Summer cottage: DIY garden decor

The summer beauties of the garden excite the imagination, I want to do something sublime, decorate shady corners under apple trees with sculptures, craft, paint and write poems, plant flowers and collect them in huge armfuls, enjoy the singing of birds and take pictures of the May beetle ... , dacha, garden - excellent objects for self-expression, imagination and creativity. Desire and strength - that's, in fact, all that is needed to implement the plan. And the anticipated pleasure of the undertaking that you are going to implement.

Desire and strength - that's all you need for summer cottage creativity

City life sometimes puts pressure on us with its canons, stereotypes, hackneyed patterns ... Fashionable - white walls, Italian furniture, high-tech kitchen ... Everything is different at the dacha. Here you are your own creator, designer and performer. I want - I will make my garden coniferous ... or I will plant everything with tulips ... or just lilacs ... And furniture - only I will have this, and no one else will. Because I will do it myself. And I hang the walls in the house with my paintings ... or you can have a hunting lodge ... or you can have a library house ... My dacha - whatever I want, I create on it!

Heather in the garden

What about abilities, material opportunities? Here everyone will feel for himself what is given and accessible to him. But, as a rule, desire alone is enough, and without desire, why take up work?

In your garden - do it yourself and the way we love and want

Well, I almost persuaded you. In our garden, in a country house - everything with our own hands and the way we love and want. In the meantime, for acquaintance, I invite you to take a walk in my garden, and I will clearly try to show how you can decorate the garden with what everyone has at hand. As you know, nature does not need decoration, but sometimes "hands itch" to decorate something in the garden, attach a "bow on the side".

Driftwood as a garden decoration

Driftwood is the favorite garden decoration. They fit perfectly into the landscape, their shapes are bizarre, beautiful, in harmony with the branches of shrubs, conifers. On the coast of the Gulf of Finland, where our summer cottage is located, there are a huge number of them - polished with a salt wave and dried by strong winds.

Driftwood in the garden

I don't handle them with anything, I hate varnished wood. The snags brought from the bay are already so weathered, salted and weathered that they are not afraid of anything. But if you plant something inside, then, I think, they will begin to collapse, overgrow with moss - from the roots, earth and moisture inside. Well, not a piece of gold - you can replace it.

Summer cottage: DIY garden decor

They asked me to make a wallet, which they saw at some exhibition. a very unusual wallet, I first met one like this, but ordered it, so we will do it .. thinking for a long time, take measurements, look for a pattern in youtube, and start making

What happened in the end, another photo with filling

If you are interested, write questions, I will try to answer

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