12 examples of which tops are best for ankle boots

It started in 2001. It's a lovely Sunday morning, I just finished my bench press workout. Felt lousy like always when the bench was not working.

I was already sick of it. Got enough that the bench press does not grow. It's enough that I can't get stronger.

What went wrong? Doing a bad program? Still not learning how to bench press correctly? Haven't tried any "magic" help?

I didn't need any new training "secrets". I knew enough to know what the matter was. I should only listen to myself and my experience.

I had to muster the courage to admit to myself that I was just weak.

Weak in everything. Weak everywhere. All parts of the body had to be made stronger. Training to eliminate weaknesses is only good in theory when you assume that you have “strengths” as well. Forgive me, but how can you, having any weak points, consider yourself "strong"?

So I decided to make everything stronger. Quads, hamstrings, abs, back, delts, triceps - everything you can remember.

As for the shoulder girdle, I decided that until I press 225 kg cleanly 8 times, I remain weak. I knew there was a lot to do to achieve this goal.

Now every Sunday morning, after finishing the bench press, I did five sets of 10 repetitions of the regular bench press. I have not used exercise equipment. I did not sit down on a bench or seat with a back. I pressed the bar while standing.

I had to start with 40 kg. A shame. At that time, I was pressing more than 185 kg while lying.

Ankle boots are an intermediate form of footwear between shoes and boots. The shoe industry offers a wide selection of models of these shoes, differing in styles, materials of manufacture, decor. With them, you can compose the most attractive images. The main thing is to correctly combine outerwear and shoe models. Consider what recommendations are given women stylists to combine ankle boots with a top.

Thick Heel Ankle Boots

This shoe is very comfortable and practical. The thick heel is comfortable to walk and is very stable. The model goes well with cotton and knitted dresses, wide and narrow skirts. For those who like to play in contrast, stylists suggest combining such ankle boots with cropped light dresses, lace skirts and pleated chiffon skirts.

Coats, trench coats, jackets, cardigans are excellent friends with them.

Tractor-soled ankle boots

Ribbed thick sole has firmly entered modern life. Ankle boots also did not stand aside and were placed on such a sole.

It turned out that these comfortable shoes have found their admirers, especially among the youth. Voluminous oversized clothing models are perfectly combined with them. Stylish looks are created with voluminous sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts for men. Leather jackets and jeans are in harmony with such rough shoes in the best way.

Lace Up Booties

Lacing always adorns shoes, and lace-up ankle boots look especially attractive. Leather and suede models with and without heels create successful tandems with coats, trench coats, raincoats, cardigans in light shades: beige, milk, sky blue. Black and chocolate-colored lace-up ankle boots with chiffon blouses, jumpers and sweaters in plum and burgundy look good.

Stiletto Heels

Elegant stiletto heels complement the image of fashionistas who have chosen shirts, turtlenecks, blouses, dresses of various styles as the top. And perforated lightweight models look romantic with light blouses and pleated skirts. Vests, cardigans, bombers, blazers look sophisticated and elegant with such ankle boots.

Stylish ideas with what to wear ankle boots

Before proceeding with the choice of ankle boots model, you need to decide on the style that you want to create. It is important to think about what things in your wardrobe they will be combined with.

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