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Subsequently, he stated in his testimony: "I then assumed that Conger shot him, and asked:" Why did you shoot him? " He replied, "I didn't shoot him." Then the thought occurred to me that if he did shoot, it would be better not to know about it. " Stanton, when he was told the official version that Corbett violated the order and shot Booth, exclaimed: “The rebel is dead - the patriot is alive. He saved us from continued excitement, delays and costs. The Patriot should be freed! " Later, a rumor was started that the shed, in addition to the main door, had a spare one, through which the criminal might have escaped. He could run either before the soldiers arrived, or even after their arrival, if they did not notice this side exit. Booth, or the person believed to be Booth, lived for some time after the shot and was fully conscious. However, none of those present thought to ask him a begging question - did he shoot himself. They found a small red diary at Booth. Lt. Col. Conger's pages were opened by chance, full of boastful narcissism, the repetition of the names of Brutus, William Tell, or paraphrased lines from Booth's roles.

Looking ahead, I must say that initially the authorities generally kept silent about the diary, it was not said about it at the trial of the conspirators. Only two years later, the retired Baker published The History of the United States Secret Service, in which he announced the existence of the diary. The legal commission investigating the circumstances of Lincoln's murder asked Baker under oath to repeat his statement about the diary. Baker not only did this, but added that since then some pages have been torn from the notebook. Army Attorney General Holt hurried to announce under oath that the document had been preserved intact. But Holt could not know what the diary originally looked like, since he received it from the hands of his superiors at the War Office. Holt later, in an attempt to deflect suspicion from Stanton, argued that the pages may have been torn out by Booth himself, who feared giving the authorities some information about his accomplices. Stanton supported the version that the notebook came to him with the pages torn out.

Baker, however, argued the opposite, but he was already in a quarrel with the War Department and in general, to put it mildly, was by no means an example of a person who reported only and only one truth. Rather, he had to tell her - the truth - only from time to time. Was this such a case? They turned to the testimony of Colonel Konger - he could not remember anything definite: "it seems" the diary was with torn pages. Upon subsequent interrogation, Baker revealed (and this was confirmed by Conger) that Stanton had accepted the diary without questioning. It is hard to believe, knowing Stanton's character, that he would have done this in case the diary had already been torn out. Baker's subsequent testimony that, a few days after Booth's capture, he allegedly found one of the missing pages, torn to shreds (it was a letter to a certain Doctor Steward asking for asylum), further confused the picture. The riddle of the torn pages was never solved.

Booth's body was taken to a warship. In Washington, the body was shown to several people who knew Booth. Among them was Dr. DF May, who had performed surgery on Booth two years earlier to remove a tumor in his neck. The trail from the operation served as additional evidence, it was Booth's corpse. Subsequently, the protocol on the identification of the body was repeatedly subjected to critical analysis. In it, they found individual contradictions, dubious passages, such as May's remark that the corpse had changed a lot and that the right leg was damaged (whereas Booth broke his left leg on April 14). For some reason, they did not bring Booth's older brother Edwin, who had been imprisoned for some reason. It is clear that those who sympathized with the South, and just fans of sensations, immediately started a rumor that the one killed at Garrett's farm was not Booth, that the substitution was made in order to receive the promised reward and get the government out of an embarrassing situation, since it could not organize a successful search for the killer.

Much later, suspicions were expressed that, perhaps, some influential people deliberately let Booth escape from persecution.

In 1869, President Johnson allowed the criminal's family to reburial the body in the cemetery. This ceremony was considered by many as a staging, especially since at the new burial Edwin Booth did not look at the corpse and, therefore, could not "identify" it. True, this was done by the rest of the funeral participants, including Booth's other brother, Joseph. But even if they were convinced that they were burying the body of a stranger and that, therefore, their brother was alive, they probably would have kept silent about it.

There was no shortage of impostors. The most famous of them - David George - an alcoholic and drug addict, who committed suicide in January 1903. A lawyer from the city of Memphis, Finis Bates, claimed that he knew the deceased in 1870 under the name Saint Helen and that he was dangerously ill and considered his a fatal disease, asked to notify his brother, Edwin Booth, in New York about his death. In the 1920s, the story of Booth's niece surfaced, who allegedly saw him after 1865.On March 31, 1922, two former cavalrymen who participated in the pursuit of Booth testified under oath that the wounded man they had pulled out of the barn was dressed in the uniform of a southern soldier. army and that they were sworn to keep it in deep secrecy. In 1937, the writer Isola Laura Forrester, who declared herself Booth's great-granddaughter, published "family memoirs" of her "ancestor." She claimed that General James O'Byrne, another witness to the arrest of the president's killer, had made it clear to her 30 years ago that the actor had escaped from a barn on Garrett's farm. All these statements are not supported by any evidence.

There is a lot of incomprehensible in the history of the Lincoln assassination: the strange negligence of the authorities, obstacles to the capture of the killer, fabrication of witness confessions, the release of notorious conspiracy participants, and much more. But all these facts as a whole and almost each of them individually admit different interpretations. Stanton performed many mysterious actions, especially in the first days after the murder, although one should not forget that, according to the testimony of many contemporaries, he acted in feverish excitement, every minute he expected that after the assassination attempt on Lincoln and the Steward, his turn would come. Many "suspicious" actions can be explained by the vicissitudes of the political struggle after Lincoln's death, and not at all by fears that some secrets of the conspiracy will be revealed. The fact that the War Department, with the help of false witnesses, fabricated testimony about the participation of Jefferson Davis and other leaders of the South did not mean that they were not aware of the conspiracy - it was just that Stanton did not have genuine evidence in his hands. Finally, much has to do with the rivalry between Baker and others involved in the pursuit of the conspirators, the pursuit of a reward.

DIY small toy


February 21, 2021 - Responsibilities: Submission of all financial statements on a quarterly basis, work with primary documentation. Requirements: -Responsibility, diligence - Knowledge of PC, ability to work in word programs, excel as well as knowledge of 1C 8. Conditions: Work schedule - five days.

At work, an ordinary person who is neither a relative of Rockefeller, nor himself, spends most of his life. And even if this work does not require a constant presence in the office, sooner or later a critical point comes when fatigue rolls over, hands give up and the question arises very sharply: what, in fact, is the meaning of my activity and what does it bring personally for me? <

This is exactly the case when the hackneyed phrase "Happiness is not in money" takes on quite real outlines. And let the one with whom this has never happened, the first to throw a stone at me.

So what do you do now? Drop everything and start over? Or still find some other, less radical solution? In my opinion, this is quite possible, if only you slightly change your approach to this issue.

I am not my job

So, let's say you write an article (or do some other work) and offer it to a customer. You worked day and night and day. And during the breaks, you pondered the essence of the problem, rummaged through the Internet and even (just imagine!) In print media. And now the deadline has come. The button was pressed, the letter was sent.

But there is no answer. No day and no three. You write to the customer. Finally, you get a short reply: "Your job is not suitable." What are you doing? Most likely, the first thought that comes to your mind is: "I am a bad specialist."

This is not it! You may not be perfect. But that's not the point. The client has hundreds of other reasons to refuse you: the wrong style of presentation, the wrong concept, or the task has completely lost its relevance. Not everyone is willing to spend their time trying to explain all this to you.

What to do?

Who shot Bout against a direct order from the War Department to capture the criminal alive? Sergeant Corbett stated that he did it. After 22 years, the farmer's son Robert Garrett will claim to have seen Corbett shoot Booth. But in 1865, Robert Garrett was only 12 years old, and in general ...

Hello everyone! Alfina, a supporter of rational consumption and nature lover with you.

I would like to share a method of extending the life of fur collars and hoods. In front of you in the photo is my Little Eroshka, one of the first. And on her head she has a fur coat from the hood)

It's funny, isn't it ????

If you are Plyushkin at heart and it is difficult for you to throw out shaggy women, then read the post to the end)

Such head of hair keeps on the doll no worse than tress. And the gluing of the fur skin takes only half an hour or an hour.

All you need to do is peel off the skin from the collar or hood, wash it and, if necessary, paint it with regular hair dye. Dry flat. Then, on the back of the skin, outline the pattern of the future wig without seam allowances.

Try on a new hairstyle on the doll and glue the Moment crystal with glue. You can also sew along the edges of the wig with a thread in the color of the fur.

Everyone! It remains only to trim the hairstyle with scissors and dance with happiness) After all, for the hairstyle, the dolls did not bare a single goat, the problem of littering the house was solved and the finances did not suffer ????

And below in the photo is Eroshka with new hair, not yet combed)

If you want to see other Eroshie dolls, visit kroshki_eroshki on Instagram

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