Reasons for the appearance of a double chin in women and how to deal with it

Women, both in past centuries and in modern times, often ask themselves questions about how to deal with a double chin. As you know, it is a collection of subcutaneous fat that appears at the junction of the jaw and neck. So, there are several methods of getting rid of a double chin, before using which it is also important to know about the causes of this problem.

What are the main causes of a double chin

It is noted that it is quite important for the fair sex to gain information about the causes of its appearance and the problem in general before using methods to combat a double chin. So, due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, tissues in the neck area begin to form a fold, which looks like a double chin from the side. This phenomenon, according to practice, is easier to prevent than to deal with it after the onset.

According to experts, one of the main reasons for the appearance of a double chin is increased body weight. So, contributing to the emergence of this problem, contrary to popular belief, can not only increased weight, but also a sharp weight loss. It is important to control your diet to prevent fat accumulation in the neck and jaw area. In addition, a second chin may appear due to some other things:

  • age. A double chin can form due to a decrease in skin elasticity and a general weakening of muscle mass. In this case, it is recommended to prevent age-related changes with the help of a special set of exercises;
  • disorders in the thyroid gland. This problem needs to be addressed together with endocrinologists;
  • posture disorders. Slouching, as well as often drooping head down, can also cause double chin. It has become especially widespread in modern times due to the active use of gadgets;
  • incorrect position during sleep. A high pillow or the habit of sleeping in a reclining position can contribute to the appearance of a double chin.

It is noted that the cause of the appearance of a double chin is also quite often a hereditary factor. However, even in such a situation, you can get rid of the problem using a certain set of methods.

Exercise and other things to help fight double chin

According to the recommendations of experts, in the fight against double chins, it is important for all the fair sex to adhere to a certain number of rules. One of them is nutritional control and exclusion from the diet of those foods that contribute to the active deposition of fat. To improve the elasticity of the skin in the neck area, you can use foods that contain vitamin E. These include legumes, apples, liver and more.

There are also certain physical exercises that can help the fair sex to cope with the formation of a double chin. These are:

  • head rotation. This exercise must be performed in several approaches during the day;
  • pronouncing the letters "Y", "I", "A". They must be repeated at least 25 times, and at the same time the neck and facial muscles should be strained;
  • stretching the neck muscles. With your mouth closed, you need to raise your head, and then pull the lower jaw forward. Muscle tension should be felt. The exercise is recommended to be performed in several passes during the day, 25 times;
  • exercise "giraffe". When performing it, it is necessary to stretch the neck up at least 10 times. In this case, the hands should be on the shoulders;
  • stretching the jaw muscles. During the exercise, you need to stick out your tongue as much as possible, and then press it against the upper lip.

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