Admire: the mother saw Litvinova's tenderness with Ernst's sexy wife

Once Renata made her directorial debut with the documentary "No death for me". In it, the stars of Soviet cinema - Nonna Mordyukova, Tatyana Samoilova, Vera Vasilyeva, Tatyana Okunevskaya, Lydia Smirnova - gave Litvinova confessional interviews about her career and personal life. Some of the stories the Goddess heard then, obviously, inspired her to play and play "The Star of Your Period".

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It's only from the outside that acting is always a holiday, young gentlemen, letters from fans. Alas, on the other side of the ramp and the frame, sometimes everything does not look rosy at all. Especially when you are over 50. New roles are not offered, because everyone wants to see young people. There are no past crowds of admirers either - other idols have appeared. Yes, and personal life turned into collapse - without a husband, without children, without a future. The body is rapidly aging, although it seems to you that everything is the same young doe. And the soul still wants love. And therefore, young gigolos and gigolos often appear nearby.

Actually, Renata Litvinova tells about this terrible acting fate for two and a half hours in "The Star of Your Period". In the fate of her heroine Margarita Lescaut, one can discern the dramas of many of those whose names were on everyone's lips before, who were at the peak of fame, and now, if they are remembered, it is only journalists scouring in search of scandals, "the simple blogging behind the scenes" or voice directors advertising.

The name of the heroine, by the way, is significant. First, there is a clear reference to the devoured fatal passion of Manon Lescaut from the novel by Abbot Prevost. Secondly, Margarita is Renata's favorite name. That was her grandmother's name. Litvinova already had Margarita Gauthier in the film "Rita's Last Tale" and Margarita "North Wind".

Sophia Ernst, who is currently in the box office, appears in The Star of Your Period, where she appears either in the form of a pre-war cut or in a seductive silk combination. The scene of the tenderness of her luxurious heroine - the servant-guard - with the mistress turned out to be very erotic. I wonder how Sophia's husband, the head of Channel One, Konstantin Ernst, who was in the hall, assessed her.

In general, in this performance, combining different genres, Renata managed to please both those who want to look behind the scenes of the artistic world, find themselves at the film studio, and those who love to spy through the keyholes with the help of journalists and bloggers , and those who simply adore Litvinova as a distinctive phenomenon on stage and in cinema. Beautiful even if she is just silent, smiling and gesturing.

In this performance, she constantly changes luxurious dresses, amazes with fancy hairstyles, dark glasses, veils and long mouthpieces. Familiarly breaks her hands and even laughs at how she is parodied. You admire her every minute! She cinematically builds the action, saturating the stage space with coffins, stairs, spotlights, second tiers, tables with vintage dishes. And, of course, with real champagne, without which Renata and her Margarita are inconceivable.

The young lover of her heroine is played by 25-year-old Pavel Tabakov. Last year he was transferred to the main troupe of the Moscow Art Theater, which was previously directed by his father. Oleg Tabakov, as you know, graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School in 1953. And three years later, Raisa Maksimova graduated from there. And the current episodic appearance of the 91-year-old actress in a wheelchair on stage is a symbolic and wise director's decision. She plays an old actress - the main character's mother - who still hasn't lost her talent and still makes a splash. But Litvinova's performance is about such stars that must not be forgotten.

And Renata's real mother - Alisa Mikhailovna Litvinova - was sitting in a box on the day of the last run-through of the performance before the premiere. For her, February 23 has become a double holiday - firstly, her own birthday, and secondly, the release of a performance from a talented daughter. Which has long become the Star of our period itself - unique in every gesture and phrase. And so unearthly.

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