Recipe: Veal Jellied

Kholodets is a traditional Christmas dish near our land. Tse vіdminna appetizer, like a bagat. Alle the preparation of jellied jellies (aspic, jellied yak yogo shche inodі call) call in at least an hour, then, gentlemen, who have never tasted yogo gotuvati from life. And darling, even the process of preparing the food poisoning process is simpler, but you can just start looking at it. Picked up, yak cook savory jellied meat from veal, the wine is guaranteed to be caught with the right color of the Christmastide table.

Vibir products

Gotuvannya kholodtsyu, like і be-like іnshoi іnshoі, to fix the choice of products. From these qualities, it is absolutely necessary to lay down the final result. The jelly was caught, for the broth it would be necessary to make a bunch of cartilage and tendon for the broth. Often for tsyo vikoristovuyu yalovich leg. You can also vikoristovuvati yalovichy hvist. The same two components for the hour of war will see the greatest number of special gelling speech, the zavdyaki of which jellied meat is obov'yazkovo caught. A batch of not less than 1.5 kg is guilty.

Krym steaks, for preparing savory jellies, you need more and pulp, approximately 1 kg. You can be at the clinic. The head, the veal was fresh, not greasy and not small with a specific smell. For a savory broth, you should also use vegetables, such as 2 cibulini and carrots, bay leaves, sil, peppercorns, as well as crop stems and parsley.

Cooking bouillon

Time to pour

Meat from the broth, take a dish in the vicinity, and wine at a cool place, the soup is cold and you can pick it up. At the same stage, you will already have some small dishes, in which jellies you will be able to catch them. Tse can be a form of a great size (zalny) or porcini molds. Often when serving in portions vikoristovuyt sil_konov_ molds for vip_chka. And here you can already think about those that will see the final result. Often in jellied meat put boiled carrots (from broth), boiled quail eggs or greens.

As long as the plans are in place, then everything will be needed. Eggs vidvarity, clean and narizati navpil, into quarters or figurno, then you just want to. Carrot is also beautifully narizati. When the meat is cut off, it is divided into fibers, or small pieces, which can be seen with all the tendons, cartilage and non-removable parts.

Meat, carrots and eggs of the viclast in the preparation of the dish (the stinks are dry). Moreover, the "decor" is required for the first time, it will not be visible behind the meat, even when it is served, the form will be turned upside down. The bouillon passes through cheesecloth or a sieve. The price needs to be robbed obov'yazkovo. Perche, we will make the broth as much as possible.

And in a different way, on gauze (sity) you can pick up other kistki, which can be seen in the process of warming. It’s not often, but it’s all the same. Pour the meat bowls with broth to the top and place them at the colder place for catching. In a dozen hour, the savory, aromatic jellied meat will be ready before implantation.

Recipe for "chilly" jellied veal

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