The best Chinese motocross motorcycle 250cc

The roar of the engine and the wind towards! Conquering routes at high speed is interesting and exciting. Whether it is an enticing off-road or a flat road that rushes towards the horizon, towards your dream. What will fill your heart with adrenaline and fire? The most real, masculine hobby. Strength and character, passion and a pleasant taste of risk. Riding one of the finest motocross bikes will never be the same again. How do you choose a reliable two-wheeled friend? Generally speaking, motorcycles can be divided into four main categories. It's not just the bike's top speed and the number of passengers that matter.

Its fuel consumption, weight and stability are equally important. There are many types of iron horses, some are intended for desperate and risky off-road enthusiasts, others for a variety of types of tracks. Taking these criteria into account, each motorbike has its own purpose and price category. We will open the curtain and talk in more detail about the cross iron horses, some of which are presented in the PITBIKER showroom. U. To control a motocross motorcycle, you need to master a specific riding style. After the bikes went into production, they underwent evolutionary changes. The familiar wide handlebars, which were designed to increase the lever of rotation, are now smaller. The front of the seat has been shifted to the fuel tank for ease of driving. The stroke of the pendulum and the fork were increased. To avoid damage from a fall, the tailpipe is positioned higher than usual. They also began to install water cooling systems.

The best motocross bikes in the world are now in the era of lightweight, responsive two-stroke engines. Such results were led by an increase in engine power and a decrease in its weight. Disc brakes have replaced heavy drum brakes. The evolution did not stop, the engines became only single-cylinder. Kickstarter replaced the electric starter. And the battery age has ended altogether. It was possible to improve the performance of the front suspension at modern speeds due to the appearance of an inverted front fork, as well as due to another innovation - a decrease in sprung masses. The progress did not stop there, new glories and materials appeared. With their use, the power of the bikes and their ride quality improved. On the eve of the 2000s, environmental standards have tightened. Four-stroke engines are returning to the market. But thanks to progress, they become reliable and lightweight.

Today, cross serial motorcycles are happy owners of a powerful engine, light frame and long suspension travel, from 300 mm, or even more. By the type of work process, motors are divided into two types. The first is two-stroke (2T). The resource of such motors, as well as their cost, is significantly inferior to 4T. The advantages of 2T motors are their good torque and simplicity. Quadruple motors are more reliable. Their engine power is lower, but there is a nice bonus - it is available already at low revs. These engines do not have a dashboard, mirrors, lighting equipment. They do not have a side stop, and most often, an electric starter.

The best cubes motocross bike

Power is the most important thing in 250cc bikes. Spreading it across the entire range is a key success factor. Now, the masters of driving have overshadowed the torque and horsepower, and gave preference to driving technique and maintaining high revs.

Ahead of the planet are those bikes that have excellent handling and a wide power range. As well as ergonomics and suspension. To manage such a beast, you need good physical data and experience.

There is an opinion among motorcyclists that the best motocross motorcycle, with an engine capacity of 250 cubic meters, is something inexpensive and affordable. But without fanaticism. Take, for example, the Jawa 250. This is an alternative to the fellow Jawa 350. It is in an affordable price category, in contrast to the top 350, for which there were serious battles in queues at one time. Let's take a closer look at the MOTOLAND model.

The time-tested MOTOLAND XR250. The weight of the model is 120 kilograms. Quite a budget version of a passable bike with good plastic, a powerful fourfold motor and a high riding position. The design and performance of this model is the same as the 1985 Honda XR 250 and its older brother, the Honda CRF.

The motorcycle has wheels 21/18, they make it possible to overcome a variety of obstacles. Will not allow to stall on the rise or in the mud kickstarter, supplemented by an electric starter. Another plus of the bike is its excellent braking system and a high saddle. Well this model suits tall riders. The motorcycle develops a speed of up to 120 km / h and is perfect for both cross-country travel and racing. Today on the Russian market there is a large selection of 250cc bikes from China. Chinese models conquered with a combination of price and quality, as well as modern design. An ordinary passer-by is unlikely to identify a bike rushing past. But the driver of the bike will surely like the Chinese model, which is quite affordable in comparison with the Japanese ones.

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