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The Brazilian, who turns 24 on Friday, cannot play at full power for Zenit.

The first official match of the champion of the country in the new year has confirmed the old truth: without legionnaires he is like without arms, or rather, without a head and legs. Five foreigners missed the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup with Arsenal for various reasons - and the St. Petersburg team was unrecognizable. Moreover, the impression was that the field lacked not so much the status of Malcolm, but the workahumans of Barrios, Douglas Santos and Azmun.

Where does this feel? Paradoxically, Sergei Semak's team is more adapted to the game without Malcolm than, say, without Barrios or Azmun. Firstly, the Brazilian spends a lot of time on sick leave. Secondly, its gaming functionality is not as obvious as that of a Colombian and an Iranian. Finally, a real leader, like his compatriot Hulk, did not become Malcolm for a year and a half at Zenit.

What is wrong with the Brazilian, who, during the transition in August 2019, was presented as the future face of not only Zenit, but the entire RPL?

Malcolm and injury

Of course, no one is insured against injuries in football, but there are players to whom sores seem to stick. And from this misfortune not only they themselves suffer, but also their teams. And Malcolm seems to be one of those.

The Zenith Brazilian received his last injury to date on February 9 in a friendly match with the Jordanian national team in the Emirates. He injured his knee ligaments and will now miss at least a month and a half. That is, at best, it will be ready to play in late March - early April, when there are five or six rounds left before the end of the championship. But you still need to gain game tone.

In mid-October, the St. Petersburg Brazilian was injured in a training session before the game against Sochi. The problem is the same - damage to the lateral ligament of the knee. As a result, he "flew" past four matches in the Russian championship and three in the Champions League, in which, in fact, the fate of the club's further performance in Europe was decided.

In total, this season Malcolm took part in 18 out of 26 Zenit games, of which only six played on the field from the starting whistle to the final whistle.

But this is still far from the previous one, in which the South American was treated more than he played. As a result, he appeared in only 16 games out of 42, and completely missed all the matches of the main tournament of the Champions League.

Another injury is to blame - damage to the rectus femoris and tendon of the left leg, diagnosed in August 2019 after the game with Dynamo. This misfortune knocked Malcolm out of the cage for six months, not to mention the fact that he had to go to the operating table and undergo long rehabilitation, including at home.

The most curious thing is that Malcolm's "medical history" at Barcelona was not as plump as at Zenit. Yes, there were injuries in Spain, for example, an ankle injury and the like, but he was never a chronicler there. And it would be strange - after all, he moved to the banks of the Neva in his prime, when he was 22 years old.

In general, a mysterious story: either the Zenit doctors in the summer of 2019 really overlooked something, or something is contraindicated in our guy's health.

DIY toy brownie

t-shaped. The bus is called the humanities.

while there was drawing in the program and the humanities knew

it was worse for me, I graduated from the construction department, I had a drawing board at home)))

On the wave of posts You are a talent

At the beginning of the 2000s, when there were no USE yet, an experiment was set up over our two 10th grades. We attended all the main classes in our class, but physics, chemistry, algebra and geometry - in two mixed groups - the humanities and those who are smarter). This was done so that the weak slowly but surely mastered at least the main part, and the strong did not wait for the laggards and studied everything in depth. But that's not all, there were four more of us in the strong group, who were excellent in these subjects, went to tutors, went to all kinds of Olympiads and prepared for technical universities. So the demand from us was higher, for the same assessment we had to work hard. Especially in mathematics, thanks to Lyudmila Ivanovna, she was very strict. At home, she asked us separate tasks. Yes, and sometimes such that we brought them to the tutor and she threw up her hands))) I remember the very epic, some half-year control. Everyone is shaking, the four of us are calm. We go into the classroom, the tasks are written on the board. I remember they seemed so simple to me that I could solve them right in my head and write the answer on the board right there. Everyone is sad and whispering, they pull out double leaves, the four of us smile) and then Lyudmila Ivanovna says: what are you laughing at? you only have 2 tasks, but with two stars. It was in the problem book that there were such tasks that it was almost impossible to solve)) it was then that we became sad. You will not solve one - two, if you solve one - three, and two tasks are extremely difficult to solve. It seems that they decided something into fours, and then for a long time with the tutor they pounded on these tasks. But then, upon entering universities, it was already much easier for us. Thanks to these teachers!


The child on the test deftly adds and subtracts three-digit numbers with a result within 300 without a calculator and a "column". Not wrong! And then I notice on his desk two ordinary rulers of 300 mm each. They also wield them.

Solving systems of equations Substitution method

In this video, we learn to solve a system of equations using the substitution method. To do this, let's remember what a system of equations is and how to find its solution, and then consider how to use substitution for this.

Everybody needs math! Happy viewing!

The concept of inverse trigonometric functions

In the new lesson, we will consider inverse trigonometric functions, study their properties and dwell on each of them in detail.

Interesting topic. Happy viewing!

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