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The idea to make a wind generator with your own hands arose when a plot was received in a village where there is no electricity.

There was no electricity on the site, and everyone solved this problem in their own way, mainly due to solar panels and gas generators.

As soon as the house was built, the first thing to think about was lighting, and a 120 watt solar panel was purchased. In the summer it worked well, but in the winter its efficiency dropped dramatically and on cloudy days it gave a current of only 0.3-0.5A / h, this did not suit in any way, since it was barely enough even for light, and it was also necessary to power the laptop and other small electronics.

Therefore, it was decided to build a wind generator at home in order to use also wind energy.

At first there was a desire to build a sailing wind turbine. I really liked this type of wind turbine, and after spending some time on the Internet, a lot of materials on these wind generators have accumulated in my head and on the computer. But building a sailing wind generator is a rather costly business, since such small wind generators are not built and the diameter of the propeller for a wind generator of this type should be at least five meters. There was no way to pull a large wind generator, but still I really wanted to try to make a wind generator, at least of small power, to charge the battery. The horizontal propeller wind turbine immediately fell away because they are noisy, there are difficulties with the manufacture of slip rings and protection of the wind generator from strong winds, and it is also difficult to make the correct blades.

I wanted something simple and slow-moving, after watching some videos on the Internet, I really liked the Savonius-type vertical wind generators.

In fact, these are analogs of a cut barrel, the halves of which are moved apart in opposite directions. In search of information, I found a more advanced type of these wind generators - the Ugrinsky rotor.

Ordinary Savonius have a very small KIEV (wind energy utilization factor), it is usually only 10-20%, and the Ugrinsky rotor has a higher KIEV due to the use of wind energy reflected from the blades.

Below are pictorial pictures for understanding the principle of robots of this rotor

Blade coordinates marking scheme

I made a wind generator with my own hands (21 photos)

Products from TV shops for the whole family Preparing for the new summer cottage season # Top-purchase

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Purchase in which all the goods are needed. Here everyone will find something to add to their shopping cart. Lots of products that are difficult to do without!

Flexible glass, greenhouses are bulky and are rented in points in accordance with the terms of the site. Orders with a volume of 0.07 to 0.15 m3 and weighing up to 20 kg can be received at a maxi pickup point or by mail delivery.

Description: Rug made of carpet with heating for drying shoes and heating "Dry Heat" standard 55x33 cm. Beige; Packaging with translation :; Yes; Instruction with translation; : Yes; There are other sizes and colors; Standard size can accommodate three pairs of adult shoes and two pairs of kids' shoes; Double-sided mat Can be used as a heated bed for animals, as a heating pad, for heating rooms, drying shoes and much more .; The mat gently warms up without burning air. Ideal for home use, as well as an office or summer cottage. Resistant to mechanical damage; Does not burn oxygen and does not cause burns when touched; Economical and easy to use; Just spread it out on the floor, plug it in and after a short time it will start to delight you with its soft warmth; You no longer need to dry shoes or clothes, both your own and your child's, on batteries, spoiling them with the wrong drying temperature; The rug is like a shoe dryer. Benefits:; 1. Improves the appearance and dries shoes of high quality .; 2. Universal. Suitable for any shoe size .; 3. Unusual design and easy use .; 4. Dry not only shoes, but also socks, mittens, gloves .; 5. Retains the shape of the shoe and the structure of the materials from which it is made .; 6. Suitable for any type of footwear (winter, spring-autumn, sports and even children's) .; 7. Dries evenly over the entire surface of the shoe .; 8. Does not require moving from toe to heel during drying .; 9. Has an unlimited mode of operation .; 10. Eliminates unpleasant odor .; 11. Reliable and durable .; 12. Quality and reliability guarantees from the manufacturer .; 13. Suitable for warming hands and feet in a cold room .; 14. Moisture-resistant surface allows you to put even completely damp or washed shoes .; 15. Allows you to dry 2-3 pairs of shoes at once. Indispensable in families with many children; It is very economical and allows you to work around the clock. The dryer is powered by 220 V electricity. Power consumption is 30W; Dimensions: 55x33 cm

Description: Bag-mat for toys Toy Bag diameter 100 cm; color; lemon blue; Packaging with translation :; Yes; Instruction with translation; : Yes; A bag mat is a very convenient and quick way to clean up toys .; How many times have we come across that another typewriter, construction set or part of a toy has stuck in your foot ?; How to teach a kid to put toys in one place?; Are you tired of collecting toys, construction set and small parts of games after the children have played enough and went to bed ?; The rug bag can be used at home, on a visit, in nature - wherever you are with your child and where the child wants to play !; The rug-bag is practically weightless and practically does not take up space .; Made of durable lightweight and water-repellent material and will last a long time .; Let the kids play on the rug, and when it's time to clean up, just pull off the edges of the bag and put it in the closet .; There are 2 sizes.

Description: Artistic painting set with easel light blue; Art kit a universal drawing kit in a case for every creative green! In it you will find everything you need for a young artist: easel, colored pencils, markers, crayons, pastels, watercolors and much more .; Such a purchase is a significant saving, because the price of the set is low in comparison with the purchase of all the components separately. Present the greenery with a bright and colorful world, let it show your imagination! ; In the set :; Colored markers for drawing are small; Colored markers for drawing; Colored pencils, slate; Oil crayons; Slate crayons; A set of quality watercolors; Brush; A bottle of glue; Simple pencil + sharpener + eraser

Description: 2 pieces available. The costumes are made in Russia from Russian fabrics and components, safe for your children! Included: a suit made of original military fabric, a garrison cap with a lining is sewn according to original patterns has an original Russian-made Red Army star, not Chinese or sewn from fabric, Russian buttons also completely repeat the Red Army brass color, the set also includes a very comfortable belt with a Red Army star and as a gift a St. George ribbon with a star. Inside the garrison cap and suit there is a stylized stamp with the name of the factory, year of manufacture (1941), sickle and hammer. Beware of Chinese suits that are sewn from thin cheap disposable fabric, with ordinary buttons, with a cheap cap without an imitation of a Red Army star or a star patch! We have achieved a cheap price with quality materials thanks to our own sewing workshop and sometimes our suits are much cheaper than Chinese suits! Victory Day is one of the main holidays of the year. In order for the younger generation to know about the exploits of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, themed theatrical performances are organized for this day in many schools. A military suit for a child will be in demand at the May 9 parade, events by February 23, in military-patriotic performances. A wide range of sizes allows you to purchase a model for children of different ages - from 1 to 14 years old. The design of the suit is as close as possible to the soldier's uniform of the distant 40s, so that the young defenders plunge headlong into the atmosphere of the fighting days. In such an outfit, every child will look courageous, and every parent will feel pride in the growing patriot! A soldier's costume for a child includes breeches, a loose-fitting tunic with a front closure and imitation chest pockets, which will allow a child of any size to look good. The image is completed by a soldier's belt, with the help of which you can adjust the clothes to the figure. It is these details that make the costume recognizable and relevant. Military / soldier's cap with a red star with a lining and a factory stamp inside USSR soldier's cap with a star, the main headdress for the military Inside there is a stylized stamp with the name of the factory, size, year of manufacture (1941), sickle and hammer. An army cap will always be a symbol of victory over Nazi Germany. The cap is worn with a slight forward and right inclination. At the same time, the upper edges of the cap should not open, that is, the cap should not be pulled strongly over the head. Material - dense original military fabric. Size 86-92 back length - 32cm, sleeve length - 31cm, skirt length - 28cm, pants length - 48cm, garrison cap - 54 size Size 98-104 back length - 38cm, sleeve length - 36cm, skirt length - 31cm, pants length - 58 cm, garrison cap - size 54 Size 110-116 back length - 42 cm, sleeve length - 40cm, skirt length - 35cm, pants length - 65cm, garrison cap - size 54 Size 122-128 back length - 49 cm , sleeve length - 42cm, skirt length - 38cm, pants length - 72cm, garrison cap - size 56 Size 134-140 back length - 55 cm, sleeve length - 48 cm, skirt length - 42cm, trousers length - 85cm, garrison cap - 56 size

Description: Urban backpacks are a must-have for every citizen's wardrobe. After all, it is possible not only to conveniently pack all the necessary things in it, but also to travel "lightly", without taking up your hands with weights and all sorts of things. Such models, which, due to their compact size and functional content, are great for studying, attending workouts or just walking and traveling. There are separate pockets for storing small items. The straps of the backpack are adjustable in length. Various colors, its choice depends on the preferences and image of the buyer. Advantage: - Getting the most out of riding a two-wheeled vehicle; - Comfortable transfer of a significant amount of necessary things.

Description: Silicone stretch cookware lids will fit any size of your pots, bowls and containers. These films will help to pack food very quickly and securely and thus keep them fresh for a long time. Film lids are made of silicone, stretching they take any shape and adapt to your storage containers. The lids are transparent, which is very convenient, because you can always see what is in the container. The silicone lids are reusable and can be washed in the dishwasher or under running water. The set includes 6 silicone lids - closures of different sizes: 6,5 cm - glass, jar; 9.5 cm salad bowl; soup plate; salad bowl; 14 cm - medium saucepan; plate; salad bowl; 16.5 cm - saucepan or frying pan; 20 cm - saucepan, frying pan, bowl; Feature: Material: food grade silicone;

Description: Container for cooking pasta in the microwave; Pasta n More (Pasta N More); Packaging with translation :; Yes; Microwave pasta? Easily!; A container for cooking pasta in the microwave; Now you can cook pasta even in the microwave - in this convenient container. It is equipped with special holes through which it is convenient to drain water from ready-made spaghetti. You can prepare a variety of pasta and spaghetti dishes with cheese, gravy and baked goods .; • Helps to cook pasta in the microwave; • Equipped with special holes through which it is convenient to drain water from ready-made spaghetti .; Cooking pasta, spaghetti, pasta, etc. in the microwave - easy, fast and tasty! No unnecessary dishes, pots, colander! The pasta is undigested and delicious .; Packing size: 28 * 23 * 15 cm;

Description: Large size, light weight, convenient dimensions, nice design, what else does a housewife need in the kitchen? The device is perfect for determining the weight of berries, fruits, vegetables, sweets, meat, as well as sugar, flour, buckwheat, rice and other bulk products. Depending on the nature of objects and substances, for the convenience of weighing, the model has the function of choosing a measure of weight in grams or ounces (toggled with the MODE button). Also, the device can memorize the tare weight (absolutely any container of suitable size can be used as a measuring cup). weighing accuracy is 1 gram. Functions: - Low battery indicator - Auto shutdown - Large display - Auto calibration - Selectable display of information on the screen (grams or ounces) - Tatting (this is a standard operation that allows you to get weight without tare) - Automatic zeroing (after weighing no need to turn on / off the balance to reset to 0). Characteristics: - Operating temperature: 0-40C. - Power supply: 2 AA AA batteries;

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