How to make a small shed with your own hands - step by step instructions and an estimate

Hello friends! We continue to develop on our blog. Here I am very interested in how many percent the human brain is developed. Can anyone tell us what percentage of the brain a person uses in everyday life? Some argue - 15, others - only 10, someone says that about 20 percent, and some daredevils say that almost 100% is the entire volume! They, of course, bent it. But I think that it doesn't matter to you and me exactly how much percent we use. What matters is how to use more! How to develop the brain, train it and become mental athletes, we will consider in this article.

How much can you develop your brain?

I was always surprised by people who memorized exactly a huge number of numbers, cells, facts and a whole bunch of other things. These are some kind of celestials, I thought. But what my surprise was when my own daughter at the age of 3 began to give out various facts from life, numbers, poems to remember and incessantly! And this is just a few months of the children's game "Guess" (guess the location of the pictures from memory).

As researchers of the human main computer say, anyone can pump the brain if they want. Think back to the story of Nelson Dellis, a four-time US memory champion. He claims that his memory was just terrible when he made the decision to train it. And, voila, the winner of the championship!

For your information: Dellis started to train his brain activity by memorizing the order of cards in a deck in 20 minutes. Today, the speed of memorizing 52 cards is only 30 seconds! And this is not an isolated case of such successful training. Scientists say that in just 30 days with vigorous training, you can achieve unrealistic results of memorization!

It turns out that you can develop your brain as much as you like! It all depends on what task you are facing. For example, if you need to memorize quickly, develop your memory diligently. And if it is important for you to concentrate as much as possible on work, develop your attention vigorously.

Therefore, remember the main thing: you can and should train your brain, and there is no limit to such training, just as there is no limit to your perfection!

Preparing the brain for development

So that you understand how the development of the brain's abilities occurs, I will devote you a little to the secrets of this organ. Be patient, without knowledge of some points of physiology - nowhere.

You live and constantly come across some information, learn something new, gain experience based on situations you have already experienced. If any information is useful to you, it is stored in the brain while it is still needed. When it becomes irrelevant, the brain does the "rough" work and erases it without your consent. So, this information is absorbed and processed by mental processes.

The 3x2 Garden Barn Project includes a list of materials, a step-by-step assembly guide and a 3D model made in SketchUp. You can find a 3D model in my group in the contact "Do It Yourself", there you can find other projects.

I wanted to create a small space that does not take up much space in a small area and at the same time can be versatile. Such a shed can be suitable for organizing a small workshop, storing garden tools or storage space for things that have no place in the house.

Garden Shed Project x | Free DIY Build Guide

List of materials


Roofing and siding:

The total amount of 86,380 rubles can be safely rounded up to 90-100 thousand rubles, so that this shed turns out to be fully equipped.

Assembly Instructions

Step - Foundation and Floor

Start by choosing a suitable location for the foundation of your barn. An ideal place would be a flat, solid surface away from trees. It is not necessary to have a concrete base for such a structure, it is enough to compact the soil, put waterproofing and cover it with a small layer of gravel.

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