Popular stickers about the birth of a son and daughter - TOP-8 options

The process of sticking stickers is so simple that it does not cause any difficulties for anyone. The first step is to degrease the surface. Then, using a soft cloth, wipe the attachment point dry. And the last step is to carefully fix the product. In a matter of minutes, the car will become unique and festive.

Having a baby is the most wonderful event in the life of any family. And with the help of stickers on cars "I'm going for my daughter", "Thank you for my son" young fathers express their gratitude to their wife, meeting her with a baby from the hospital.

Car sticker "Darling, thank you for your daughter!"

Every man experiences unforgettable feelings when he has a child. And the highest gratitude for this happiness deserves a spouse, who went through agony and gave her husband a little daughter. Preparing for discharge from the hospital, the newly-made dad seeks to meet his wife and baby with dignity. An excellent solution for this is flowers with balloons and a sticker on the car "Thank you for your daughter, Darling!", Which will give the event a grandiose effect. Leaving the hospital, mom will be amazed at the meeting her loving husband organized. This day will forever remain in the memory of a young family.

Car sticker "Darling, thank you for your daughter!"

The auto sticker is an image in the form of a pink cloud on which a blonde girl sits and pulls her arms to hug her beloved parents as soon as possible. It is made using Japanese technology and is of high quality. The advantage of such a sticker is the material - vinyl film, which is resistant to mechanical damage and does not lose its color with prolonged use.

Ukid GIFT Car sticker "My daughter was born!" x cm

Car stickers with the inscription “I was born daughter!" are in special demand among men who became fathers for the first time. They are full of happiness and ready to share their joy with the people around them. And first of all, dads paste over their car with various stickers in pink, saying that their long-awaited daughter was born in their family. This is happiness that cannot be kept silent.

Ukid GIFT Car sticker "My daughter was born!" 30x50 cm

Unlike the sticker on the car "I'm going to the maternity hospital for my daughter", the inscription about the birth of a child can decorate the car of a happy father for a long time. Its relevance is not lost for several months, and this is the main advantage of stickers with such text. And the dimensions of the auto sticker are ideal for applying it to the rear window of a car, bumper or side door. In addition, the pink color will look beautiful even on a brutal car.

Thank you for your daughter

The sticker on the car "Thank you for my daughter" has an original pattern that pleases the eye and cheers you up. A young mother will be delighted when she leaves the hospital and sees a funny giraffe with a pink ball on the side of the car. And it's a pleasure to drive home in such a beautifully designed car.

When heterosexual twins are born in a family, the stickers on the car “Thank you for your son and for your daughter”, decorating both sides of the car, look very original. They are decorated in the same style as a giraffe and differ only in the color of the balloon (for a boy it is blue).

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