Tears appeared in Irina Alferova's eyes when she saw what the designers had turned her apartment into

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A true worker of war and national economy

For many years Irina Alferova could not decide to renovate her small apartment, in which some things were made by the hands of her famous husband Alexander Abdulov. However, time takes its toll, and the actress finally decided on a radical change in the interior, especially since the designers of the famous TV show have long been offering their help. Today in the Homius review we will tell you about all the intricacies of the repair, which made an indelible impression on Irina Alferova.

Irina Alferova's modest apartment in a famous house

In Soviet times, apartments were given completely free of charge according to the order and lists that were kept in each organization. So, some time after the marriage, Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov became the owners of three-room apartments in the famous house on Pokrovka. The building in the past belonged to Natalia Golitsyna, who was the prototype of the Queen of Spades for Alexander Pushkin.

In those years it was difficult to get something, and it was necessary to show creative imagination to make the interior unique, different from typical Soviet renovations. Alexander Abdulov came up with the original zoning of the living room and used bookcases as a partition. Another know-how of the talented actor is a home-made fireplace, which remained unfinished. All the years Irina Alferova has been covering this unique creation with a rare armchair.

Unusual design project for interior renovation in the living room

The designers first of all appreciated the antique solid wood furniture in the living room of Irina Alferova and decided to restore it. The Italian furniture was in excellent condition, all that was needed was to update the upholstery and decorative elements. In this regard, a classic style was chosen for the decoration of the room, but with a modern touch. This combination will emphasize the historical identity of the building and bring home coziness and comfort to the atmosphere.

The designers decided to increase the space by adding 30 sq. m another 8 sq. m entrance hall. Thus, a more functional room, filled with light, has turned out.

PHOTO: twitter. om Custom-made display cabinets with mirrored canvases and diagonally decorated wooden slats were installed in a niche in the corridor

Replacement of structures and selection of materials for finishing

Since the apartment had long been in need of repair, there was no point in restoring the structures. The windows were replaced with modern double-glazed windows made of wood with internal energy-saving glass. The frame is made of three-layer glued laminated timber, painted with four layers of paint. He is not afraid of humidity and temperature extremes.

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