About violence among children

The daughter of my wife, was a rather harmful child and often loved to lie. Show off in front of classmates. But I think almost all children probably behave this way.

She was also the smallest in size in the class. And I often asked if she was bullied at school. She trusted me and told me a lot. Grade up to the fifth was not offended. Plus, she also became stronger physically, I gave her to acrobatics in the third grade. I stopped hurting.

But she didn't know how to fight. Yes, seeing that her relationship with her classmates seems to be more or less normal and did not teach her this on purpose.

But in the fifth grade, she complained to me that they had one boy in their class - a bully, who beat her several times, choked her a couple of times in front of everyone.

As soon as I found out, I came to school with her. And now the children are standing in front of the office. My daughter quietly shows me this boy. I go up to him, and in front of my classmates I greet him, shake his hand and say that I want to talk to him. We are literally two steps away from everyone and I put him on the windowsill, so that our faces are on the same level. And it seems to be quiet, but so that everyone can hear, I ask how he would call the boy beating girls. And is it a man? He blushes and says what he would call a coward. And yes - it's not manly.

The daughter stands silently beside her. Why do you just offend the girl? The boy begins to make excuses that he had a reason, she invented something about herself, lied.

I tell him that this means that if she makes it up, then she has a fantasy. But there is no harm from this to anyone? The boy admits even more blushing that he is not. Well, you hurt her, hurt her.

But I believe that you are a man and understood everything. And you will no longer offend girls just like that, if only they themselves do not climb. The boy agrees that yes, it won't be anymore. I shake his hand again and take him off the windowsill. I speak to my daughter in front of him, and please try to fantasize, not lie. She also agrees. And they go to their classmates. I pretend to go away talking on the phone. Sideways I watch and listen to what my classmates say. I'm worried not to be told that the daughter is a sneak. But no girls laughed a little from the handsome boy, my daughter talked to him herself, I advised her so and that's it. I'm leaving.

At home, then, just in case, I taught my daughter a couple of direct punches and techniques, as when they beat the hand to twist. They worked them out on me. )))

But it didn't come in handy. For all the time of her studies, the daughter never seemed to have a fight with anyone. So it seems like it turned out to stop the violence.

When I shook the boy's hand, I kind of showed that I treat him as an equal, as a man. And when he sat down on the windowsill, he seemed to demonstrate a little strength. And the faces to be on the same level, sort of like an adult conversation. I didn't insult or humiliate the boy either, and helped my daughter.

It's a pity that my dad was drinking and didn't live with us. At school, my mother did not worry.

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