Tarot forecast for March 2021

Financial problems are felt by most people most acutely. Astrologers suggest that you read tips on money and work to start March on the most favorable note.

In March, most people will have a very powerful sixth sense. It is this that can lead you to wealth and save you from problems. There are at least five situations in which to listen to your intuition. Even if these situations at first glance are not related to the sphere of money, this does not mean that they have nothing to do with them. Try to be on the lookout, even though the week is extremely favorable.

Aries will be one of the most successful employees and bosses this week and month. They will be able to get ahead in sales and fulfillment of the plan. They will have new motivation, new opportunities and a good mood. This is their time, so astrologers advise not to forget about responsibilities, but at the same time be wary of energy depletion. On weekends, you can spend some of the money on entertainment, on your family. It will be useful to go to another city, start learning something new. Maximum activity in work will lead to serious monetary profit, albeit not immediately.


The stars and planets will help Taurus reveal all their hidden possibilities. In early March, these people will show the whole world that they need to be reckoned with. Taurus will be able to increase their income and succeed in almost any activity. The most successful will be those people of this Sign who are engaged in the field of jurisprudence. They will have big fees, many clients. To increase income, you need to look personable, imposing. To do this, you may need to update your wardrobe. Overall, the week is perfect for shopping.


Gemini can spend a lot of money, but it's better to shop online. This will be much less likely to stumble upon an unscrupulous seller. The main thing is to look at product reviews and make any purchases deliberately. In their work, these people will be helped by the most powerful talismans to attract money. It will be easier with them to conclude deals, buy and sell, negotiate and attract new customers. In general, March will be very rich in various financial events. You can change currency, borrow and lend money.

Cancers begin a rather dynamic period of time in which various minor troubles can occur. Conspiracies for good luck will help to bypass such moments. Cancers should be more careful to preserve and increase their capital. Foresight will help in making deals. It is important to seek help from people whom Cancers trust. The advice from family and colleagues can be very helpful. Astrologers advise avoiding excessive activity. Fatigue can be bad for productivity.

Leos should think more about the future. It is important to make financial plans, write a budget, and so on. You can use meditations to create a successful future. With their help, Leos will be able to better understand in which direction they will move on. New ideas will bring them big profits, but you need to be careful. It is better not to share your plans with strangers. The week is perfect for learning, getting new professional skills.

Friday for Virgos will be extremely difficult financially. At the end of the week, these people should use five ways to attract good luck, because various unforeseen situations can arise. Until Thursday, inclusive, Virgo will have a very bright and memorable time. You can change jobs, negotiate, shop, plan a budget, open new deposits. A lifeline in case of possible financial troubles will be the ability of Virgins to think twice about their steps, avoiding haste.

Happiness and money for many of us are equivalent concepts. Libra should use rituals to attract happiness. This week, people of this Sign will be able to understand that happiness for them is money and success or something else. The period from March 1 to March 7 will be for them a time in which they can not only achieve success, but also understand what exactly it should be. This is a period of spiritual insight.

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The important events of March will not be taken by surprise if you take into account the recommendations of the senior Arcana. In the Tarot forecast, the Zodiac Signs will find useful recommendations that will be a significant support in making responsible decisions.

Tarot card layouts help many to navigate the events and learn in advance about what will happen. Dailyhoro site experts. u recommend that you familiarize yourself with the layouts for March 2021, which will help you decide on actions. It will be important in the interpretation of the dropped cards to correlate the recommendations with real life in order to get the most accurate advice and exclude unpleasant blunders leading to a dead end.

Spring will not begin on the most positive note for Aries. Arkan "Moon" will have to face their fears and experiences that interfere with happiness. Aries will have to find the courage to cope with them so that they no longer deny themselves a prosperous life.

The "Sun" lasso promises Aries a happy middle of March, when there are no obstacles to happiness. The map indicates new opportunities and the implementation of bold ideas. According to this Arcana, Aries will be able to rest in order to recuperate.

According to the "Peace" map, at the end of March, Aries will be able to find their place in the sun, resolve conflicts and difficulties. On this map, the path chosen will lead to success, if you do not fold and do not rush time.


The "Chariot" lasso opens in March, and Taurus must be ready for decisive action on it. The card says that Taurus has enough strength and knowledge to achieve the goal, but you can't hesitate, otherwise luck will bypass.

On the "Justice" card, Taurus must adhere to fair play. Unbiased judgment and adherence to the rules will help you outflank competitors and maintain your reputation. The card calls for abandoning deception, so as not to face insurmountable obstacles in the future.

The "Emperor" Arcanum says that Taurus will be able to overcome difficulties and make wise decisions that will help them achieve prosperity. You cannot rush on this card, otherwise there is a risk of stumbling and losing everything that was achieved by painstaking work.


According to the "Devil" card, it is important for Gemini to restrain emotional impulses and refuse to indulge in weaknesses. Arkan calls for responsibility, so as not to miss your luck and trust from the environment.

Arcanum "Hermit" encourages Gemini to stay alone with their thoughts for a while in order to understand what is happening, evaluate their actions and adjust plans. Such solitude will allow you to avoid annoying blunders and leave irrelevant tasks in the past.

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