Pokemon: the history of gut monsters that fueled the whole world

Now it is difficult to find a house whose doors are not protected by a special system. This wonderful device warns against uninvited guests. But what to do if you forgot the magnet at home, or it stopped working. If this happened in the daytime, you can wait for the neighbors to open the door. And if at night? How to open the intercom without a key in this case? We have collected the best tips for solving this annoying problem, depending on the make and model of the doorphone. Use it!

What is an intercom, what is it for and the scope of application

An intercom system is a security measure that is used to protect against strangers. It is used for communication between the guest and the owner and is installed in suburban and apartment buildings or offices.

It can be used to solve a wide variety of tasks:

  • the simplest system will help organize the entrance of clients to the organization or guests to private accommodation;
  • to organize a more complex system with video surveillance and the ability to record the history of events;
  • additional covert surveillance device.

For all the time that intercom systems have been used, no one doubts their effectiveness. The issue of choice is a financial issue.

How the intercom system works

The device is quite simple and consists of only a few components:

  • block for calling the subscriber. It is presented in the form of a panel, protected from dust and moisture;
  • an internal area, which includes an intercom (call button, microphone and loudspeaker) and a door station;
  • lock ;
  • subscriber complex. It is made in the form of a tube and is installed in the owner's apartment or at the reception in the office. It contains: a control button, a microphone and a speaker;
  • a magnet with a chip.

The intercom can be supplied with an audio or video signal. All elements are connected through a switch.

An intercom works like a relay connection as follows:

  • the guest presses the "Call" button on the external panel;
  • contacts are closed, the signal goes to the owner's subscriber complex;
  • the owner of the receiving device presses a button to negotiate;
  • at the decision of the owner, he can unblock the entrance system by pressing the button or refuse to accept.

Manufacturers initially set a password to open the door mechanism. When installed at the request of the owner, it can be replaced either on the remote control of the main unit or through software.

Benefit for those who have a bad memory: how to open an intercom without a key

Shoroku 27 is fiercely accepted as Pokemon Day. In honor of the tsiy famous ґі k-saints we have sent a message, for such a pokemon, yak yogo history y de vin sackє.

Pokemon COB: video game

Pokémoni is a great franchise, patched by Satosi Tadziri, a talented Japanese, who won the TOP-100 smartest game designers over the version of the authoritative Internet viewer IGN (Imagine Games Network).

In 1996, they started playing with the first two gris about "gut monsters" - "Pokemon: Chervona version" and "Blue version" (in Japan, "Chervona" and "Green version"). Over the course of the year, the stench made others think of Mario's popularity among the middle of all video games.

"Pokemon: Chervona version" and "Blue version" mali such mischief, even as offensive rock, and even on April 1, 1997, TV watchers poured a gray anime-serial for a whole lot of things called "Pokemon ! I rob you! "

Pokémon Go: AR-bojevilla

Svit Pokémon Mittyvo zakokhav dozens of millions of people. Even the people are not only integrated into the ecosystem of the world, but the people of the skin are beaten. The majority of people have all the Pokémon є with the best trainers: catch the stench, watch, train and watch the Pokémon.

With the entry of the Pokémon Go gri (mobile with augmented reality technology - Augmented reality, AR) in 2016, Pokémon coaching is no longer a blame for the baggage of the whole world. People, having become enraged with smartphones, went to the streets and went viral in their walks, and to catch the legendary monsters.

There is a new world in a native place, there is nature beyond the boundaries of the populated zones, and it’s because of the dazzling appearance of a Pokemon to bring a great insight into the strategic world.

The Niantic development company has brought them to see the GPS-mitts from the grids, and the gravitians have given the schoolchildren to the sportsmen of the other households with the same admission. The whole madness could not only rattle half-heartedly in the hearts of the old fans because of the new power, and to see the divine light of Pokémon for new blood.

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