What is a bird - the meaning of the word bird

Birds as an ancient symbol

Large birds as an ancient symbol are often identified with solar deities, gods of thunder and wind, and their tongues are regarded as lightning.

Birds are part of the symbolism of the tree: the power of the deity descends into the tree or its symbol - the trunk.

Two birds on a tree (sometimes one of them is dark and the other is light) personify dualism, darkness and light, manifested and unmanifest, two hemispheres.

Birds often appear on the branches of the Tree of Life with a snake at its base; this combination symbolizes the union of air and fire.

The bird and the snake in the conflict represent the solar and chthonic forces at war.

Legendary birds as an ancient symbol often personify the heavenly regions and forces opposing the chthonic serpent.

Birds often accompany the hero in his exploits or defeat the dragon, secretly giving him advice ("the little bird told me"), and the hero understands the language of birds.

This ability involves communication with Heaven or the help of heavenly forces such as angels. The bird on the pillar is the union of spirit and matter, or a symbol of the sun god. Flocks of birds are magical or supernatural powers associated with gods and heroes.

In Christianity, birds are winged souls, everything spiritual, souls in Paradise. The Christ Child is often depicted holding a bird in his hands. On the World Tree or Tree of Life, the place of birds is at its top.

In each specific tradition, the most regal bird usually acts as a bird of the World Tree - most often an eagle, sometimes referred to as a thunderbird, less often a generalized image of a large ("main") bird, in some cases with fantastic features.

The bird as an ancient symbol on the World Tree denotes the top and in this sense is opposed to the animal classifiers of the bottom - chthonic animals, primarily the snake.

What is a bird - the meaning of the word bird

Master class for beginners

Tools and Materials

To design a stylish topiary, first of all, you need coffee beans. If possible, try to purchase the highest quality coffee, preference should be given to products in which the beans are evenly roasted and have the same size

It is very important that they dry carefully. Before starting work, you need to sort the grains, of course, this activity is optional, but if you want to get a truly beautiful topiary, then it is advisable to do this

First, you should remove any damaged seeds, and the rest should be divided into 4 groups. The first will include the most beautiful beans of the same size, they will be located at the top of your future coffee tree. The second group includes rounded grains - they are usually used to decorate pots. The third includes whole grains, but not beautiful enough, they go to decorate the lower part of the crown. The fourth group includes the smallest grains - they are used to finish the gaps between the rest of the grains.

You will need the following.

  • The base, usually a ball or heart - you can buy it in the store ready-made or make it yourself from paper or foam. Threads - will be required in almost all options for creating topiary.
  • Varnishes and paints - needed for application to the base.
  • A wire / pipe / skewer or a tree branch is necessary for your topiary to have a trunk.
  • Glue - preferably a hot glue gun.
  • Gypsum / Alabaster - Prepare these with a stirring pot.
  • Sharp scissors.
  • Planter. These options are very different, ranging from flowerpots and pots, ending with ordinary jars or unnecessary mugs.
  • Scotch tape - double-sided is required to create topiary.
  • Additional decor - the finished craft is decorated with bows, flowers and beads. Cinnamon sticks are also used, as well as cloves and dried fruit slices.

How to do it?

On the Internet, you can find many master classes on how to create a coffee topiary with your own hands. We invite you to get acquainted with the step-by-step instructions, which include several popular techniques at once and, at the same time, are characterized by exceptional ease of implementation.

Step one - working with the blank. To create a round topiary, you must take a base prepared in advance in the shape of a ball or heart. The workpiece is pasted over with paper and wrapped with knitting thread, preferably in dark shades.

Cut out figures of equal shape from cardboard and place a tube between them, it will act as a trunk. Both blanks are glued to each other, then pieces of cotton wool or discs are attached to the base obtained in this way, giving the desired volume. After you prepare the base and paint it, you can begin to paste over it with coffee beans, it is advisable to do this not in one, but in two rows - while the first layer is laid with a flat surface inward, and the second layer is vice versa.

Step two - make out the trunk. The wire or stick that you plan to use as the barrel is neatly covered with strips of tissue paper. If not, you can use satin ribbons or jute thread, and then fasten to the crown. When working with wire, you can bend it slightly.

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