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The end of winter is a good time for fishing. At this time, almost all types of fish are activated, the predator is especially active, since very soon it will need to migrate to the places of spawn and until that moment it needs to gain strength. Therefore, fishermen especially love this period of time.

Today in our article we will talk in detail about the species that are caught at this time of the year, as well as about the methods of catching this fish.

Fishing for roach at the end of winter

At the end of winter, the same winter tackle is used to catch roach, someone catches with a standard winter fishing rod with a nod, and someone prefers to fish with a winter fishing rod equipped with a float. It's a matter of taste for the fishermen themselves.

The nozzles already familiar for winter are used, these are bloodworms and maggots.

Mormyshki often use the simplest: drops, pellets, but they also use soapless ones: devil, uralka, ant, carnation, cobra.

At this time, and just like at any other time, it is important to find a place to fish. And the roach at this time can be both still at a depth, and already go to medium and shallow depths, here a lot will depend on the air temperature.

If the snow is already actively melting, then the roach will most likely already be at medium and shallow depths, near the places where the melt water flows under the ice. Also at this time it can be in a snag or near the reeds, where the ice around the stems melts faster and melt water gets under the ice.

You can fish for roach at the end of winter all day long. The weather will have less influence on the bite, only a sharp cold snap can spoil the bite.

Perch fishing at the end of winter

Perch was active throughout the winter and now, at the end of winter, its activity is only increasing. It can be caught both at shallow depths and at large and medium ones. Large individuals will generally adhere to great depths, but during periods of strong thaws, it can go aground to snags.

If you are going to fish for large perch at this time, it is better to use spinners and balancers, about 3 centimeters in size.

About fishing at the end of winter

Pike fishing is an extremely exciting activity that requires careful preparation. To fish for such a predator, it is necessary to prepare not only fishing equipment, but also to have a large store of knowledge, and it will be even better if they have been fixed in practice for years.

The pike is a typical representative of the freshwater bodies of Russia. It feeds on aquatic invertebrates and fish juveniles, but if the individual is especially large, for example 9 kilograms, then a duck that has strayed from a duck or even a bird that has sat down on the water may well become its delicacy. Therefore, standard baits like small live baits will not work here, but more on that later.

For catching pike of ordinary or medium size with bait, everything is pretty clear, these are fry or aquatic invertebrates, but this knowledge alone will not be enough to catch trophy fish.

Some fish of this species can be more than one meter in length, so do not think that the knowledge of catching pike of medium or small sizes will be enough.

The majority of anglers prefer 9-12 centimeters jig lure to catch large pike, but this is certainly not quite the right approach if you want to catch an individual weighing 5 kilograms or more.

There are only 2 options here: either you catch a medium-sized predator using 10 cm lures, or a large pike, for example, with a 20 cm trout bait.

The fact is that pike is from 5 kg. feeds on larger fish and therefore, even with the right place, you can miss prey due to the wrong approach to the choice of bait.

It is extremely important to consider the support of the bait, here are some examples for you: 1. Lure Deps Balisong Minnow 130 SF Longbill, weighing 26 grams and measuring 13 centimeters. 2. Imitation trout, weighing 98 grams and measuring 20 centimeters. Weakly sinking. Catch evenly. 3. Weakly sinking bait imitating roach, 25 cm in size and 200 g in weight. Use uniform wiring.

It is imperative to understand that such a large predator first of all requires strong tackle, or rather: 1. The rod and reel must be selected so that they can withstand heavy bait and, of course, the trophy pike itself. 3. Cord with good tear resistance. 4. Landing net (don't forget this important item). 5. Several types of bait (it is desirable to have a stock).

Big rivers, large lakes and reservoirs, flooded floodplain lakes, Volga channels (in snags, where white forage fish live).

In order to get to the very best places, you will most likely have to use a boat or boat, so don't expect it to be that easy.

Most of the trophy pike is located at a depth of 2-2. meters in snags, where white fodder fish lives.

The best time to fish for pike is on a cloudy or cool day in the evening. Although sometimes you can "run into" a good bite even during the day.

The end of winter is a good time for fishing. At this time, almost all types of fish are activated, the predator is especially active, since very soon it will need to migrate to the places of spawn and until that moment it needs to gain strength. Therefore, fishermen especially love this period of time. Today in our article we will talk in detail about the species that are caught at this time of the year, as well as about the methods of catching this

As the thickness of the ice armor grows, so do the challenges that anglers are experiencing. A good old ice pick or a compact hatchet, which more than once helped him out on the first ice, are suitable only to cut frozen tackle out of the ice or look for gullies on the river stream, while preparing holes they are of little use. It is for this reason that the desire to buy an ice screw becomes something logical and self-evident. Even inexpensive ice screws for fishing will allow you to easily prepare holes for future fishing, with a minimum of effort, not to mention more productive devices from well-known world brands. All that remains for the angler is to analyze the fishing conditions and decide which ice screw to choose for winter fishing.

Choosing an ice screw for fishing Features to watch out for?

The principle of operation of all anglers without exception is the same. It is based on a cutting head with knives fixed on it, a direct continuation of which is a spiral-shaped metal auger. It is he who throws the ice crumbs onto the surface that are formed when drilling a hole. In order to decide which ice screw to choose, you need to know the criteria that must be considered when choosing devices of this class:

· Diameter of the cutting edge and auger. The larger the diameter of a particular device, the larger the diameter of the holes. The flip side of the coin is the increasing difficulty of drilling a hole. Which ice drill is better to choose, depending on this parameter, is up to the fisherman to decide: if his goal is jig fishing for perch and roach, then a drill with a diameter of 100-110 millimeters is quite enough. Fishing for pike and pike perch requires a device with an auger diameter of 130-140 millimeters, well, we advise the breamers to buy an ice auger, the diameter of which will be at least 150 millimeters;

· Auger height. A parameter that directly affects the ease of use in the wilderness, when the thickness of the ice armor can approach the half-meter mark. The higher the auger, the easier it is to drill thick ice. The disadvantage is the increased weight of the device, but in some situations this cannot be done without it;

· The material from which the device is made. It is this parameter that has the most direct impact on the prices for an ice screw. Stainless steel ice screws are considered budget devices. They are robust, mobile and easy-to-use devices that allow you to work in any conditions. Sports anglers, for whom every gram of ammunition counts, prefer to use a light titanium ice screw: the strength of such models is much higher than that of their steel counterparts, and the weight is strikingly less;

· Cutting edge design. Each ice screw that you can buy in our online store will belong to one of two main classes. The first one is well known to anglers and suggests the possibility of a quick change of knives right on the pond. The edge of such devices is a continuation of the auger, and the knives are attached to it with screws. The second type of construction is used in Scandinavian models. The knives of these models are not removable and are fixed on a stationary "head". It is she who is removed for sharpening knives or replacing them if they are damaged;

· The height of the ice screw. When choosing an ice screw, you should take into account this parameter, which has the most direct impact on the ease of use. Ideally, the handle of the ice screw should be at chest level, and the arms that rotate the bottom of it should be at right angles to the body. For people of non-standard height, models with a telescopic handle that can be adjusted in height are on sale. Such devices are much more mobile and handy in operation, the disadvantage is the presence of an additional connection, which in any case reduces the rigidity of the structure;

How to set the ice screw in motion?

Yes, many anglers also ask this question! The thing is that, in addition to traditional devices that need to be rotated by hand, you can find a great variety of motorized ice augers on sale, which are popular mainly where you need to drill a large number of holes in thick ice. Depending on the type of drive, all mechanical ice augers are divided into two conventional types:

· Motorized augers - devices, the main element of which is an internal combustion engine. It is fixed on a frame with two handles for easy holding, a screw and a cutting edge are attached to the motor shaft. Such devices are characterized by the highest possible efficiency, however, they are quite noisy in operation and require the use of fuels and lubricants;

· Ice augers driven by screwdrivers are compact and mobile devices that provide convenient operation in any conditions. Their shaft diameter is such as to ensure the possibility of fixation in the screwdriver chuck. Given that the latter can certainly be found in every household, the choice of such a model becomes logical and justified. All the angler needs is to take two batteries with him, because in the cold the "battery" is almost always discharged very quickly. As for the question of which screwdriver to choose for an ice screw, here you need to pay attention to the voltage of the device - models with 14 volts are preferred, as well as the torque - the higher it is, the easier it will be to drill ice of different consistency and degree of hardness. Experienced anglers claim that a device with a torque of 30-35 Nm is sufficient for this purpose;

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They are ruled by the warlike planet Mars, which means that people born under this sign do not tolerate compromises and are determined. For them, nature has prepared the same bold and bright talismans: for example, red, green, blue and golden colors. On the list of minerals suitable for Aries are diamond, ruby, garnet, emerald, sapphire, beryl and red jasper. The decoration for this sign should be noticeable, with an original design: it reflects the character, therefore, it is worn not for the occasion, but for the mood. The product should broadcast to the world about its exclusivity and value. The setting is preferable from gold, stones are rich in color.

What to choose: watches with a red strap or a green dial, gold earrings with garnet threads, intricate pendants with a scattering of stones and key rings with a gem.


His element is Earth. This means that pragmatism will prevent spontaneous purchases. Taurus will prefer high-quality and expensive jewelry to jewelry (they do not tolerate trinkets), even if they have to save several months to buy. But they will wear jewelry all their lives without regard to fashion. Taurus have an innate sense of taste, many of them are endowed with creativity and know how to appreciate beauty. But the decoration should be universal - no engravings or fancy accessories. Taurus see sophistication in simplicity. Colored minerals of heterogeneous structure are chosen among stones. The stars are recommended to them to have products made of turquoise, sapphire, opal, jade, topaz, agate. Their colors are blue, green and yellow.

What to choose: a bracelet (a must-have accessory for any representative of the Earth sign, it will give strength), a headset with turquoise or topaz, an expensive watch with a metal bracelet, for men - gold cufflinks and tie clips.


The gene of talent and acting is in their nature, they love to decorate themselves and delight with purchases. But accessories should surprise Gemini with great originality. In addition, the representatives of this sign follow fashion. Therefore, they wear only what is relevant and exclusive. The girls will find stylish jewelry and unusual jewelry in the box. Many gems are suitable for Gemini. It is preferable to choose stones of summer shades: light yellow, blue, purple. It is believed that Gemini needs to have at least one alexandrite jewelry, as it helps to maintain health. They will also receive favorable energy from agate, pearls, aventurine, obsidian, malachite, sardonyx. But it is better not to choose onyx and jade as an amulet.

What to choose: a variety of silver and gold rings decorated with small matte stones, earrings with pendant topaz, ametrine pendant.


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