What to play with a baby

From the first to the third month

It's time to get used to the world around us. Everything is new for the baby. Intense light, sounds, smells, movement, many objects and sensations. Unsurprisingly, a newborn loves to spend time snuggling up to his mother. He slept in her arms, sucked her breasts and listened to the familiar heartbeat: this is how I feel safe. However, after a few weeks, he begins to notice more, and he needs new sensations. The kid loves gentle touches, gentle sounds of a music box and swaying. He watches with interest the mobile hanging above the bed and the faces of his parents bending over it, responds with a smile to their smile.

In the third month, the baby is more and more closely watching the environment, loves to lie on the bed and watch what mom or dad are doing. Lying on his stomach, he raises his head and looks around, begins to be interested in toys, but most of all he loves to play with his hands, watches them, puts his fingers in his mouth, tries to suck them. When he hears noise, he turns his head curiously, trying to see the source of the sound.

My daughter loves when I stroke her arms, legs, stroke her feet. She also likes it when we both look at each other in the mirror while lying on our stomach in front of him.

I put the baby on a pillow in my lap (so that his legs are on my stomach), swing him and sing, show him different toys so that he can follow them with his eyes.

My daughter loves it when I take her by the forearms and lift her over her head, turn her to the sides, do "attention" and recite a rhyme. It was during this game that she started laughing out loud.

Months 4-6

The baby explores the world with all his senses, looks around with curiosity and sees more and more. His attention is drawn to colorful and shiny objects, even completely small ones, such as a ring on a dad's finger or a bead on a mother's neck. He is enthusiastic about everything. And no matter what he touches, he puts it in his mouth, licks it, tries to suck. I also like listening to music when mom or dad picks him up and "dances" with him. The child is getting better at controlling his body.

In the fourth month, lying on his stomach, he raises his head firmly and high, can take a toy and hold it in his hands, turn it and feel it from all sides. After a month, laid on his stomach, he rests on his forearms, and when he learns to raise not only his head, but the entire chest, leaning on his hands, he will quickly begin to turn from the abdomen to his back. At this point, his greatest discovery is that while lying on his back, he can lift his legs high and play with them, and even stick his feet in his mouth and taste what a big toe tastes like.

By the age of six months, most babies can easily roll from belly to back and vice versa. The kid also begins to pick up objects that are within the reach of his hands, can hold two toys at the same time, one in each handle.

I lie down on the floor, bend my legs and put my son on them (position on the stomach). I hold it and say hello hello. He really likes it. (Elena)

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