Salvador Dali - cover for Vogue with a secret

Salvador Dali was a fairly regular contributor to Vogue and, among others, created three original covers for the fashion edition (the first back in 1939 and the third in 1946) for the December 1 edition, traditionally dedicated to Christmas gifts and party wear.

The work of 1946 is a kind of landscape drawing: under the logo of the magazine, two snow-covered pine trees stand, balancing on either side of a broken bridge, from which two emeralds hang on golden pendants.

Beneath this structure is a pair of anthropomorphic columns, one at the top of the stairs and the other on a checkerboard tile. Although this is not exactly a mirror image, when viewing the image, there is a certain sense of symmetry of the two halves in relation to the whole, as well as a certain sense of understatement - and for good reason.

The 1946 cover, created for "Vogue" by Salvador Dali, is not "simple" (who would doubt it!) but with a secret, which, with the help of the instructions of the Catalan himself, will not be difficult to solve.

To do this, it is recommended to download the cover, print it (you can do this at the following link) -or open it on a computer screen so that the scale matches the actual size of the cover. And then - it remains to follow the instructions given to the readers by Salvador Dali himself - and we will penetrate into the "secret" of this Christmas image.

Salvador Dali's instructions: Set the cover upright, approximately three feet (one meter) apart. Lift the pencil in front of the cover, pointing the point at the two green stones. Focus on the picture and you will see "two pencils", one for each eye (as befits an out of focus image).

Slowly move the pencil towards you and away from you until the tips of the "two pencils" are directly under the jewelry. Then focus on the tip of the pencil - and, while holding focus, look at the picture. Voila!

You will see the cover in three dimensions: the arches will come together to form a woman's face! Having "caught" this image properly, you will not get rid of it - and you will be able to admire the three-dimensional cover to its fullest. However, two-dimensional is quite good.

By the way, the original image was made by Salvador Dali in oil on wood, its dimensions are 36.2 cm x 25 cm, and is currently in a private collection.

It is surprising that surrealism - a rather difficult form of art for perception - at one time instantly found a common language with the world of fashion: Salvador Dali's friendship with Coco Chanel or his collaboration with Elsa Schiaparelli are widely known.

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26. 2. 021. News from Barcelona and Catalonia. Today, the Catalan authorities announced a decision to extend the main restrictions in force in the autonomous community until 8 March. From Monday, minor changes are envisaged in the current regime, which will affect the sphere of trade and education.

Procicat (the organization responsible for the coronavirus regime in Catalonia) has finally announced its decision to keep the major restrictive measures in force for another 7 days, until March 8.

Some changes regarding the current regime will affect, first of all, shopping centers and shops with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters, which have been closed since January 7. From Monday to Friday they will be allowed to work, with a maximum occupancy limit of 30%.

In addition, it was decided to allow overnight school trips (applies only to students of one grade), as well as face-to-face classes for second-year students - however, these measures will take effect only from March 8th.

In the field of sports, the capacity of swimming pools has been increased to 50% from Monday 1st March (up from 30% so far), and group classes will be expanded to six people with a maximum capacity of up to 30%. These measures will take effect on Monday, March 1st and will remain in effect until Monday, March 8th.

The situation with bars and restaurants remains the same as today: as before, they are only allowed to work from 07. 0 to 10. 0 and from 13:00 to 16:30. Outside of this time, it is allowed to sell food to go or with home delivery. Bars and restaurants in shopping centers will be closed.

Also, until March 8 inclusive, the curfew will continue to operate (from 06. 0 to 22. 0), the closure around the perimeter of Catalonia, as well as isolation within the area of ​​residence.

As expected, Procicat hasn't made any major changes to the current mode. Catalonia has been stagnating in coronavirus rates for several days. The infection rate (Rt) has grown, and according to the Health Department of Cataloania, it is currently 1.02, exceeding the threshold by one, after which the number of infections begins to rise.

According to experts, the reasons for some deterioration in the epidemiological situation are both the presence of the British strain (40% of new positive cases in Catalonia) and the elections to the Catalan parliament on February 14.

The elections were, according to the authorities, "safe" in terms of preventive measures, but they led to the mobilization of three million people to vote - a fact that the Catalan authorities chose to ignore on Great Election Day.

However, "it's done", and now it's time to call for prudence and caution again. Acting vice-president of the government Pere Aragones, during a press conference yesterday, stressed that it is necessary to be "as careful as possible" to stop the pandemic.

To receive congratulations on the Day of the Angel on February 25, 2021, guys and girls named Alexey, Anton, Eugene and Maria will be happy.

Now it is difficult to find a house whose doors are not protected by a special system. This wonderful device warns against uninvited guests. But what to do if you forgot the magnet at home, or it stopped working. If this happened in the daytime, you can wait for the neighbors to open the door. And if at night? How to open the intercom without a key in this case? We have collected the best tips for solving this annoying problem, depending on the make and model of the doorphone. Use it!

What is an intercom, what is it for and the scope of application

An intercom system is a security measure that is used to protect against strangers. It is used for communication between the guest and the owner and is installed in suburban and apartment buildings or offices.

It can be used to solve a wide variety of tasks:

  • the simplest system will help organize the entrance of clients to the organization or guests to private accommodation;
  • to organize a more complex system with video surveillance and the ability to record the history of events;
  • additional covert surveillance device.

For all the time that intercom systems have been used, no one doubts their effectiveness. The issue of choice is a financial issue.

How the intercom system works

The device is quite simple and consists of only a few components:

  • block for calling the subscriber. It is presented in the form of a panel, protected from dust and moisture;
  • an internal area, which includes an intercom (call button, microphone and loudspeaker) and a door station;
  • lock ;
  • subscriber complex. It is made in the form of a tube and is installed in the owner's apartment or at the reception in the office. It contains: a control button, a microphone and a speaker;
  • a magnet with a chip.

The intercom can be supplied with an audio or video signal. All elements are connected through a switch.

The enclosing fence is an indispensable element of the suburban area. The type of fence can often give a characteristic to the owner - he is affable or withdrawn, secretive or hospitable, wealthy or not very wealthy, loves beauty or an indifferent pragmatist. Fences are high and low, wooden and metal, transparent and deaf. Some owners are absolutely not interested in how their plot looks from the street. But inside the site you can find fresh ideas on how interesting it is to use the reverse side of the fence in the country.

Country fence

Structurally, a summer cottage fence can be represented in the form of two main elements - support posts and enclosing planes. There are many options here. The posts can be concrete, brick, made of iron pipes, made of shaped iron, wooden, massive and elegant.

The space between the posts is filled with bricks, concrete slabs, steel profiled sheets, boards, mesh, lattice, etc. The choice, of course, is up to the owner. The decision is determined by local conditions, terrain and soil properties, availability of materials, economic opportunities.

In addition to its main function of fencing the territory, the fence also carries an aesthetic load. He must decorate the site. Moreover, from two sides - from the outside and from the inside. This is where the artistic taste of the owner of the site manifests itself to a large extent.

Completion of the fence

The first impression of the fence appears when examining its appearance. This is influenced by the compliance with the surrounding landscape, the constructive literacy of its construction, the accuracy of manufacture, coloring, the artistic taste of the builder. The initial version, often made in a hurry, ceases to suit the owner. He starts modernizing the fence.

A transparent fence with its appearance should not distract the attention of the viewer (bystander) from the territory and buildings that it protects. Its aesthetic task is the same as that of the frame of a beautiful painting. Such a fence has practically no reverse side. And here his role is to be a frame for pictures, watched over the fence. This solution is appropriate if there is no other area behind the outside of the fence with unpredictable neighbors.

And for a modest decoration, you can place flowers on the fence not very densely. There will be beauty both on the outside and on the inside of the fence in the picture below.

The harsh pragmatists have another suggestion. The fence is being built deaf, making the inner territory inaccessible to prying eyes. And the fence must work to the fullest. Along the upper edge of the inner side of the metal fence, which is mounted on strong posts, a pipe with a diameter of about 2 "or thick reinforcement is welded to the outriggers. The owner hangs the washed carpets on this pipe to dry and ventilate. The carpets are heavy, but the construction is strong, withstanding their weight in the picture below.

PHOTO: avatars. ds. andex. et There is a carpet dryer on the inside of the fence

Fence decoration options

The owners with artistic imagination decorate the inner side of the fence (and thus their own plot) with flowers. Flowers are attached along the plane of the fences.

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