedrooms and children's rooms;
  • mode. For devices that naturally saturate the air with charged particles ("ionic wind"), the smell of ozone and low intensity are characteristic. The operation of appliances equipped with a fan is accompanied by noise;
  • served area. The ionizer for the home is selected based on the declared power. For offices and premises with a large crowd of people, it is recommended to purchase more powerful devices;
  • the level of concentration of negative ions. Exceeding the norm 0.6-50 thousand ions / cm³ excludes round-the-clock use of the device;
  • filter. Prevents dust from accumulating in the area of ​​the ionizer. Electrostatic needs wet cleaning every 2 weeks. The nera filter is cleaned at least 2 months, and after a year of operation it needs to be replaced;

Ionisation of air in dry rooms promotes the build-up of static electricity. For such cases, it is recommended to opt for a humidifier with an ionizer.

Location of the ionizer in the apartment

Ionizers can be installed on the floor, mounted on walls, placed on shelves and tables. When choosing a place where an ionizer will be located for an apartment, it is necessary to take into account the "inhabited" zone and nearby objects.

Safe approach of a person to the device is determined by the permissible norm of air ions. As an indicator, the voltage of the ionizing electrode is used, which refers to the distance in the proportion of 10 kV: 1 m. The same ratio is applied when the ionizer is located near electrical devices.

When using an air ionizer operating in a pulsed mode, its influence on the technique is reduced, and the device can be installed closer.

When positioning the device in relation to surrounding objects, it must be borne in mind that the concentration of aerosol particles in the area of ​​its action depends on the voltage on the electrode.

An ionizer, which removes static electricity from a person working on a computer, is placed behind and above the monitor by 0.5 m.

Air ionizer: reasons for buying and features of the device

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