Chekhon (lat.Pelecus cultratus) is a freshwater resident or semi-anadromous fish that mainly lives and moves in schools. It belongs to the carp family. Most often, such fish is eaten salted or dried. It is also often smoked. Recently, the fish population has significantly decreased, therefore, it is prohibited to fish in many regions.

Chekhon in the photo

General description of sabrefish fish: structural features and photos

This fish is often called a saber or cleaver. Sometimes sabrefish is also called Czech or herring. The fish has a body compressed on the sides. Moreover, it is quite long. The sabrefish is characterized by a convex belly with a solid keel. There are no scales on it. The mouth is small. The head is also medium-sized and has high-set eyes.

The body is covered with silvery scales. At the same time, grayish and yellow shades are characteristic of the caudal and dorsal fins. The maximum weight of the fish is 2 kg, and the length reaches 60 cm. Chekhon lives for 9 years. But in reservoirs, this period increases to 12-13 years. On average, a Czech woman is caught weighing 300-400 g. The length of such specimens is 30-40 cm. / P>


There are sedentary and semi-anadromous varieties of sabrefish. They are almost indistinguishable. At the same time, semi-anadromous fish is characterized by faster growth. Sedentary representatives of the ichthyofauna live all their lives in one fresh water body.

Semi-anadromous fish live in salt water. Therefore, they are found in the Aral and Caspian Seas. Fishing fans appreciate the Azov and Caspian varieties. The Don sabrefish is characterized by more impressive sizes and fatty meat. The Volga variety is smaller and leaner.

The difference between sabrefish and similar fish

In appearance, sabrefish looks like bleak or herring. But upon closer examination of the fish, it is possible to see the difference in proportions, shape and shades. In this case, the obvious differences are in the form of herring or bleak.

There are very long fins on the chest of the fish. When playing, sabrefish spreads them apart, resembling a flying fish. The dorsal fin is small and short, and the ventral fin is long. Another distinctive feature is the beveled head. The mouth is directed upward, which makes it easier to collect food from the water surface.

Where is sabrefish fish in Russia

Fish are found in the seas and freshwater bodies, which have many differences. Good osmoregulation is characteristic of sabrefish. Due to this, it quickly adapts to the effects of the increased hydrostatic pressure that is observed in the sea.

Where is the sabrefish fish found, what it looks like and how to catch it in winter, spring and summer

The "dark past" of hockey player Artemy Panarin did not prevent him from joining the ranks of people with "bright faces" and criticizing modern Russia. Or even contributed to this?

The story of the accusation of the Russian hockey player Artemy Panarin of beating a girl by the Russian hockey player Andrei Nazarov has not only reached the all-Russian level, but has become, it seems, the main event of the week in the world of sports. Even the failures of the Russian national team at the Biathlon World Cup have faded against this background.

From an interview with Nazarov, it became known about inconvenient details from the life of Panarin, whom Nazarov also trained: according to him, 10 years ago Artemy beat an 18-year-old girl on the road in Riga in the hotel lobby, but the scandal was hushed up with the help of a bribe, some “high-ranking residents of Riga”. Thus, the rising star of the then Russian hockey escaped criminal prosecution and continued to play in the Russian, and then the American championship. Everything would be fine, but the participants in the current information conflict are located on diametrically opposite political poles. Nazarov positions himself as a patriot of the country, and Panarin has recently been the "style icon" of our liberal opposition for criticizing Putin and life in Russia.

In fact, both hockey players are the sporting pride of the country. Andrey Nazarov participated in the Russian championship for many years, and then for 15 years was in leading roles in the National Hockey League (NHL), where the clubs of the USA and Canada play. And not only successfully played there for many teams, but was the first Russian tough guy in the NHL. Simply put, a fighter who, in addition to owning a stick and puck, also fought with rival players and guarded his most valuable hockey players from enemy tough guys. Artemy Panarin just started his career with Nazarov, who had already become a coach in Vityaz, Podolsk, then, thanks to his high playing qualities, he moved to SKA in St. York Rangers ". Panarin is now the highest paid Russian player with a $ 80 million contract.

Move to America and become a liberal

After moving to the States, Panarin underwent a metamorphosis: never fond of politics, never talking about it, Artemy, a native of a simple Chelyabinsk family, suddenly "saw the light" and began to systematically criticize the authorities in Russia, pity the impoverished pensioners. Behind the political slogans, there was also a clear disregard for ordinary Russians and people who disagree with the opposition opinion. In correspondence with close-minded journalists, experts and Olympic tennis champion Yevgeny Kafelnikov, militant on the couch, Panarin no longer concealed the "Maidan" rhetoric. Of course, the hockey player also supported the Belarusian protests, fought in interviews with priests, urged Russians, living in Manhattan, to take to the streets of Moscow to defend Navalny.

In 2019, Artemy gave a keynote interview to the Sports. y ”, where he dotted all the i. Moreover, he himself admitted that in Russia he was not interested in politics, he treated Putin with respect, but in the States an insight descended on Panarin. From New York, he saw that nothing has changed in Russia since the 90s, that corruption is everywhere, a bloody regime and everything else, as we "love". True, Panarin did not mention that in Russia he not only took place as a strong hockey player, studying at the state sports boarding school, but also began to earn serious money at SKA, which is funded by the main gas monopoly of the Russian Federation.

Victim of liberal propaganda?

In fact, there is nothing supernatural in Panarin's words about Putin and corruption. Well, I don't like Putin - and God bless him. We also do not like corruption, and we will not find someone in Constantinople who loves all this. Many people and fans were not outraged by the very fact of criticism. And then where it poured from. And where did it pour from?

Being in another country, to the delight of the American media, Panarin vilifies his country, for which he played for the national team! Moreover, if you carefully read the statements of a hockey player on opposition topics, they will turn out to be a classic mix of a typical navalnist with stereotypical, shallow and general theses about the struggle of good against bad.

In the same interview that we mention, there are several interesting passages that show the transformation of Artemy's views. For example, he said that if you watch Channel One 24 hours a day, you can become a propagandist and go crazy. At the same time, answering the question of what he himself watches and listens to, Panarin names Navalny's channels, the Dozhd TV channel, and Echo of Moscow. In vain they didn’t tell Panarin that if you listen and watch such resources for 24 hours, demonic horns could come out on your head, and a person would really think that it’s easier to die in Russia than to live. Although it is Panarin's career that proves, and very convincingly, the opposite. That, having been born in the working-class city of Korkino beyond the Urals, one can become a millionaire and a successful person. It seems that Artemy has become a classic victim of liberal propaganda, which means that Navalny and Echo of Moscow are not eating their bread in vain.

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