We make beds, plan plantings, arrange plants

Country Design: Ideas and Tips for Home and Cottage

Vegetable Garden Planning - Secrets of a Successful Harvest

Garden design - photo with vegetable plantings

I am glad to offer you, dear readers, the best ideas for giving. Well, today we will talk about planning a vegetable garden for planting vegetables - this is a very important stage on which the future harvest depends.

In this article, we will consider tips and examples of how to set up vegetable beds, what standards exist, and get acquainted with the best practices of gardeners - practitioners.

An example of a complex vegetable garden layout

Growing a good harvest in your garden is the cherished dream of every vegetable grower. Indeed, in order to correctly calculate the number of crops planted in the country, to plan and place everything correctly, certain knowledge is required, as well as experience that is gained over the years.

An example of the layout of a vegetable garden and beds for planting vegetables

In addition, the beds, which are made with high quality, in the creation of which the summer resident used not only an innovative approach, but also an aesthetic one, will not be inferior in beauty to the most elegant flower beds. If you want to have just such a vegetable garden, then this article is for you.

Raised vegetable beds in the country

What vegetable beds should look like

When you plan vegetable beds, you must remember the first rule - they must be dry and even, moreover, it is important that they are not shaded by trees and buildings. Evening, western shading is allowed, consider a picture with an example.

An example of planning a vegetable garden at a summer cottage

We make beds, plan plantings, arrange plants

This unique and extraordinary woman is only spoken about with aspiration. She rightfully deserved such an attitude towards herself. The master of sports, who has brought up more than one generation of star skaters, rarely invites strangers into the house, but for us she made an exception. Today we will break the privacy of Tatiana Tarasova and visit guests in a cozy country house in the suburbs. Join us, we will tell you a lot of interesting things that have not been published anywhere else.

Where is Tatiana Tarasova's house

The Honored Master of Sports chose the urban-type settlement Zagoryansky to live in. It is located in the Moscow region, not far from the Moscow Ring Road. A cozy two-storey house is surrounded by a luxurious orchard, flowers and greenhouses. This is a real brainchild of the coach, she is proud of him no less than her eminent figure skaters.

Tatyana Tarasova planted practically everything on the site with her own hands

Layout of a country house

A spacious living room is located on the ground floor of a two-story building. In it, Tatiana exhibited her personal collection of porcelain plates. For especially expensive or important items, special display cabinets were made to order. The living room includes a dining area and a library. The second floor is occupied by bedrooms, as well as the personal office of the eminent coach.

Almost all wall decoration is made in light colors, which are in perfect harmony with brick surfaces painted in a dark color. One of Tatyana Anatolyevna's favorite places is a balcony with a comfortable rattan rocking chair.

The walls of Tatyana Anatolyevna's house are decorated with paintings and memorable photographs. Interestingly, some of them are hung on the street.

Famous porcelain collection

Dark furniture looks great against light walls

Unique terrace of Tatiana Tarasova's house

The project of the house provides for several exits to the street. Near each of them there is a cozy veranda where you can sit and relax with a cup of coffee and leisurely conversation.

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