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The mythology of Ancient Greece allows us to plunge into a unique, extraordinary world, where the omnipotent gods of Olympus ruled over events, people and even feelings. Among all the goddesses, Aphrodite stands out especially clearly, to whom the lovers sang praises.

The patroness of the most beautiful and painful feeling, love, she embodied the romantic image in its perfect embodiment. The ancient Greeks composed legends about her birth, help or anger at people. Today we read these legends no less than past generations. How did the Greeks see their beautiful mistress - Aphrodite?

Birth of Aphrodite

The name of Aphrodite alone indicates the most common version of her origin. Translated from Greek "afros" means "foam". However, two versions of the myth are known about the birth of the goddess of love.

The Theogony says that during the confrontation between the gods and the titans, the genital organ of castrated Uranus fell into the sea off the island of Kiefer. Whisking water and turning it into foam, he gave life to the beautiful Aphrodite.

However, the myth of the appearance of Aphrodite off the coast of Cyprus became more popular, which is why the goddess was called Cypriot. According to him, an accumulation of foam appeared off the coast of the island, from which a beautiful shell floated to the surface. Having opened up, she gave the world the patroness of love.

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Appearance and activity of the goddess

Among the beauties of Olympus, Aphrodite stood out with a special charm. The Greeks described her as a beautiful young girl with golden curls arranged in a kind of wreath. The goddess's features were gentle and soft.

The faithful Ora and Kharita, who served the goddess, helped her to put on their outfits, were always with her. When she descended to the ground, birds and animals greeted her, gathering at the feet of the goddess. Every step of Aphrodite gave the earth spring and joy, and flowers bloomed around it.

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The Greeks considered Aphrodite to be one of the most powerful inhabitants of Olympus. Not only people, but also the gods obeyed her will, because no one has power over the power of love. Perhaps the only goddesses who could resist the power of Athena were three patrons who denied any love relationship - Artemis, Athena and Hestia.

Aphrodite; harsh and beautiful lady of love





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Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess who knew how to control the senses. She was considered the patroness of lovers, the owner of a difficult but kind disposition.

How to make fluffy paper hearts - a way

  • red napkins or corrugated paper;
  • cardboard;
  • wooden stick with a sharp end or toothpick;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors.

  • Cut out the base for the heart from cardboard and spread glue on it.
  • After that, you need to cut napkins or corrugated paper into squares having a size of about 2 * 2 cm.
  • Then lightly wrap the end of a toothpick or pointed stick with a piece of red paper and stick the base in the middle of the square.
  • Now, from edge to center, row by row, you need to stick the middle of the square into the base until the heart is voluminous. To make it very beautiful, you need to avoid gaps and stick the pieces of paper as tightly as possible to each other. When the entire surface is filled, then we can say that the fluffy valentine is ready. On the reverse side, you can write poems, congratulations or a declaration of love. For larger structures, you can use a foam base, and instead of a toothpick, use an old rod from a handle or a sharpened wooden stick.

Original variants

For those who want to impress their soul mate on Valentine's Day, showing their creativity to the maximum, there is a huge variety of original, creative valentines from a wide variety of options.

Fluffy Valentine

In order to make such a card, you will need a sheet of cardboard and a skein of bright red woolen threads, preferably curly ones. On a sheet of cardboard, draw a heart outline 3-4 cm wide, depending on the size of the valentine itself, cut it out and wrap it with threads in several layers, not tightening it too tightly, but not leaving it free. The fluffier and more voluminous the thread is, the more delicate the postcard will be. You can attach a small declaration of love or your favorite joint photo to such a postcard with a pin.

Wicker Valentine

You can create a postcard for Valentine's Day using the weaving technique from almost any more or less flexible material - paper, cardboard, macrame threads. Depending on the complexity of the design and size of the valentine, its production can take a long time, but the result, as a rule, pays off.

In addition to all the above options, you can also make a valentine:

  • from soft red wire, pulling it over a rigid heart-shaped frame;
  • from colored beads and threads, embroidering a confession or image on fabric;
  • from buttons or large beads, placing them in the shape of a heart;
  • from ice, freezing decorative elements in a heart-shaped mold filled with clean water.
  • from smooth stones, painted with paints or varnishes;
  • from felt;
  • from table napkins;
  • from fabric - here you can sew big heart, make an applique;
  • from sweets;
  • using the quilling technique.

Each handmade valentine will be individual and unique. Even if you follow the instructions step by step and use templates, you can create a unique design using sequins, beads and other decorative little things.

You can also remind of your feelings with smaller-scale ideas. For example, bending paper clips in the organizer of a loved one so that when they are put on paper, their contours create a heart.

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