Yekaterinburg police sent a case to court on charges of a citizen in a series of robberies

A man, threatening with a dummy hand grenade, tried to steal from the cash desk of credit institutions funds worth about 8 million rubles.

During the preliminary investigation, it was established that on August 19, 2019, the accused born in 1989 came to a bank branch located in the Kirovsky district of Yekaterinburg. The attacker, threatening the employee with an object similar to a hand grenade, demanded to open the cash register and return the proceeds, which at the time of the attack amounted to about 2.3 million rubles. At the same time, the defendant carefully observed the measures of secrecy. Heading to the bank, he hid his face under a cap and glasses, and also covered his left eye with a band-aid. Not succumbing to the threats of the attacker, the frightened woman managed to leave the checkout area, and her abuser also hurried to hide without gaining access to the money.

A month later, in September 2019, the accused, acting according to a similar criminal scheme, entered the office of another bank in the same district and demanded that the cashier give all the money available at that time - over 5.6 million rubles. This time, the attacker hid his face under a medical mask, and also put on a construction helmet and a vest, used a dummy explosive device and an object similar to a pistol as a weapon. As in the first case, the attacker failed to complete his plan. The cashier managed to press the panic button and hide under the table, while the man, fearing detention, hurried to hide.

Subsequently, the suspect was detained by the employees of the criminal investigation department of the police department No. 3. It turned out to be unemployed, no previously convicted local.

A criminal case was initiated against the accused by the investigative subdivision of the territorial OVD on grounds of a crime provided for by part 4 of Article 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (robbery committed with the threat of violence dangerous to life or health, with the use of an object, used as a weapon, on an especially large scale). The maximum punishment under this part of the article is fifteen years in prison. The defendant has been detained.

At present, the investigative unit of the territorial OVD has sent a criminal case with an approved indictment to the Kirovsky District Court for consideration on the merits.

Source: Media Relations Department of the Russian MIA Administration for Yekaterinburg

The policemen who tortured a resident of Orenburg years ago will not be punished

The statute of limitations has expired today for bringing to justice the police officers who tortured Aleksey Sinegubov from Orenburg ten years ago.

In December 2019, the European Court of Human Rights published a decision on a settlement agreement, by which the Russian Federation pleaded guilty to the torture of Alexey and the lack of an effective investigation into this incident. However, the investigators of the Investigative Committee did not open a criminal case on torture. Now, even if the guilty law enforcement officers are identified, none of them will be punished, reports the Committee Against Torture.

As a reminder, on September 6, 2011, Nadezhda Sinegubova applied to the Committee against Torture for legal assistance, who reported that her son Alexei was tortured by police officers. Later, Aleksey himself turned to the human rights defenders.