Intimate hygiene of a newborn boy

The intimate hygiene of a newborn boy is a very important part of childcare. There are many differences in this procedure between boys and girls. How to properly care for the genitals of male babies, we will tell you below.



The external genital organs in boys are represented by the scrotum and penis. The penis is covered with thin, easily displaceable skin. The skin fold located at the base of the head is called the foreskin. Under the scrotum, it is customary to understand the organ consisting of skin and muscles, in which the testicles are located, the beginning of the spermatic cord and the epididymis. Temperature readings in the scrotum are always constant and range from 34 to 35 degrees.

When the boy is in the uterus, the foreskin completely covers the head of the penis. This structure of the penis is preserved even at birth. In medicine, it is called physiological phimosis of newborns. Parents shouldn't worry about this.

The genital organ in boys is not fully formed and continues to develop until puberty, so after a while the head should open on its own. Cellular structures are located between the foreskin and the glans penis, which lead to adhesion of these parts of the penis. Over time, they will begin to die off and come out.

They look like whitish grains called smegma. The head can open during the neonatal period, but this happens extremely rarely, from one to two years, from five to seven years, and from fifteen to seventeen years.

Rules for the care of the genitals of a newborn boy

How to wash a boy properly? This question is often asked by parents whose family has been replenished with a male baby. You can wash boys in any way convenient for mom, a certain technique exists only in washing girls. Since the external genitals in boys are completely closed and the infection cannot get into them, there are no special requirements for their intimate hygiene, but nevertheless it is very important and has a number of rules.

It should be taken very seriously, since the correct washing of the baby in childhood will become the foundation of the health of his reproductive system in the future, and will also affect whether the boy will be able to have offspring when he grows up. In order for the little one to grow up healthy, the mother must properly care for the genitals of her son.

Intimate hygiene of a male child consists in daily washing and maintaining optimal temperature indicators of the genitals (it is important not to allow them to overheat). In addition, the mother should not delay the foreskin, as this is fraught with injuries for the baby.

Intimate hygiene of a newborn boy

LiveJournal is over 20 years old, but it is still read today. This social network is focused on the old-timers of the Internet - oldfags, who stood at the very origins of blogging.

But I still wonder why the resource is so popular even today? Perhaps there is some secret behind this platform. It is worth understanding in more detail.

Brad Fitzpatrick

I found out that the founder of LiveJournal is Brad Fitzpatrick. As an 18-year-old student, he was fond of programming and was one of the first to introduce dynamic control techniques on his personal blog.

It was back in 1998, when I was a teenager and I clearly remember that the Internet in those years left much to be desired.

So, as a result of Fitzpatrick's passion, scripts began to appear that can inject dynamic objects into the site. Later this resource will become the first server for the future LiveJournal.

“In the beginning, the site didn't even have a Publish Article button. Commands were typed from the keyboard. It was originally similar to Twitter thanks to its straightforward posts. For example, "I'm going to the store for a cola", "Today is a great mood."

Zhivoi Zhurnal owes its development to the student audience of that time, which became the first active users of the resource. Once Brad decided to add the ability to leave comments under other people's posts on the site, and it was the right move.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the resource has turned into a full-fledged business. LJ has its own team of programmers, CEOs and other IT specialists.

Brad Fitzpatrick is a US citizen, so his brainchild was initially subject to American law. In LiveJournal, freedom of speech and creative expression reigned.

I myself still occasionally look at the social network in search of interesting content. For example, there you can find posts by the famous web designer Artemy Lebedev.

To whom and why he sold his brainchild

The Unified Register of Debtors of Ukraine has become a real treasure of information. On one site, you can check for arrears in fines, loans, alimony and other payments. The following information is provided in the Unified Register of Debtors:

  • Full name, date of birth of the debtor-individual, name of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur
  • The official or body that issued the executive document
  • Case number, public or private executor
  • Debt category

In total, more than 2 million citizens of Ukraine are in the Unified Register of Debtors as of the end of 2020. Over the past year, their number has increased by 18 percent.

The Unified Register of Debtors of Ukraine website

The Unified Register of Debtors of Ukraine is an online database of debtors. It is maintained and updated in real time. The information is published on the site.

Unified register of debtors of traffic rules of Ukraine

One of the most popular sections on the website of the Unified Register of Debtors is non-payers of fines for traffic violations. It began to replenish especially rapidly in 2020, when the system of video recording of violations on the roads became operational and began to spread more and more. Also, many debtors appeared after the parking inspectors started functioning.

Debtors in traffic fines make up one fifth of the entire register. Several tens of thousands of Ukrainians are sent there every month because of an overdue fine.

Unified Register of Credit Debtors of Ukraine

Also in 2020, the unified register of debtors has significantly expanded at the expense of defaulters on loans. The number of such cases increased by 24 percent, which is about 150 thousand people.

Why check debts

Experts advise not only debtors, but also all citizens to use the website of the unified register to make sure that there are no obligations. Stricter debt collection laws and regulations can get you in trouble, so it's best to make sure your financial history is clean. You can run into one of the measures for forcing to pay the debt or the unwillingness, for example, of the employer to deal with unreliable people:

  • ban on leaving Ukraine
  • ban on opening a bank account
  • ban on real estate transactions
  • refusal in employment

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