How to teach a child to share toys

Sooner or later, every owner of an apartment or house has a desire to give the interior a fresh touch that will help update it. Not everyone dares to make global changes, because it is costly both in time and financially. An ideal option for interior renovation will be “Animals” photowall-paper, which will turn into an original and colorful decor element.

Animal illustrations for coziness

Representatives of the fauna are able to give an excellent mood, a charge of vivacity and positiveness, and it is not necessary that we are talking about pets. Canvases depicting animals, which are distinguished by high quality, persistent paints and an interesting design solution, will have a no less positive effect. The diversity of the fauna allows us to demonstrate it in all its splendor, and the photogenicity of our smaller brothers is so amazing that any interior will sparkle with new colors if a canvas depicting representatives of the animal world becomes part of it.

The peculiarity of the fauna wallpaper is its versatility and plot variety. That is why you can place such illustrations in any room. For a hall decorated in light shades, images in which animals are shown close-up are ideal. These can be running horses with fluttering manes, tigers looking out for a gaping doe, proud lions going hunting, a mighty elephant on a walk, or curious giraffes.

Do you want to choose a photo wallpaper for your bedroom? Then you should give preference to illustrations with calm, rather than dynamic plots. For example, a herd of horses slowly wandering into the distance, a resting cheetah or peaceful pandas eating bamboo leaves with appetite. The image of a family of leopards, which nestled on the stones, enjoying the wonderful weather, or a touching family of polar bears with adorable cubs, will look no less elegant.

To decorate a children's room, there are also certain suitable subjects that are associated with animals. They will give a smile and please with their appearance. These can be adorable kittens playing with each other, or adorable puppies sitting in a basket. Or maybe your child likes big dogs that are loyal and beautiful? Then he will certainly be glad to receive a panel with the image of a husky as a gift.

Where can I buy colorful animal wallpapers?

If you want to buy exquisite illustrations depicting representatives of the fauna at an affordable price, you just need to look into the catalog on the website of the Artside online store. Here are the original colorful canvases, which:

help to update the interior;

will make any room unique;

will become an inexpensive and effective decorative element;

will emphasize the temperament and taste of the owner of the home.

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Don't get very upset about the greed of a small child, although it is extremely unpleasant for parents. Almost all children go through this stage. The task of the parents at this time is to teach the baby generosity.

Teaching your baby to be generous

On the advice of psychologists, parents should explain 2 points to their child:

The transfer of a toy to another child is not carried out forever, but only for a while.

At an early age, it is difficult for children to understand this difference. In their view, passing a car to a neighbor's boy means that the kid will never see it again. Therefore, he does not want to part with his toy.

Parents need to make it clear to the child that the neighbor boy will only take her for a short time. Then they will return it to the crumb.

Passing a toy to another child in return for something.

According to psychologists, such actions are quite effective. The little one needs to make it clear that he will give his toy for a reason.

He will definitely be given something in return. For example, transferring a toy car to another child is accompanied by the receipt of cubes. As long as he rented his toy to another child, he will be happy to play with blocks.

Sometimes it happens that the baby does not want to give the toy away. Then the children can be invited to play together. It is very good if the kid himself is given the opportunity to choose what he can share.


When teaching your toddler to share his toys, you should never do the following:

Do not force a child to share toys

At what age can a puppy be trained?

At four weeks of age, the puppy is mobile, cheerful and trusting. He begins a period of socialization, when he learns to communicate with relatives, people and the world around him. From 3 to 16-20 weeks (depending on breed characteristics) the puppy should get to know as many types of people, dogs and situations as possible.

At this time, he needs to learn the language of his species, otherwise he will not be able to communicate with relatives, will not become interested in the opposite sex, will not be able to take care of his own offspring. If a puppy of this age will communicate only with adults, he will not understand that small children are people too, and may even begin to hunt them. It is imperative that the puppy is well socialized, so from 3 to 16 weeks is a critical age that determines the rest of your pet's life. Naturally, this is also the best age to start training because:

It doesn't matter if we are talking about a pet, but sportsmen-cynologists know how valuable the love of playing with dogs is when preparing for performances in obedience, agility, freestyle, and protective service courses - good sleeve work depends on how much and correctly played with the dog as a child. However, there are two very serious reasons why dogs begin training after 16 weeks:

  • 1) Vaccinations. Unfortunately, in big cities, the likelihood of catching a deadly infection for a puppy is very high, so you have to be careful about vaccinations and observe quarantine. However, while the quarantine is in progress, the puppy skips the socialization period. The owner needs to remember that 15 years with a "crazy psycho" in an apartment will not give him any pleasure, even if this tailed abnormal is physically healthy. Therefore, as soon as the quarantine is over, you should not waste a minute to socialize the dog. Usually, the owners have only 2-4 weeks left in order to fill the gaps in the development of their pet.
  • 2) Training methods. It has been experimentally proven that training based on the so-called "mechanics" (when the dog is pressed with hands, trying to form its posture) leads to the fact that the dog becomes stupid. She stops showing initiative and does not try to solve the problem on her own. Such training does not help the puppy to develop, but, on the contrary, spoils it.

About 16 weeks old is still an age with a very strong memory. In addition, in many dogs (it depends on the breed of your pet) 3-4 months is the beginning of the "age of fears", when the puppy learns to distinguish between dangerous and safe. All events that take place with the puppy and the people and dogs around him are literally "imprinted" in the memory of the baby. If you begin to punish the puppy physically, or if someone severely punishes your dog in the presence of your pet, this will have irreversible consequences: later they will manifest themselves in the fear of all people or people with some special appearance, perhaps in the fear of dogs or special situations. For example, if, in front of your puppy, someone on the training ground severely punished their dog, so that it tucked its tail or even screeched, your puppy will remember that dogs are in pain on the grounds. This will affect both group activities and sports performances. The only punishment applicable at this age is “time out,” ignoring the dog for a few minutes. Even raising your voice to the puppy should be done carefully - one dog will take it calmly, the other - nervously.


The only thing that matters is when and how you influence the dog. If you do everything at the right moment, then you achieve the result without jerking or spanking the dog. If you have to physically punish the dog, then you are not guided in the situation, are late or in a hurry, or simply give vent to irritation. All this leads to a negative result in training. Training a puppy around 16 weeks of age to benefit both the dog and the owner should involve only two methods.

  • 1) Taste-encouraging. The dog is taught to follow a piece of treat or a toy. The treat is then turned on in such a way that the puppy has to sit down, lie down, stand up, or do something else to get the reward.
  • 2) Operant. The owner calmly observes the dog and, as soon as it accidentally made some necessary movement, gives it a treat. At first, the dog makes the necessary movement very rarely, but gradually she begins to understand that there is some kind of connection between her behavior and reward. Having mastered several commands in this way, the dog begins to invent and propose to the owner this or that movement - the person only has to choose what to encourage the pet for.

At what age to start training a puppy

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At what age can you start training?

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