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Dancing from stove to computer !!

A lot of these old recipes are difficult to explain WHY it is necessary. Professionals, maybe they can. I can say that much needs to be simply TESTED, FEELED, by touch, as they say, by the organoleptic method, you understand the differences. But when you start making an old recipe, you literally HELP know the difference, already when you knead it. He is DIFFERENT. It is smooth, it is plastic, it even smells differently. technology is a must. You cannot save physical strength, you cannot save time. Each stage is verified and necessary. And when all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place, when you knead this dough for the last time before proofing, you ALREADY understand - THIS IS IT! IT IS A MASTERPIECE! You can feel it with your hands! And, sobssno, the recipe itself, and the reasoning on its topic, will you know to whom? Experienced craftswomen, perhaps, and so everyone knows it. But young girls who know how to bake buns-pies ACCORDING TO THE RECIPE, but to the level when you FEEL the dough have not yet passed - here I am writing for them. And I set a goal for myself - to explain at the level of sensations. And I will urge to FEEL, so I will write right at every stage - do this and that and feel. And that is why I will not give the exact amount of products - also in order to feel HOW MUCH flour is needed.

So, let's start little by little? Where do we start? With the procurement and preparation of products. We go to the market and buy village milk, village eggs, village butter and FRESH yeast. In the evening, we will start preparing. And let's start with flour. Now I will urge you to start feeling. I will try to show the whole process in stages, I apologize for the quality of the photo.

DIY moving toys

Pavel Victor is a physics teacher at the Richelieu Lyceum in Odessa, Honored Teacher and the most popular Ukrainian teacher on YouTube. 700 thousand people have subscribed to his channel, and the total video views are already reaching 32 million. Thanks to him, teenagers from all over the world win Olympiads and enter universities, and a few years ago YouTube presented him with a well-deserved "silver button" and expressed gratitude for his contribution to education. Especially for Osvitoria, Pavel Andreevich revealed the secret of the success of his video lessons, talked about the new book and explained why one of the most interesting school subjects often remains unclear.

Pavel Andreevich, your first book “Physics. Fundamentals and Mechanical Movement ”. How does it differ from classic textbooks?

The book is based on my video tutorials, so its language is closer to the spoken than the academic writing. This makes it easier to perceive. It is difficult to call it a textbook for one more reason - usually we study physics in two circles: first - basic school, then - senior. In the book, these two concentrates (successive degrees in teaching, when the same material at each subsequent stage is presented and studied more and more deeply and in a wider volume) are combined into one so as to present information in an interesting and visual way, but at the same time preserve scientific rigor - in-depth analysis phenomena and causes.

Intended for high school students, but my lessons are watched not so much by schoolchildren as by students of technical universities. Perhaps not all schools teach this material clearly enough. In the book, as in the video lesson, all the material is presented logically consistently - there is a layering of the new on the old, nothing is suddenly taken from the ceiling, so the information is perceived well.

Nowadays, the younger generation often prefers to absorb information from videos on YouTube. Can they replace classic textbooks and lessons?

The most valuable information is the one that is conveyed in the classroom by the teacher to the student. The tutorial, unfortunately, does not have this property. And it is not the book that is to blame for this, but the specifics of human perception.

Why was this physics course on YouTube attractive? The fact that it is no different from the usual lesson. The pace of presentation, repetitions, addressing the audience make the subject clear, and the viewer actually becomes a student in the class.

Concentrated ten-minute videos, where everyone teaches very quickly and often actually reads the text with a demonstration of illustrations, it seems to me ineffective. It's like being canned compared to a natural product.

In the comments below the video, you are constantly asked questions, does it take a long time to answer?

I rarely answer by mail, and in the comments I always respond to questions related to physics, because I understand that many children will see and read them.

There are many comments now (as before), but more often they are in the nature of gratitude. Sometimes they write whole letters: “You saved me! Thanks to you, I passed the exam, entered the university or won the Olympiad. " Sometimes they even send photos of diplomas or protocols of the Olympiads. Literally 15 minutes before your call, I talked with guys from different countries. After Ukraine there are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus. Sometimes Lithuania, USA, Israel, Germany and Poland appear.

In the past year, the need to reorganize to a distance learning format in a matter of days has become a stress for many teachers. You probably found it easier. Do you think the online school format is promising?

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