Pastila is a favorite taste since childhood

Pastila - favorite taste since childhood Prices are close to retail

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Pastila is an alternative to sweets. The use of only eco-friendly products makes the marshmallow useful. The absence of sugar in the composition is suitable for those who follow the figure. Suitable for children as there are no additional ingredients.

The cargo is coming from Nalchik. TR costs include: delivery Nalchik - Samara, delivery across Samara. Method of distributing TR by weight of the order. The approximate amount of TR is approximately 12-13 rubles per box. Prices in the catalog are 5-10% lower than those found in retail. Pastila can be found in retail departments of the city with dried fruits, wholesale centers Nord, Grocery.

Description: Weight 800 g in a box. Composition: applesauce + potassium sorbate + natural flavor. Sugar free.

Description: Weight 1 kg in a box. Composition: applesauce + potassium sorbate + natural pear flavor. Sugar free.

Description: The box contains all the flavors. Apple, pear, cherry, orange, barberry, peach, melon. Weight 800 gr in a box. Composition: applesauce + potassium sorbate + natural flavor. Sugar free.

Description: Weight 800 g in a box. Composition: applesauce + potassium sorbate + natural flavor. Sugar free.

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Honeysuckle is a shrub loved by many gardeners, which takes root well in their summer cottage. Such popularity is due not so much to the decorative properties of the plant, because it does not have bright flowers, but to the early ripening of fruits rich in vitamins.

The attention of gardeners is attracted by the taste and useful qualities of the elongated dark blue honeysuckle berries. Ripe berries are shaken off on a film or piece of cloth spread under the bushes, collected in a small basket.

You don't need to store harvested fresh berries more than three days. For a longer preservation of vitamins in berries, compotes, jam, juice, mashed potatoes, filling for pies, marshmallows can be prepared from them. The berries can be dried or frozen, or the simplest homemade preparation can be made - rubbed with sugar.

Honeysuckle compote

The washed fruits are soaked in sugar syrup for 3 hours. After that, the berries are separated from the syrup and fill the jars with them up to the shoulders. Then the berries are poured with warmed sugar syrup. Jars are sterilized in boiling water: half-liter jars - 10 minutes, liter jars - 15 minutes, and it will take 20-25 minutes to sterilize three-liter jars.

The process of making a diet compote differs in that instead of sugar syrup, honeysuckle juice brought to a boil is poured into jars of berries. Then the jars are pasteurized at 85 ° C: half-liter - for 15 minutes, and liter - 20 minutes.

In the future, such a blank will be an excellent filler and color for jellies, wines, drinks and liqueurs. The juice will not lose its rich color even diluted several times.

Crushed, crushed berries are passed through a juicer in order to separate the juice. After that, it is filtered through a couple of layers of gauze and mixed with sugar. When the granulated sugar dissolves, the juice can be packaged in jars. Sterilization time in boiling water: 10 minutes for half-liter cans and 15 minutes for liter cans.

The leftover pomace can be used to prepare other dishes - for example, marshmallow or compote.


For making marshmallows, pomace obtained after separating the juice is most often used.

  • For 1 kg of marc, 1 kg of sugar is taken.

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