Air comes out of the uterus after childbirth

DNA analysis will allow you to select the most appropriate procedures and care programs as accurately as possible

Basic genetic tests are a new word in cosmetology, they examine the complexes of genes associated with the health of the skin, hair and the body as a whole.

The identification of these predispositions will help the cosmetologist to determine the features of the epidermis and dermis, avoid unreasonable or even contraindicated procedures for the patient and develop an individual cosmetic (and not only) program that will be truly effective.

The DNA test has no expiration date, you will receive a colorful personal "passport" of the skin with an accuracy of 99.8%.

✔️ allow clear selection of procedures and professional care

✔️ give a complete picture of the upcoming age-related changes

✔️ reveal hidden diseases and inflammatory processes

✔️ talk about a tendency to pigmentation, scarring and dermatological diseases

Types of research

???? "Cosmetology and skin aging"

This study looks at a complex of genes associated with 17 categories of skin health. Reveals the features of the epidermis and dermis of a particular patient, which allows prescribing or prohibiting certain procedures, predicting their effectiveness and degree of impact, as well as further "behavior" of the skin

Genetic factors significantly affect life expectancy and prognosis of the course of age-related diseases. This study examines more than 60 genetic markers to determine the predisposition to age-related pathologies in various areas of the body and allows you to prevent or slow down their development

This study analyzes the genes responsible for a patient's adherence to certain foods and tastes in food and makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of diets and exercise. Only an individual plan that takes into account genetic factors, lifestyle, current state of the body and habits will allow you to achieve your goal - whether it is weight loss, gaining muscle mass or just a healthy lifestyle

Genetic tests will reveal all the secrets of your skin, hair and body

Air from the vagina: during sex and beyond

Like any organ in our body, the vagina contains oxygen. He can freely enter and exit it completely silently. A loud fart sound occurs if the pelvic muscles are losing tone or are too relaxed at the moment. This phenomenon can occur in the following situations:

  • During sex, when the partner pulls the penis out of the woman too often.
  • After childbirth, when the muscle tissue of the genitals has not yet fully recovered.
  • Under heavy loads. Some women complain about the appearance of a characteristic sound even with a normal sneeze.

Once you tone your intimate muscles, you can get rid of discomfort forever. You can sign up for wumbling classes or do a special set of exercises at home.

What can I do to keep the air out of the vagina?

If the sound from the genitals after sex does not bother partners, you can do nothing. Otherwise, it is recommended to try changing the posture and angle of the woman during intercourse. The less often the penis enters the vagina, the less air enters there.

There is a special set of exercises for women aimed at training and strengthening the pelvic muscles. These exercises are very effective, they will help get rid of the uncomfortable sound from the genitals after sex, prepare for the birth of a baby or allow you to recover from childbirth.

Let's look at the simplest exercises:

  • Periodically tense the muscles of the vagina, and then relax them again during urination, until it stops. The exercise can be repeated several times.
  • Alternately squeeze the muscles of the genitals and anus.
  • When having sex, try to squeeze the penis with just the muscles for a few seconds, and then push it out.
  • Perform a few slow squats with legs wide apart. We keep our hands on the belt and stay in the position as long as possible.

If you regularly do such simple exercises that do not require much time and effort, you will forever forget about excess air entering the vagina during sex, and other awkward moments. In addition, such gymnastics is an excellent prevention of diseases accompanied by prolapse of the genitals in adulthood or after the birth of a child.

DNA analysis will allow the most accurate selection of suitable procedures and care programs The results obtained allow to select treatment, nutrition and care programs with almost 100% accuracy Basic genetic tests are a new word in cosmetology, they consider gene complexes associated with health skin, hair and the body as a whole. Identifying these predispositions will help

The most important wealth that a person can have is health.

But there are places in the world where genetic defects have become commonplace and are considered part of the culture and practically the norm.

In our review, we will focus on these unusual settlements and the people who live in them.


A Brazilian village that is afraid of the sun.

Although Brazil is known for its sultry beaches, in one remote village in the west of that country, there is a group of people who cannot be in the sun. Every 40th person here suffers from a rare disease known as xeroderma pigmentosa (and this despite the fact that there is 1 case of this disease in 1 million people on the planet).

In Araras, 20 out of 800 local residents were diagnosed with xeroderma pigmentosa - a disease in which a person's skin becomes thinner in the sun, damaged, forming malignant formations. Experts say that the prohibitively high incidence rate is due to the fact that when Araras was colonized, there was a defective gene in the genome of the first families, which caused this disease.

But this became apparent only when these families became related and began to marry each other. Worst of all, Araras is a peasant community, and many residents are simply unable to continue farming as blisters, tumors and sores develop on their skin when exposed to sunlight.

Kalachi and Krasnogorsk

Kazakh villages where people lose consciousness.

In March 2013, almost a quarter of the residents of two Kazakh villages (Kalachi and Krasnogorsk) began to fall asleep right on the street. In these small villages on the outskirts of the Kazakh steppe, residents fell into unconsciousness for up to several days. It could happen at any time and out of the blue - often right in the middle of the street or at work.

People woke up with headaches, memory loss, fatigue and general weakness - in fact, all the symptoms of a hangover. This phenomenon has affected everyone - from children and the elderly to cats to dogs. Some children claimed that they had nightmares at this time in the form of winged horses and snakes.

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